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Chapters 165-182 (Volume 10)


Start date: September 4th
Previous Chapter: Chapters 147-164 (vol 9)
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End of last chapter: “It’s nice here, let’s stay!”
End of this chapter: “This place is crazy, let me go!!! :scream_cat:


Aw, lucky ヨウヘイ! :3


Don’t look right now チー but you have a stalker taking pictures of you! :scream_cat:
If anyone tried to take these photos for real, almost none of them would be good because cats don’t pose for the camera.
The dad saw the missing poster!!! What will he do?
Damn, I don’t like handwritten Japanese x_x

I want to read the next chapters now :<
Well, looking forward to next week!

Edit: looks like I waited too long to order the next volumes and might not get volume 11 in time… :frowning: I hope Amazon overestimated the delivery date and I’ll get it way sooner (as it often happens, fortunately)

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I will do what I’m used to, mark and pee where I want! =P


As long as you love the home you have <3
He is young enough that taming him would be very possible though, but only if they kept him inside.


Oh the trick is to take a TON of photos and hope a few come ut good :rofl:
Oh no dad saw the poster! D=

Not sure about the original (I hate handwritten too XD )
But I will share the English version from phone after posting

Don’t worry. We generally follow you, so will wait for you :wink:

But on the subject, there are at least 4 other volumes after the main series, adventures or something like that.
I have been able t buy 4 in English, but only 2 in Japanese!
I simply can’t find them! Only as ebook. =(

Are we reading those as well?
And if so, have you found more than the first 2 physical?

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Well, he did not pee anywhere in the house as far as we were shown… which is not realistic at all xD


Oh! Thanks for the translation, I was too lazy to try and understand the katakana part :stuck_out_tongue:

I know you both have other books to read so you won’t be bored :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know about them but we totally can! If we find them…
Could you link the ebooks versions to help me search please? :3
I found this book which is more recent that the 12th volume, is it part of the books you were talking about?
Edit: also this one and maybe that one (although the 2nd looks kinda weird… like a coloring book or something)

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Not sure what those are. Maybe just different look on some of the originals? I don’t know.
But these ones:





I’ll add photos of my ones shortly

They have a slightly different format and style, and not a continuous story. More “little adventures” =)


Prices of the two first books on Amazon FR: 53€ and 60€… no thanks xD

It’s weird that Amazon JP doesn’t list physical volumes 3 and 4 at all, not even as out of stock :-/
Maybe there never was a physical version?
I’ll search a bit more later

nyamazon.co.jp x)

Wait… Nobody owns this domain? :scream_cat:

You can only have a .co.jp domain if you are a company registered in Japan? That’s a good thing: I won’t buy yet another useless domain name :stuck_out_tongue: (well, at the price listed on GoDaddy, I wouldn’t have bought it even without this restriction… 59€/year O_O (maybe +taxes?))


Oh gosh, don’t think I payed THAT! O_o
But yeah, I have looked for them since before they were out, bought the English one by one as they released. I newer saw them in physical. But they did get them in English =P

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チー’s books on Amazon FR are way too expensive ^^’ (one of them was around 130€ a year ago… fortunately, Amazon JP ships to France and it was waaaay less expensive x))

Maybe Japanese people embraced ebooks more/earlier than westerners when the books got published so the editor of your version preferred to make a physical version to sell more?

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I always by on Amazon JP.
In fact I believe I bought the English ones there too =P

But yeah. Japan is ahead when it comes to technology, so that could be why.

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Once again, not a credible game but we aren’t here for a credible story, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
“I’ll tell them later…”
Later: “WHAAAAT is this picture? :scream_cat:


“Let’s pretend we did not see that poster!”
But, what if チー is seen by her mother or her humans? You still are in the same neighborhood…


They really are チー siblings x)
Ouch… he doesn’t know what a mom is :crying_cat_face: (well, チー does not understand either…)

Still waiting for the inevitable meeting between チー and her family, I want to read more ._.


I got a delivery from Japan \o/
opens the parcel
The paper says it’s “チーズスイートホーム(11)” but instead the content is this:


At least, it got here in 12 days instead of 2 months… hope I can get the right thing next time…

(This week’s comments tomorrow; left work late and feel like sleeping early)

Edit (next day): the vendor replied promptly and will send me the book “again” \o/ Please don’t mess up this time… ^^’


Something tells me that コッチ thinks that only that woman is 「ママ」
Will チー finally learn how much she is mistaken on what 「ママ」 is? (I don’t think so)
Well, I don’t know if this big prey really is the mother of the little prey but コッチ seems to have understood part of the idea. As for チー, she doesn’t seem convinced ^^’


wow… I hope I never cross path the monstrosity that コッチ is picturing :scream_cat:
“Little チー, your mother is behind the tree! And you’ll get to meet her… after a short commercial break!” (TV show style :stuck_out_tongue:)


A wild distraction appears, チー forgets about her mom and go play with her siblings without knowing that they are her siblings
RIP チー, crushed by two other kittens… :stuck_out_tongue:
She was about to remember but コッチ messed it up è_é

I want to read moooooore T_T


Do you at least get to keep the mistaken one? (probably worth much more than the manga, so great bonus if you do!)


I should tell, but I can’t, but I should, but I can’t =P
Now momma saw herself


I wonder how time works in these mangas…
How old was she when she got lost? How long has she been living with them now?
She still looks like a baby kitten, but they have even moved with her =P
At this point she should be more than old enough to not need her momma anymore, really. But for the sake of the story, I think “all the time and no time at all” has passed, so she is still as old even though they have had her for “months” =P


They are so much like Chi <3

It’s sad they don’t even remember what a momma is.


That kitty looks a lot like コッチ. Might be his dad :thinking:
He was dumped in that area, so it would make sense that his parents live around there too, and daddy could be a stray.
Ah yes, so close, yet so far away!
Guess that COULD be a momma bird at least =P


Auntie… so guess not. BUT could be the ACTUALL aunt of コッチ then :wink:
Will they find momma? Read on to find out :wink:


So close, and her own siblings messed it up of all things :wink:
And so close to remember, but コッチ messed it up =P


It is worth more but no, I’m sending it back. They’ll reimburse the postage and the book. It’s still nice to have the book free :stuck_out_tongue: (I hope I get it soon enough to not make you wait for me though)


As far as I remember, the only time reference we have (apart from when day and night alternate) is the 3 months period between the 2 first visits to the vet’. I’m guessing that moving homes took some time as well.

Looking at her siblings, she should be, yeah.

This is probably is a case of Comic-Book Time


Yeah :crying_cat_face:


Or mom? I mean, it is みけのおばさん (or ちゃん if you’re チー; as seen p71 of vol9) and I doubt this story includes trans cats :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, she isn’t a stray cat, we see her home in ch85 (vol5).

Could, indeed. Although, it’s doesn’t work with みけのおばさん definition as birds don’t produce milk to feed their offspring :stuck_out_tongue:


On the other paw, the mom might come to get them and find チー!


Ah yes, definitely “Comic-book time”, all the time has passed, yet nothing at all :wink:
I love how Fire Emblem uses the rapid aging, once by time travel and in another they are in a “pocket dimension” where times moves different, so they will age in a matter of no time to the “young adult” stage where we can use them in battles =P (not FOR that purpose, but to keep them safe, and then they decide to join you =P )


So… maybe something went wrong with the vendor internal system or something… I got volume 11… way too early for it to be because of my complaint from Thursday so they probably sent me the two packages before then :thinking:
Also, I didn’t pay enough attention when ordering: it’s a limited edition with a decorated glass x) (I wonder what I’ll do with it… I’m not one for these kind of things and I haven’t seen the only person I (personnally/physically) know that loves Chi in years. Who wants it? :stuck_out_tongue:)

The good news is that I do have vol11 for when we finish this one :hugs:


Not that I wouldn’t love to join the reading for this one…it would take me waaay too long to catch up! I love the series though (I watched the anime :blush:)


You don’t have to catch up, simply read at your speed and ask your questions in the corresponding thread, there should be someone to answer :slight_smile: I, at least, am watching every thread in the book club (I was only missing the home thread for volume 1 but it’s now under watch as well!)

Update on my vol11 order

They already send the book again and it must be hard to sell, only taking space in their warehouse, because they said

If you receive your replacement in the future, there is no need to return it. Please keep it.

So I might have an extra vol11 in a few weeks if someone is interested :stuck_out_tongue: (for free but without the glass to keep the postage cost down)