ホリミヤ ・ Horimiya 🎀 👓 Week 15 Discussion Thread (Absolute Beginner Book Club)

Welcome to Week 15 of the Horimiya book club!

We are reading as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club!

Week 15 December 2 2023
Pages 162 - 178 (160 - 176)
Chapter 6 + おまけ
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The final panel(s) for this week

Just read to the end!


ホリミヤ Volume 1 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 162 (160)





Pg. 165 (163)


何で? 何で!? 何でって 何で!?

Pg. 167 (165)


透: おかえり

秀: おーっ 宮村も浴衣着ねー?

Pg. 168 (166)





Pg. 169 (167)





Pg. 171 (169)



堀達: はいはい!

Pg. 173 (172)


由紀: 透ー顔色悪いぞー

透: あー…すっげぇ変な夢見てさ…

Pg. 174 (172)



ウソー!? 本当ですか?



夢だと分かるようになってきた →


猫 + 宮村 + 小さい


透!? 大丈夫!!?



Pg. 175 (173)



Pg. 176 (174)




WEBコミックの「堀さんと宮村くん」を再構成し、ホリミヤとして作っていく中で、原作描かれているHERO先生や担当さん、色んな○○のたくさんのお力添えを頂きました…! 本当に感謝感謝です。ありがとうございます!!

○○ = 人々? 大々? I’m genuinely not sure.





Miyamura: えさくれ


Pg. 177 (175)


堀: メインは私達だけどっ



Extra Help!

To explain Hori's statement on Pg. 162 (160)


There is an idiom in Japanese: カラスの行水, which means a “hurried bath,” so her telling him that he is not a crow is just a play on that phrase!

This is the final week! Congratulations everyone for making it through this manga together! It’s been an absolute joy of a journey. :heart:

From the poll last week, it does look like there is interest in continuing the club as a spin-off, but as I mentioned, I won’t be able to lead the club myself! Is there anybody here who would be interested in taking over from Volume 2 on?


For more of the whirlwind tour of Kyoto, on page 166/168, Yuki mentions Sanjusangen-do and Ryoan-ji, and then they look at photos of Kiyomizu-dera (and assorted nearby structures). Also, the chapter’s title page was Fushimi Inari Taisha.

Because a crow taking a bath looks like this:


Thanks for running the club. Horimiya is one of my all time favourites (even with Hori’s… anger issues…) and I was fairly gratified to realise a few weeks in that this was quite manageable for my current level. Excited to keep going beyond, though probably won’t stick to club pacing.


I feel bad because this is one of 3 clubs I’m hoping to continue, but I just don’t think I can take on a second book club right now (new job, recent house move and a lot going on).

If anyone is considering it but worried it’s difficult to set up, there are lots of resources on here to help. I’ve been running the Soy Family book club for a while and am not tech savvy.

Edit: clearly can’t type. I obviously mean Spy Family, though the alternative sounds intriguing.


Wooo I finished! Feeling proud for finishing with the club instead of getting too behind. Thanks for running the club! I liked this one, but not enough to run an offshoot club myself.


Yay! First book club book I’ve finished on time. Thanks for running the club and for all the help along the way in understanding it, especially all the handwritten font transcriptions and cultural references!


Finished! Almost on time and everything… :sweat_smile: Thanks for running this book club, it was a great way to get started on this series! I’ll definitely miss the handwritten kanji transcriptions!
Now it’s time to get started on the next of the 17 volumes… I impulse bought them all while in Japan a few months ago so I’m committed to finishing them lmao


Now to see if someone’s going to offer to run an offshoot club, or if I’ll pick it up as fodder to further test my book club manager script.


It is done!


I’m probably going to switch to the BBC now, maybe I’ll catch up on the next ABBC at some point, but only going to commit to one at a time given my other commitments right now, Christmas season and all that.


I finished the volume. After 小さな森の狼さん, this would quite a step up in difficulty but I managed pretty welll. I used the vocab sheet quite a bit once I ran behind. And the transcription of the handwritten text each week was invaluable. Thanks everyone for the help!

I noticed something in the past week, where the pages with less text where sometimes the most difficult to read. In this week, it was pages 164-166. There’s very little vocab to go by. As such, i’s somewhat easy to get the 50% understanding of what’s happening with the story, but the short fragmented sentences make it quite difficult for me to figure out what’s really going on and what Hori is thinking/saying. Any suggestions on where to got with this? Just do more reading in general? Or focus on (casual) grammar somehow?


Reading more will get you the exposure to the casual grammar and common patterns. It might not be an immediate effect or anything, but you’ll get to a point where the casual speech feels easy!

And, of course, asking questions about what you’re not sure about!


Aaand… finished ! :tada:
Big thanks for the transcription of all the characters of the additional comic and the epilogue from the author :open_mouth:
I didn’t read the volume along with everyone, but your comments accompagnied my reading and helped me numerous times, so thank you again :pray: