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Chapters 147-164 (Volume 9)


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Poor little Chi :frowning:
wow, she’s using her head and learning! There is hope for her yet :smirk_cat:
Nevermind xD


She’s free!
How dare you otousan!? (still no IME T_T) Cats are meant to be free, your role is to cure her when she is sick, not prevent her from being sick in the first place! … :stuck_out_tongue:
Hey, Chi, you can’t open a glass door like that but there is another exit! Sneak up past the old man and go for it!
So easily distracted ^^’
Ow, Kotchi is waiting for her :3


“What would Chi do?” :stuck_out_tongue:
“You saw nothing!” :see_no_evil: (Does he have a reputation to uphold? ^^)
“What is she doing?” For the first in his life, Kotchi has a friend; and now he can’t live without her :stuck_out_tongue:
Go on, Kotchi, go to her house, she needs your help! (Not sure what you can do, though… except see that she did not betray you but is locked up)
Come one, humans, open the door!!!


Wow, pretty smart! Sure, didn’t quite figure out the door, but still a quick learner =D


At her age (well, not sure exactly how old she is supposed to be, but definitely tiny enough!) she rally should be kept indoors, especially without a mom to watch over her outside. But being used to being out already there is no way she will just accept that all of a sudden :wink:
Did the also lock the catflap, or is she simply still not using it?


Oww, missing his friend!! D=
“You saw nothing!” - haha yeah, playing it cool :rofl:


Pretty sure she’s simply still not using it.


Will she learn to not be distracted by any little thing? x)
Chi’s hunger strike did not last long :stuck_out_tongue:
And now, she feels like she betrayed Kotchi even though it’s not her fault :frowning:


Where did the cat flap go? oO Did the author forgot about it? xD
Hmm… while the overall idea is not that bad, you should have bought a harness instead of a collar… Also, it would have been better to do that when you first moved in (or when you decided to keep her but she wasn’t supposed to go out at that time)
This man is really optimistic ^^ (and crazy :stuck_out_tongue:)
Also, I expected Chi to react way earlier, like when he put the collar on (remember how she reacted last time…)


That’s exactly why you should have bought a harness! Hope she doesn’t hurt herself :frowning:
You do know that cats aren’t dogs, right? They choose where they go, not you (even when they decide to follow you :stuck_out_tongue:)
Also, you already prevented her to honor her promise yesterday, you can’t prevent her to go to the park today! Monster! è_é
Chi, attack this idiot to make him drop the leash! (:stuck_out_tongue:)
Everyone can see how much of a fool he is!
xD I was sure it would happen, simply not that fast xD
She is so focused on getting to their meeting spot that she did not see Kotchi ^^’ But will he understand that she is not ignoring him on purpose?

I feel like the father is getting worse u_u

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I’m going to sulk! Oh that looks fun!.. oh wait
I will hunger strike! … maybe just a little,… ok gimme gimme! :rofl:


I wondered if you picked up on that too! This is the door where the flap was, right?!
Guess they forgot about it =P
Also, I don’t even wear “load bearing” collars on my dogs! I used to use harnesses, now I use Halti. Halt is fastened on their muzzle but stops them in a gentle way without strangling. It is fastened to the collar, but more as a secondary security in case the Halti comes of (no load bearing on the next normally)
I would never try walking a cat on a collar, they will strangle themselves! I had a cat who would pull so hard on her harness she was chocking even! I do have a few cats that LOVE going out on walks! Especially my Maine Coon! <3


This is also why you shouldn’t use a collar :rofl:
You carry the cat to where there are nice things to check out for them, they rarely actually walk with you. My Maine Coon could follow a good bit when I walked the dogs, but always ended up carrying him, cause he would randomly sit down =P
6 kilos is more than I bother carrying around every time, but he will sit by the door and ask at times when I take the dogs out


I know, I have seen pictures of your dogs with these and almost talked about it in my comment of the chapter but I though that it wouldn’t work for a cat.

When we used a harness to let my cat go in the backyard the first few days after we got him (before letting him come and go as he pleased), we were extra careful to avoid that (and never tried to stir him, only made sure he wouldn’t run toward the street while staying close to catch him before he hurt himself if he was to pull too hard)


“I’m tired… carry me, humanservant!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Halti wouldn’t work on a cat, they need a proper harness. And it needs to be tight or they WILL get out of it! Usually by going backwards.

The cat I had who semi chocked herself did it while walking, trying to go in the wrong direction like Chi did (usually out in the road, as I tried to follow where she wanted to go)


Wait… If Kotchi is in the park, how did he see Chi so soon after see ditched the humanfather?
Oh! maybe the story jumped back a few minutes to show us the viewpoint of Kotchi! (In the last chapter he already left the fountain)
We see the tail of Chi (or is it?) but the cry bubble is off
“Oh! you want to play tag? I’ll catch you!” :stuck_out_tongue:
The mother and siblings!!! :scream_cat:
The one that looks like Chi knows how to talk properly!!! :scream_cat:
Sorry, Chi, you are a day late! :stuck_out_tongue: (ok, a few minutes at most ^^)
Will Kotchi understand that he found Chi’s mother?


Kotchi is about to do something stupid, isn’t he?
What have you done? Giving the smell of you empress to a lowly dog?! :scream_cat: Traitors!
Haha, is David bad at this or did he mislead them on purpose? (Remember, he played with Chi, maybe he wants to be her accomplice :thinking:)
Nevermind, he smelled food xD


Oh! The Box! No Kotchi though
Yes, go home Chi :slight_smile:
Is she imagining Kotchi taking her place in the house? x)
A KANJI! SHE USED A KANJI!!! :scream_cat: Is it a mistake from the author or will she soon start to speak properly?
Thank you obachan for guiding little Chi =)

Argh! I want to read ch156! x_x


:open_mouth: I didn’t realize this until you pointed it out :sweat_smile:


Ow… the mother cat is still waiting for Chi to come back :crying_cat_face::sob: (I want :sob_cat_face: emoji!)
To the humans: will she come back, though? After how you treated her, you monsters!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Noooo, don’t think that she abandoned you little Kotchi!


Haha, she’s still deciding if she should go back or continue to wait x)
They are reunited!!! :tada:
See!? I told you she wouldn’t want to go back! u_u
Riiight, you’re free… free to die of hunger because bigger cats are eating what you wanted to have for diner apparently :stuck_out_tongue:
And look at this princess by the side that doesn’t understand the situation ^^’


Chi is Moses: the sea of cats parts for her! :stuck_out_tongue:
Except it is only for better crushing her x)
Poor Chi :slightly_frowning_face:
Hahahaha, good luck with that wish Chi xD
Still struggling with the fact that you are a cat and not an inferior creaturehuman?

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Chi will become voiceless if she continues :scream_cat:
That way to ask for more x) She’s so cute :3
No Kotchi, it does work as well with you :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a good thing for Kotchi that Chi knows her way around humans ^^
And it is a very good thing for Chi that Kotchi knows how to survive xD


Can totally relate with Chi as she struggles to not sleep on the spot, I could use an early night (it’s 5pm here ^^')
And she’s sleeping… save her Kotchi!
He tried…


The mom had a good idea, too bad for her that Chi did not make it to the park.
He got the wrong one didn’t he? Yes, he did… congratz Youhei, you know her best! :hugs:
Will they understand that it was two of her siblings?

And now, to catch up on 本好きの下剋上 before the start of the 2nd week (tomorrow; yes, I’m already late despite being the first week and having started on time ^^')

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Having Chi talk more baby-ish than her siblings makes so much sense! She was separated too early, so didn’t learn enough from her momma (including speech) Part of why they should be 12 weeks is to learn “how to be a cat”, even though they can eat solid food by 8 weeks
-This was written by my cat Simba :rofl:-> iou7j


Tracking is a specialised skill. He is just a dog, doesn’t make him a skilled tracker :rofl:


I think she was imagining him having a similar home, not realising he lives a different life than her.
I believe there was a kanji once before. I remember reacting to it when reading, wondering if others noticed. But I forgot to comment about it myself I think :rofl:
I think it was somewhere in last volume. Not sure if mistakes or if she is “growing”

I finally found time to do some reading today. Saw I need to do 6 chapters, and next 3 soon.
Well, guess I still need to do 6 chapters now :rofl:


That sound, that meow, I can hear it so well! It is such a sad meow!
My Ronja used that wail when searching for her kittens, it is a loud yet solemn and sad sound.
She still misses her baby, poor momma :sob:


I was waiting for Kotchi to get mad at her for even suggesting not going home. But guess he doesn’t even know what he is missing out on :cry:


Aww, she wants to grow big like her “brother” <3
Still doesn’t understand she is a cat, not human =P


Kotchi knows where to ask, Chi knows how to ask nicely :wink:


Lol, she is more like dead drunk =P


Of cause Yohei could tell! <3
Yeah, will they realise?
Also, I spoted this. Could that be a missing poster for Chi?


Oh yeah! I think it’s the one that was on page 117 of volume 5 =) There is another one on the wall we see next to the pillar (first seen p114 of v5)

Because of budget restriction, this manga reuses props :stuck_out_tongue:




@2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz your gif is mesmerizing, I have a hard time looking away… this kitten is so cuuuute :heart_eyes_cat:


A car! Come on チー, wake up :scream_cat: Will the last 3 books be about コッチ and the humans cope with チー death? (Just kidding, plot protection and all that :stuck_out_tongue:)
He would have stayed with her until the end! Good コッチ :3
チー’s sleepiness is contagious :smirk_cat:
You got catnapped! :scream_cat:
That moment were チー realize that she’s home even though she shouldn’t be x)
Calm down, コッチ, 大丈夫だよ!


“That’s a home?” Well… yes. Poor abandoned kitten :-/
And yeah, you don’t have to look for food when you have humans doing the legwork for you :wink:
Aww, he’s mad because she has a easier life than he has. I feel like he’s never calm when she is around xD (even though I understand where he is coming from, being mad all the time is not good for him :stuck_out_tongue:)


I hope they’ll keep him; it would be cruel to send him back to the park now :-/

End of the volume!


I’m a bit late because of life but here is the thread for volume 10!


Being able to “capture” the feral kitten when sleeping isn’t too farfetched even.
Well, he would have woken up from it though! :rofl:
I have captured wild kittens when sleeping more than once <3
They wake up in a ball of biting rage and screams, then calms down when they find themselves trapped, and give you a death stare =P


Too good to be true! this has to be a trap! (more or less =P )


They PLAY with you?! The gull! The … movement… I… can’t resist! :rofl:
Can’t deny it’s the better life!

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