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Chapters 111-128 (Volume 7)


Start date: May 1st
Previous Chapter: Chapters 93-110 (vol 6)
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Wait, is the kid’s name “here”? xD
Ow, he doesn’t have a home and only find people to feed him? :frowning: (That explains the “name”)
Chi! You are too young for that!!! :scream_cat:
That face when she saw the stars though :3
They are cute sleeping like that =)


Black 猫Daddy is watching over our little Chi ^^
Did they forget to make the ruby white or did they forgot it altogether?
She… she… she found here way home! (Seemingly without help) :tada:
Ok, so now, she needs to learn how to go around the building and use the opening in the door x) (I forgot the name)


Either the glass is very thick or the mom has bad ears, how can’t she not hear Chi?
It’s even worst with the father: he should have been able to see her…
Youhei hears her but she fell down too early ^^’
Come on mom… do you always keep your eyes closed? u_u

Almost read the next chapters…
If all chapters are as easy as ch 113, we could read more chapters per week :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, by the way we are pat halfway now! (of the normal series at least!) Not sure if we “celebrated” that yet O_o


Oh! I didn’t think about it, but yeah, he kinda is named that!


They also “lost” some ruby in the previous dark chapter at the end of last book =P
I assume it is in black :rofl:


She never learned how to use the cat flap. Not even sure she knows the way to the other side of the house (it is a big compartment building type thing after all)
They are not only bad for not noticing. As young as she is they should look for her before bed =(

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Oh! right! And I am still missing two volumes, I really ought to find them :x

Oh? I didn’t pay attention :thinking: Although on one page I remember that they were hard to read (white on black)


She did learn to use her head (literally) :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think either but there is hope yet as she found her way back this time!

I agree u_u


I have trouble finding the new series in Japanese physical edition. Only found a few, found more in English! I keep finding digital only… not sure why that is…

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Hello everyone,
I’m sorry, I’m so late! I already read all Volume 7 as I cannot stop myself when reading something I like, but I haven’t taken the time writing my comments here (feeling a little tired of the quarantine…)

I’ll be on holiday soon, so I will be more active on the forum!


Am I the only one that did not understand right away that this chapter was the same scene as ch113 but from the family PoV? ばか ko u_u’
Ok, so Youhei did look for her! Good kid <3
Seeing them laugh like that, I feel like they know that Chi can’t enter (they don’t) and are laughing at her because she can’t get any of their food (they aren’t) x)
“Wait, Chi didn’t come out of hiding for breakfast, is she stuck somewhere again? :scream_cat:
Chi is maturing: she learned to rant :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, she is dirty; she was playing outside all night, what did you expect?
Ow, that’s going to be painful! :fearful:
Haha, once again she got distracted and forgot about her current predicament x)
The duck is dead! :scream_cat:
I half expected Chi’s fur to look like Alice’s for a bit (hey, it’s a manga, they often do that kind of weird things for comedy)
Also, I was wrong to expect the father to get hurt during the operation.

Chi> I won’t let you touch me ever again!
お父さん uses brush.
It’s super effective!


Oh! A new TV! Better picture and sound but probably less stable, beware!
え・も・の! たくさんの獲物!
And now, hope that she doesn’t use her claws because the screen is fragile…
You should definitively not explain to Chi what her food looks like when alive (especially when glancing at the next page x))

I think that I enjoy commenting the story as much as reading it x) (Which is the main reason I haven’t read the whole series yet (the other being that I’m still lacking two volumes :stuck_out_tongue:))


A bit late but I would like to avoid reading 6 chapters in one go again so here are this week comments:


Wait, is she singing and dancing? oO Call Disney, they might want to audition her :stuck_out_tongue:
Waaah! Water is wet!!! Save her! … :smirk_cat:
お父さん, if you don’t want Chi upstairs, close the damn door >_<
Will the fish be saved? Continue to read to find out!


What a great question little ヨウヘイ, why is there a goldfish here?
Between the fish and the father, who is watching the other with pity? :stuck_out_tongue:
And between Youhei and his father, who’s the child? :sweat_smile:


You should ask Youhei to watch over Chi…
Chi> I don’t see you so you don’t see me! :stuck_out_tongue:
Are they playing だるまさんがころんだ? x)
Good thinking お父さん, but you still have to make sure that Chi can’t push it from your desk if you put it back there…

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And here I though I would read during the week-end… well, at least I am not late yet.


「チーかわいいなあ」 ええ、カメラはどこですか。
Yet another misunderstanding… the father is quite naive ^^’
Ok, お父さん, repeat after Chi: え・も・の え・も・の :stuck_out_tongue:


P80, big box => xD かわいいですね (but a bit dangerous for Chi)
I do hope there are using real cheese here, not kiri… (brand of “cheese” from France, there is a WP page in Japanese so I fear the worst…) I had a bad experience in China where a fondue was made from kiri-like cheese :face_vomiting:
I am so used to cheese fondues with only bread to dip in, I never thought of dipping broccoli (or any other vegetable) oO Might be worth a try to make it a bit less unhealthy :thinking:
It looks like real cheese =)
Yup, definitively real cheese xD ヨウヘイ、がんばれ! Don’t loose your piece of bread :stuck_out_tongue:
あの~ 漫画家まんがかせんせい? The cheese should be way too hot for Chi right now…


And once again, Chi got distracted then lost u_u’
Will it be her first rainy day while outside? Should be about right since she could not go outside before they changed home and it wasn’t that long ago.
「コッチ様」 no way in hell xD
Now that she found チビッコ, it is Adventure Time!

I feel a bit lonely here… where are your comments? :crying_cat_face:

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May has been busy! D=
Catching up on my reading now, starting with Chi! <3

My comments are mostly replies to @koalou’s comments <3


I only started noticed it was the family’s version of last chapter when dad reached for the controller =P


I was expecting ball of fluff too! They didn’t exaggerate it a bit =P
When the duck just “turned it’s back” :rofl:


I love it when it catches their attention! Most of the time mine don’t care much about the TV.
I have had a few near tip overs though!! :fearful:
Oi. yeah, maybe they though it safe since she had little to no interest in the TV version :wink:

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Same x)


Have you tried Cat Week Tonight with John Oliver :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, she did not know what it was then; like how she did not know that birds were preys before the black cat taught her. But now, she knows… and they will regret it! ^^

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I used to have a cat and a goldfish. She would sit and swat at the glass! Water was wet, so she gave up that way quickly =P
I have photos somewhere, but gave up on finding them! D=
This was her though, Ronja (Eevee’s mom, my now senior of 14 years! <3 )


That was… short! :rofl:
Love how Youhei seems smarter than his dad here =P


Hehe, nope no you saw nothing! :rofl:
Looks like a much smarter set up! =D


Aww, yeah, easy to forget they are animals at times.
But just because we dode on them doesn’t make them human.
They have their instincts =P

But, look at my babies in baby clothes!! <3
They are getting spayed next week so needed clothes that cover their belly!
Size pre-mature, newborn and 2 months =^_^=

Not sure why the images got turned around O_o


That looks so yummy!!!
Cheese is one of my cats and dogs favourite human food! They only get a little and not very often, but they LOVE it!! <3


Lost again!
But yay, コッチ!
Aww, he “named himself” the calling sound the nice lady uses, just like Chi named herself after, well, then calling pee :rofl:


Well, he doesn’t seem to have any fixed slave so no one gifted him with a proper name :thinking:
Now that I think about it: why don’t they have “cat names” (as opposed to the “human names” given by their slaves)? Or maybe it would be the role of the mother? (In which case we can imagine that the black one doesn’t know his mom either?)

This week’s chapters:


Come on Chi, it was better when you called him チビッコ :stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, he hated it but that’s the point :smirk_cat:)
Bad コッチ, don’t leave our empressChi behind! è_é
He’s mean to Chi :frowning: Well, I guess she should now about clouds and rain if she had stayed with her mother… It kind of feel like the usual “princess that never left her castle suddenly find herself lost and ask stupid questions to the slum boy who only think about leaving her behind before someone tries to kill him to get her” you find in manga :thinking: (well, except that no one wants to kill her and, apart from the rain and Chi herself, there is no danger x))


At least, he shares his shelter.
Chi… u_u’
I know she almost made you fall but fighting is definitively not the way to go…
Kocchi> What is a home?
Chi> :exploding_head:
He looks more mature when sleeping ^^
It seems that he will be nicer to Chi from now on :3 (well, hopefully u_u)


She won’t make that mistake again xD
Hmm… If they were humans, it would be soooo wrong :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m leaving, don’t hit me!)
She should definitively not have eaten that u_u
I hope コッチ and 黒のい will teach her how to survive… the sooner the better…


That is so true, she is her own biggest risk! :rofl:


Poor Kocchi, only kitten left behind =(


Ooof, gonna regret that! :nauseated_face:
Learn by doing! At least they are teaching her what to do (smell it first)


Wrong catpters numbering :stuck_out_tongue:

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At least I didn’t read the wrong chapters this time! :rofl:
Like I did when I hit my old bookmark from my earlier reading =P

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We did it yey~! Only 4 volumes left meow~!


At least, now she seems to be able to go home by herself as long as she knows where the park is =)
Can コッチ know how Chi feels from afar? oO


“Damn, I just puked on the carpet… let’s run from the humans that can help me get better!” :stuck_out_tongue: (Normal reaction, I know)
Although he had been sick some times over the years (he really did not like the winter x)), my cat never vomited hairballs :thinking: At least, not in the house or in plain sight in the garden.
にげろ! But not too far because it hurts!
I wonder if お母さん and お父さん also need a book to tell them to send ヨウヘイ to the doctor when he is sick :thinking:
“I puked so much and did not get yelled at but it could change, let’s hide!”
Is there some kind of magic field keeping the pain away? oO


Nope, the pain’s still there.
And now it will be even more of a pain to clean!
No! Let me… g… urgh, too much in pain to argue…
Why did you not take what she puked to show the vet’? u_u’
コッチ really was worried for her :orange_heart:
I wonder if the black one is taking care of him now.
Also, I hope Chi will have learned her lesson…

Yes~! No, 5, nyan~! :stuck_out_tongue: (8 to 12)