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Chapters 75-92 (Volume 5)


Start date: February 7th
Previous Chapter: Chapters 57-74 (vol 4)
Next Chapter: Chapters 93-110 (vol 6)

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Week Start Date Chapters
Week 1 February 7th Chapters 75-77
Week 2 February 14th Chapters 78-80
Week 3 February 21st Chapters 81-83
Week 4 February 28th Chapters 84-86
Week 5 March 6th Chapters 87-89
Week 6 March 13th Chapters 90-92+special menu


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Hello there!
This time, I did not read the volume in advance, so I can read it with you. I’ll try reading the first 3 chapters this weekend.


A soft start! Or maybe it has just gotten easier cause we got better?
Nah, no faith in progress, it has simply been easier of late :rofl:

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While I do hope we all improved, I think it feels easy because volume 3 was hard. Or maybe it is easy (but volume 3 was hard nonetheless)

Before commenting on the chapters (and sorry if there is a better thread for that):
happy birthday @Toyger! \o/ :birthday: :champagne: :tada:


Princess Alice graced us with her presence :stuck_out_tongue:
Only Youhei recognized her right away, good kid ^^
And Chi is soooo exited to have a guest xD remember how she was dead afraid when 黒いの came in the first time? :’) (But, well, the atmosphere is very different between him and Alice)
Is the food not to Her grace’s liking?
“Alice and Chi are totally different” => sure but I’m sure Alice does not sleep on her pet’s belly and you know that you love when Chi does it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Last page => Princess mode deactivated xD


My cat liked to sleep against my legs, it did not always go well ^^’
Chi did not even try to sleep with the mother, she found the pattern quicker than expected :stuck_out_tongue:
What about sleeping on the sofa as a human would? :thinking: Not ふわふわ enough?
Well, it would have been better than the floor ^^’


You thought the sound stopped and you were safe? … NOT SO FAST! :stuck_out_tongue:
Chi 1 – phone 0
When you see Chi’s face on page 23, you know that the father will regret not closing the door ^^’
P24 => is she failing to chipee once again or does she not even try? It looks like she’s simply rubbing her backside against the glass.
Oops, that will be a pain to get out of your fur.

Damn, we should have said 4 chapters a week for this volume, I want to read chapter 78! (Yeah, I know no one/thing is forcing me to wait :stuck_out_tongue:)

So, I’m wondering: does my comments make any sense to you all? I feel like they lack enough context to know what I’m talking about, most of the time x)


Not sure if it is still a thing, but there was a whole tread dedicated to it (called Cake Day or something of the like. Celebrating bDay and the even more important initiation to the cult day! :wink: )

Yes, you comments make a lot of sense! I enjoy reading them! =D

That reminds me!


I’m glad Alice was too fuzzy to eat. You should never do that! Even if they knew the cat, they didn’t ask permission to feed her. What if she is on a special kidney diet! D= Or on a diet diet :wink:


Well, that does not sound dodgy at all! :scream_cat: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay \o/

We could compile a list of things the 山田 did but should not have :stuck_out_tongue:

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We even signed our soul up for life! :wink:
All hail the mighty :crabigator:

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I don’t think we got better, this volume and the previous one were easier I think.


I’m not really a fan of Alice but I liked the comparison between them “They are so different… finally they are the same!”


Poor Chi, she only wants to sleep in a comfortable place!


Tape 1 - Chi 0!
It will be difficult to wait one week to know the end of this story!

I really hope that we will see the black cat soon, I really liked the scenes with him (maybe he lives on the same building?)


Why can’t it be both? I want to have improved :crying_cat_face:


I don’t really like her either, with her being snobbish and all…


I’m sure she will find a few comfortable spots soon =)


Chi will be alright (she’s the MC) but the room might not xD

Real spoilers, read at your own risk: we see him in chapter 89 and they will be reunited in chapter 90 in front of Chi’s first home where there is a missing poster about her :orange_heart: (Discourse seems to handle spoiler tag imbrication in a not too broken way =D)

But do we get to go to Durtle Hell and enjoy an eternity of challenges? :stuck_out_tongue: (I finally read the first post of this year’s crabmas riddle, 950 messages to go x_x)

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You can do it!
Eventually you will reach my post from yesterday:

Actually, it’s because I read it that thought about reading everything and not simply give up :stuck_out_tongue:

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I expected it to take much longer, but most comments are short, and so much banter! :heart:

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I’m not reading, I want to be surprised !!! :slight_smile:

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Well… that could have been better, poor dad ^^’ At least, Chi understands that she did something bad.
I feel like she is turning into a villainess… look at her face at the top of p34 :scream_cat:
That case on the lower right of the page x)


お父さん, instead of pushing Chi, you should open the flap to let her see how it works (and I don’t mean in the stupid way you did it last volume…)
She got iiiii… いたい! Nope, she did not x)
Open, close… Open, close やった!
She got it this time :smile_cat:


Yes, cats lose a lot of hairs u_u
Now, I want a massage… Chi, can I borrow your pet for a bit ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, it still makes me a little sad to see her mom… especially since she seems to be forgetting her :crying_cat_face:
Haha, Chi’s acting like Youhei x) (or a puppy :stuck_out_tongue:)
And now, she likes the dad again, good for him :smiley_cat:

I still want to read… I’m getting next week off work, I hope I’ll still have that motivation to, at last, begin one of the other books I have… (I don’t want to read Chi ahead of you all) Now, back to work :frowning:


How a situation can become worse and worse!
Chi is a little bit naive to believe that Dad will not think it’s her :stuck_out_tongue:


Chi is too cute when she is scratching the door on page 35, to have the door opened!
I loved how Chi is learning by herself how to open the catdoor. She’s so proud of herself about her clever idea of how to open it.


Chi is always refusing new things: “Dad, what are you doing to me?” and then she almost always like them!
The comparison between Youhei behavior and Chi’s was very funny :slight_smile:

I was so into the reading that I read the next 7 chapters… Sorry!!! I will re-read them to put my comments here :wink:


Ch78 and 79: she’s a (very fury :stuck_out_tongue:) child :smile_cat:

To be fair, she had some (very) bad experiences with what the dad did to her (first trip to the vet anyone?)

Hahaha :orange_heart:
You could also comment now :thinking: but then I would probably read to the end of the volume (and beyond?) in turn :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ch 79

I really liked the pun about how “she used her head” for the cat-door, both figuratively and literally =^.^=



Chi now goes toward barks and smile at a dog! :scream_cat: (ok, I know it’s probably only to this one but still)
Did she discover the concept of landmarks?


In real life, the other cat would probably not let Chi follow them like that.
She still has no focus xD
あの… gravity-さん? :stuck_out_tongue:


And she’s back to not smiling at dogs! \o/ And she does not flee either :3 (You did not see her panic :see_no_evil::shushing_face:)
Does none of these human kittenschildren see their empress? They should help her!
1st image on the sand => is she simply playing or did she use the “big litter”? :stuck_out_tongue:
I take back my comment from last chapter: the cats there seem used to be around others.

If I weren’t commenting while reading, I would probably not have stopped… (but I can see that I did read 3 chapters so I have to wait :x)


Yeah, these chapters went too fast! I had to go “wait… was that three?.. Yes, that WAS 3 O_o”

First chapter felt so much like a kids book! Comparing big and small and such :wink:
Fast but fun! I could read the whole book in a siting if I didn’t stop myself! :rofl:


This should have been the first volume… so easy to read, why start with the hard stuff? x_x