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Welcome to Week 2 of the Horimiya book club!

We are reading as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club!\

Week 2 September 2 2023
Pages 12 - 16 (10 - 14 for physical copies)
Chapter 1
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ホリミヤ Volume 1 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 12 (10)



Pg.14 (12)


創太: おにいーちゃんコーヒーってにがいの?

おにーちゃん: にがいねー

Pg. 15 (13)

Not necessarily handwritten, but a more difficult font:





Pg.16 (14)

Weird font: 記憶の中のいつもの宮村


宮村: 何か用ですか堀さん。


Student 1: 昼メシ行こうぜー

Student 2: おーっ


Alright ! I gave it a quick look and I got most of it. Some bubbles will need an extra effort tho.

I can feel the progress I did since last book club, as I now find the pacing quite slow. But that’s good, I may be bit busy during some weeks.


Ahh, this week’s reading was over too quickly!! I read ahead to page 22 before the club started, so at this point I’m still just rereading.

I had no knowledge of the story going in so I was really surprised and intrigued to find out that Miyamura has such an edgy appearance outside of school! I also like that he sparkles when compared with his at-school alter ego. :blush:


Before I start, how would you guys compare the difficulty of this set of pages to the last set?


This shifts to normal conversation instead of the more “reflective” start of the chapter, so it will probably be a bit easier for that reason alone.

The dialogue is also relatively short sentences, and since they are strangers, they are speaking in polite form (which is usually easier for learners, especially coming from textbooks)


Felt fairly similar to me. A bit more text, but less internal monologue about aspects / forms and letting other see stuff. The conversations are more… mundane.


I’m not a good judge, but it seemed a bit easier to me. No huge sentences, just mostly conversation, and those are easier than monologues (personally at least)


Schweet, thanks for the preview. I might actually stand a chance this time :joy:


This second week felt a bit more difficult to me on first read. I could make out all the words and most of the grammar patterns, but had quite some trouble figuring out who said what and how each sentence added to the flow of the conversation and story. I’ll make another pass this weekend and then ask question as needed.


Before we started Horimiya, I picked up the previous book club’s book just as they were finishing. That book is significantly easier than this book. It’s almost a children’s book in comparison. Definitely keep going with Horimiya, but everyone who is feeling that it is a bit over their head should try the previous book.


I thought there were quite a few points that might cause confusion for folks who haven’t experienced them before, although it’s possible that’s more to do with the fact that I never learned from textbooks.

Since I had some free time I wrote up some of the sentences I think people are likely to have trouble with and my interpretations

page 11 どうぞ上がっていってください = Please come in.
page 12 わざわざすみません = Thanks for going to the trouble …
page 13 創太君 … しっかりしてるんですね = Souta is quite reliable …
also page 13 家のことを自分でやってるなんてすごいですね = I don’t understand やってる in this context myself but get the general idea. However for someone with little experience that might throw them off. My (very loose) interpretation: “Knowing his home [address] all on his own is pretty impressive.”

(physical copy page numbers)


What does the bolded part mean? I am having trouble looking it up in the dictionary.


Does this mean “It’s troublesome that Souta carelessly (says his address and name to a stranger).” or does it mean something more like “Sorry for Souta being thoughtless (and inconveniencing you to come to our house”?

p14 minor spoiler

I thought Miyamura looked adorably surprised with a ‘口’ face, but upon looking at it again, I realized the “eyes” are probably sweat drops instead.


page 13

Ahh, I thought about including this in my list but ended up skipping it. :sweat_smile: I don’t totally get it (feel completely confident) myself, but I can tell you that よる has a definition of stopping by/visiting along the way, and I think Souta is saying “you said you’d stop by/visit…” (on account of って being a quotation particle.)


More the second one of the two

page 15

You have to look at the context to get this one. Miyamura is talking about (praising) Souta and then Hori says あっイエそんな… Something like "no no … " and then she says (to Miyamura, without changing the subject of conversation) そそっかしくて困ってます … so, “he is rash and gets in trouble” …

(Eta: telling Miyamura to his face that he is a dangerous stranger would probably be seen as pretty rude.)


Then it looks like the 3rd definition of 寄る on jisho:


Woah, that was way too quick :sweat_smile:
In my opinion this week was much easier than the first. I had a great time reading!!

My favorit panel this week

Without further ado…the sentences I had some trouble with/need confirmation

p 14

Moreover, I want to thank you

A dog startled him and he fell

This one is giving me headaches!
“and I was there” is the only thing I can come up with. Maybe someone can enlighten me :see_no_evil:

Thank you for taking the trouble
or: Sorry for going through the trouble

This one is just to make sure I get it right:

p 15

what are you talking about?
lit.: what are you saying?

I assume that 言ってん is a contraction of 言っている

Looking forward to week 3! Let’s see how difficult this one will be :nerd_face:


Based on the Jisho definition for 寄る my ever so reliable dictionary app has the following example sentence:

Won’t you come in for a moment.

So I guess Souta is inviting Miyamura to come inside.


Took a look at it as well and it does look simpler ! I might give it a try if ホリミヤ gets too hard

pg. 14

I think your way of interpreting this is just fine. It’s definitely an incomplete sentence. My personal fill-in was, “And that’s where I came in.”

But the intent is just him saying that’s the point in time where he got involved, however you choose to phrase it.