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Chapters 57-74 (Volume 4)


Start date: December 27th
Previous Chapter: Chapters 48-56 (vol 3)
Next Chapter: Chapters 75-92 (vol 5)

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Can someone explain to me how they could not see Chi when closing the box? The fur is not of the same color as the towel(?) she is sleeping on!
Keeping her in a box could be a good idea to sneak her out of the building though :thinking: I mean, the super saw her but doesn’t know she is theirs. Yet? :stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, I know that they will use the same basket they used to go to the vet clinic)

So, Chi thinks that she can go into a box but not the furniture? :3

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Poor Chi has a panic attack, how can the humans no see that her home disappeared? :scream_cat:
Was this chapter supposed to make me feel sad? Because it totally did :crying_cat_face:


Beginning of the chapter => “Nooooo! Why am I in this basket? Do you want to have tortured again?”
At the end => “You are all crazy, I prefer to stay in the basket! Let’s go home.” xD

I understand that they want to show her how awesome their new home is but it’s not the right way to do that ^^’

I looked ahead and it will be fun, I really want to actually read now… But I have work to do T_T


Yey, finally managed to catch up… kind of >.<

I wondered about that too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy new year everyone! (Yes, a week late but it’s my first post of the year.



Ok, so, now, Chi’s home is about twice as big as herself. Talk about a downgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


(P36-37) Or maybe, her home fused with the new place and now half of the place is her queendom and the other half is waiting to be conquered? :smile_cat:
(P38-40) Start the conquest! Attack! (Also, good thing that she didn’t drink enough…)
(P42) But wait! This Terra Incognita is bigger than expected!


Exploration “team”, onward! That’s a small step for Catkind but a huge jump for this little oneChi!
And now that she can see her whole queendom from above, let stay there. I mean, it’s high and going down could be dangerous… let not take any risk! :joy_cat:

Does anyone know where @Abstormal is? Is there another living room’s worth of furniture to assemble? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone, I was worried nobody replied on this topic… only to notice that I was not following this topic properly!

I began reading the Volume during Christmas holidays, and I loved so much this volume that I finished it in a week :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The story about the new home and the consequences on Chi is very interesting!


And I was worried we lost yet another reader. I’m glad it’s not the case :smiley_cat:

I was afraid that, if I read everything in one go, this thread would only have 2 or 3 posts so I forced myself to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

And now, my comment for this week’s chapters:


First neighbor: are you sure it’s a good idea to ask a cat what she thinks of a prey? ^^’
Second neighbor: your Alicecat broke our empressChi!
Can someone tell me what is said in katakana on p56 please? oO’
Third neighbor => and now, a rabbit is taunting Chi x)
Last page: everyone can hear the dog, why would you still take Chi with you? Crazy humans!


P60: does Chi believe the kid was the one barking? xD
Is it just me or did they drop the level of formality when say saw it was just a young boy?
This dog is very obedient, good job kid!
Also, they were lucky that Chi did not attack, especially once she understood the dog would not move.


Are they in a alternate world were bubbles actually go up from a sleeping thing? oO
I hope Youhei can still breath correctly even with Chi on his face x)

Is it just me or is this volume waaaaaay easier to read that the previous one? A lot less text and little to no difficult words or grammar structures. (And now I jinxed it and will not be able to read the end as easily :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t reached that chapter yet, but taking a peek at that page it seems to be:
Scottish Fold Longhair



I guessed it had something to do with the cat but only got the “Fold” part right ^^’


I have a whole Zoo to take care of though :wink:
I have had the books sitting by my computer this entire time, and have to be honest, Pokemon is to blame! :rofl:
I have completed the Pokedex on both Sword AND Shield, and just reached the league in Japanese! <3 (honestly skipped most of the text, just wanted to run though quickly =P But managed to answer some actual trivia questions right in one of the tests! =D )

Finished volume 3 today, will catch up in a few days! =D


Teach them to take care of each other! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, that’s a good excuse x)

You’re crazy! o_o

And how will you improve like that!? (Says the one that skipped a lot of text while reading the first book of Chi… :sweat_smile: And at least, you are trying… :zipper_mouth_face:)

Yeay! \o/

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Definitely :wink:

I will do a proper round in Japanese later. I just needed to progress for eggs (Masuda method, for shiny eggs, need two pokemons from different “regions” ). And I knew where to go already since this was my third time :wink:

Fond this gem on Amazon:

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That last comment :heart_eyes_cat:

Oh! Ok… I stopped playing Pokémon years ago (I might catch up at some point, perhaps when I can read enough Japanese to play in VO? :stuck_out_tongue:) and never cared much for shiny pokémons (or hidden stats and whatnot) so I didn’t know about that :thinking:

Absolutely the wrong way! The cat-flap shouldn’t even be open (she would go right back to their old home! She doesn’t know this is her home yet :wink: )
When I have moved, and when getting new pets, I leave them to roam the living room without interrupting them. I give them pets if they come to me, but I try to not follow them too much, and definitely not put them in stuff like that!
When I buy a new stuffy for them though, I WILL put them on it! :rofl:

Definitely! I was uncertain if we just didn’t see it, or if she simply didn’t have any pee to mark with! But think it was a “fail”, luckily! =P

Having read half of last volume yesterday and half of this volume today, it sure was!
Some of the chapters felt like “graded readers” with all their repetitions and easy language =P
Especially chapter 60, with the scents and three times the same “event” :wink:
Also the rounds with the neighbours, such a repeated story =)

A bit of topic, but inspired by the story (and partly why I have been busy)

Two of my cats are moving next week, to my best friend! He has already partly bonded with them while visiting here, but one of them are semi feral and only let me touch him. I hope they adjust well!
They are suspected to be symptom free carriers of a contagious virus (it killed one of my cats a year ago =( ) so can only live with each other, but not other cats (unless they too are symptom free carriers)
I’m blessed to have a friend willing to take them! They have been kept separated from my others, the virus spreads through faeces. But though my master bedroom is huge, they deserve a home where they have full range, to be king of their own castle! <3
He already volunteered to take them a year ago when the virus was suspected, fully agreed on it in June when confirmed, but live so far away they have to take a flight there (in cabin of cause). He even moved to a new place where pets are allowed! =D

The two are super bonded to each other, so I’m so happy they get to live together! <3

Angelus (Loves everyone! <3 )

Loke (Semi feral, loves only me D= But has started warming up to my friend, so should bond in his care)


Right! I thought about that when reading but forgot when commenting ^^’ (the next day)

Yeah but it’s one new thing in the home they already know

I think so too, as happened the first time she tried (V3P7); although, this time, she didn’t feel down because of that.

RIP :crying_cat_face:

Well, they’ll still have to share with each other :thinking:

Is he in the same building as the 山田? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sad that you have to let these two go but at least you know and trust their new ownerservant so it should be alright (and I guess that you can see them from time to time)

Also, have you tried asking your friend to learn Japanese and read Chi with us? :joy_cat:

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Well, King and Queen :wink:
Even though both are boys. They are my gay boys! :heart:

I’ll get to see them in photos and filmclips. He lives too far away. I can’t travel due to my zoo at home =P

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Chapter 67
The struggle is real!
I always cut them myself, and will have to pin then with my arms to keep still =P
Some are more tolerant than others. I had a friend who had a cat who you needed bandages after every attempt! XD And that was while being two people to hold!

I was used to the tiny little bleeding you can get when cutting too close. It is just barely a drop of blood that comes out (unless you go very far I guess)
But when I got dogs I was surprised at how much THEY bleed! Get a tiny bit too close and they bleed FOR DAYS!!! O_o
I have learned a trick to help it stop, by covering the pas in cornstarch. Don’t know why it works, but it stops it instantly =P


Chi prefers playing with the wrapping than the scratching post :joy_cat:
And then, the scratching post is used to sleep… My brother’s cat did the same at first xD
Isn’t it the first time she uses her claws? She didn’t even know she had those before the father tortured her, he got what he deserved! :stuck_out_tongue: (Hmm… no, she found out about them when she had to climb down the tree in the previous volume, and then she got stuck on the curtains)


Why is it always the father that have to do things to Chi that makes him hated by her? He’s the one that like her the most and is the more hurt when shunned :pouting_cat:

Yes, definitively x)
And I can understand them, I don’t like it either when my claws are clipped.
Also, how can she keep calm when she can feel his fear?
I find it weird that she did not bite before the first clipping.

Oh? We never had that. But we were paranoid about hurting my cat ^^’ And we did not cut more than a few times, when he was young, as he got to spent most of his time outside and scratched the trees in the garden after some time x)


Once again, we could think that the humans understand Chi, it is bound to cause another misunderstanding.
Also, お父さん, why didn’t you remove the shrimp’s shell?

While it’s cute to see Chi eat at the table with everyone, it’s not how it would work in reality ^^’
But a lot things in this manga would not work in reality x)

Alright! Now that we got @Abstormal back, please join me for another summoning: are you there @Kappa420? :smiley_cat:


I do my cats on a regular basis for many years, and I have a few :wink:
Yet I’ve only seen it a ver few times.
But my dogs I managed to get the first time! She struggled more and was harder to see the vein. And dogs are just that much easier to nick! D=

Also, summoning @Kappa420 <3


@Abstormal @koalou
Hey! Sorry I disappeared after volume 2. I’ve had a bad time for a couple weeks, but it’s getting somewhat better. I’ll definitely try to catch up because I want to finally make it a habit (just like with reviews) to read at least 1 chapter of something every day. I’m not sure how long I’ll need to catch up though. :sweat_smile: