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I hope you don’t mind someone from outside the book club chiming in.

I haven’t read this specific Dragon Ball manga, but that must be the part where Oolong is kidnapping girls, right? I think in the first panel, the author had Oolong go out of his way to mention 知らない人になってしまった since there’s no way Oolong would know who Zarbon is, and that form probably isn’t exactly what he was going for. In the original manga he just transforms into a generic attractive guy, so I see it as emphasis on the fact that he’s turning into a character that a lot of readers might recognize even though that character hasn’t been introduced yet. So more than anything it’s kind of a fourth wall break to accentuate this gag that’s referencing another story arc.

For the second one, assuming you’re talking about the ellipsis, I think he’s trailing off saying something like 何とかしなきゃ or one of its variants, as in “i/we gotta do something.” So the full sentence might have a nuance like “we gotta do something, while he’s in his current form.”

For the last one I think it’s important to mention that 知らない can sometimes have this nuance of something like “I don’t care” or “that has nothing to do with me.” I can’t explain it well, but on jisho.org you’ll see that the entry for 知らない includes “i don’t care” or “that’s irrelevant” as translations. So you could interpret that sentence as “Even if you regret it, it doesn’t matter to me.” Xても知らない is an expression that’s commonly translated as “don’t come crying to me if you X” or “don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

At least I’m pretty sure that’s what those mean. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.


:exploding_head: Awesome explanations, thanks a lot!

I had the same problem with the Shimeji thread last week, and it still won’t let me edit it. If anybody does know what the problem is I’d love to know!

Week 6!

Start date: 5th December
Pages: 38-44

How is the reading going?
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We started with a ramp-up schedule and are due to speed up the reading after this week. I’ve noticed that there has been a significant drop off of members, so it might be good to have another vote to see if public opinion has shifted.

What would be your ideal reading speed?
  • 3 weeks per chapter
  • 2 weeks per chapter
  • 1 week per chapter

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A cheeky question, just in time before I announce next chapter’s discussion :wink:

Page 44

What meaning of 渋さ is this? I imagine it’s another one of those in-jokes for those who are already familiar with Dragon Ball?

Well, the people have spoken! We’ll switch to a 1-chapter-per-week schedule:

Start date Chapter Page numbers Page count
31 Oct 1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 2-9 8
7 Nov 1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 10-17 8
14 Nov 1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 18-24 7
21 Nov 2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 25-31 7
28 Nov 2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 32-37 6
5 Dec 2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 38-44 7
12 Dec 3 - 荒野の狼ヤムチャ 45-64 20
19 Dec 4 - フライパン山の牛魔王 65-84 20
26 Dec 5 - 神龍あらわる! 85-104 20
2 Jan 6 - 悟空の大変身 105-124 20
9 Jan 7 - ぴちぴちギャルを探せ‼ 125-144 20
16 Jan 8 - 修行開始‼ 145-164 20
23 Jan 9 - 天下一武道会開幕‼ 165-183 19
30 Jan Bonus 184-188 5

I’d love to add the new schedule to the Home Thread and the first post of this thread, but there is still a bug that causes me to be unable to change posts with a poll in them. The folks over at the Discourse Discourse are having a look at it, so I hope it will be fixed soon.

So without further ado…

Week 7! :partying_face:

Start date: 12 Dec
Pages: 45-64

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As he is looking at himself in the mirror I guessed he was referring to his own elegance, and either saying the kids of today wouldn’t understand such elegance, or that the kids of today wouldn’t know him. But I don’t know who he is nor do I get the joke!

Page 46

What do you reckon we should supply after こんなことには?

Page 47

What is けろ…?

Page 55

What does もん do here? I thought it could be this grammar point but I am not sure ‘because’ makes sense in this context?

Page 63

Does はたして add a sort of ‘or will they…?!’ to the previous bit of the sentence, or does it mean something else entirely?

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Hey, some wild guesses I have about those:

Page 47
Looks like the whole sentence is a bit garbled, so I’m finding it quite hard too. She might be saying something like:

こので帰る!(?) Take this and go away!(??)

Quite a long shot here to be honest.

Page 55
Could this be 物 ? We know young Goku speaks in his own special way. So he might be saying something like:

It’s my rock-paper-scissor (fist?) Aもの(だ)ね

Page 63
I think it’s trying to say something like: “it is expected” (they’ll arrive at Frying Pan mountain)


I thought the same as Shisckatchegg for this one.

Chi-Chi is tricky to understand! I assumed she talks in a funny way rather than talking in a specific dialect. She seems to replace an R sound with an N sound at times.

I looked in a translation of the original manga where she talks in a bit like a cowboy/redneck - so maybe she is speaking a dialect in Japanese?

This panel is exactly the same as a panel in chapter 11 of the original manga. I’m guessing the first part of the sentence is これで, and the second part is from 来る, maybe the negative imperative 来るな?


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I think it’s Tohokuben. Some characteristics:

  • さ for direction instead of に
  • おら instead of おれ
  • べ as a presumptive/volitional suffix
  • くんろ instead of ください

I also think そっただ is そんな, but I couldn’t find a great source for that.

Maybe こねえでけろ ➝ こないでくんろ ➝ こないでください?


That’s interesting, thank you. You seem to be right about Tohokuben. From this reference:

Like her husband and father, Chi-Chi speaks in the Tōhoku (東北) dialect of Japanese, what is essentially a a “hick-dialect”. She uses the personal pronoun oira (おいら), a pronoun used by speakers of this dialect to indicate a rural background.

That also fits with the English translation giving her a redneck/rural kind of dialect.

The article above links to the one below. After the section on おっす, this article explains that Goku also speaks in a sub-dialect of Tohokuben.


Week 8!

Start date: 19 Dec
Pages: 65-84

How is the reading going?
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I read way ahead and started over to catch back up. I am starting to use the spreadsheet now. Dur…

I completely misread the ChiChi panel as これえで。。。はる!With this, be away! Which, humorously, is a reasonable reading.

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So according to this reference:

Most prominent features of the dialect include:

  • Saying kero instead of kudasai / kure
  • Slurring vowel diphthongs together (a feature also common to Shitamachi tough-talkers in Tokyo): /ai/, /ei/, /oi/ and /ae/ come out as a prolonged [eː] ( omee instead of omae , wagannee for wakaranai ). The speakers themselves are said to be able to hear the difference between /ai/ and /ei/ regardless, but to people from Tokyo, they sound identical.

So this confirms what you suggested: こねえでけろ = こないでください


Ahhh, trusty tvtropes.org, the real MVP!

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I forgot to ask - why does Yamcha collapse on page 54. I figured out that Oolong had changed into a Saibaman but I didn’t understand the connection.

I did some googling and telling you the answer would be a massive spoiler. If you want to know, check this page.

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I saw your first response and I think you are right, he’s simply collapsed because he saw a girl. The penultimate panel on page 53 I think fits with that explanation.

Thanks for the link, I hadn’t realised the pose on page 54 was such a big internet meme, although like you say there is a spoiler alert if reading more about it!

Page 74:

I think this says: But I’m asking you, please quit just being a NEET.

It’s an unusual word in English although I was aware of it. I’ve heard it before on a Japanesepod101 lesson, so perhaps a more common word in Japanese.

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I was really torn. I think that panel implies that he is looking directly at her and is startled, but it could also be the artist’s choice to show both of their reactions to Oolong’s transformation in the same shot. On page 49 it is shown that Goku, Oolong and Chi-chi are standing right next to each other, so how could Yamcha not have noticed her on page 50…?

His pose on page 54 is the exact same pose as in that spoilery event. I think it is an in-joke.