チーズスイートホーム: Vol 10 Discussion (Chapters 165-182)



4 kittens = 1 dog? :thinking: (a dog runs after its own tail, no need for 4 to form a circle :stuck_out_tongue:)
And she forgot about meeting her mother 🤦 No, she simply did not follow her siblings, not knowing who they are.


I don’t know why but I could have sworn that チー had more than two siblings oO (I checked in ch1, I was wrong)
Is the mother full of hope? Will she follow them to meet チー?
lol, she did not see that humans don’t have a tail until now? :joy_cat: Will she finally accept the reality of her being a cat?
P87 lowermost case on the right => me when I listen to Japanese x(
So, for the first time, チー realizes that she doesn’t actually understand them and that her paws are different… (plus the tail)


It took 10 volumes but she might be ready to accept the truth!!!
And while she is having a mental breakdown, コッチ is having a great evening.


An unhappy チー? Even after seeing the black one? :scream_cat:
I don’t know if it really got through (have to wait for next week T_T) but she took the explanation better than the last times.
This chapter is too short!

Edit next day: I got vol12 \o/

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It was cute how they all did the same things together <3
And she recognise their scent, even if she can’t quite “place it”


You checked?! I was certain too!!!
I guess it’s the images with Chi that we remember, making them three total :rofl:
But I too wondered “where are the others? There were more than 2 siblings?!!”
P87 bottom right, I feel it, so me too! My listening skills are my worst, and songs are extra hard =P
Chi finally realised she isn’t human! That certainly took a while! :wink:


What?! I’m a CAT?!
You have been told several times little one :rofl:
She made it sound like it was extra bad that it was cat of all things :wink:


She didn’t see the similarity in the fur though (unlike コッチ when he thought one of them was チー)


Probably, yes :thinking: I was so sure they were 4 or 5 in total though… (well… they were 4 on the image… including the mom ^^’)

Songs can be hard to understance even in one’s mother tongue so it’s not a good baseline x)


And the first to tell her was the black one ^^

Give her time! First she accepts that she is a cat, then she realize how awesome it is! :smile_cat:


Here comes the denial again… :roll_eyes:
She’s becoming dangerous! :smile_cat:
Wall 1 - チー 0 xD
The black one will need a lot of patience to train her :joy_cat:


He’s right, stay away from these monsters!
She almost dd it! Next lessons: contain your excitement x)


Hahahaha, do you regret teaching her about her claws? :stuck_out_tongue:
She got a nice friend/mentor :slight_smile:

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Well, she is right, Chi is barely a cat and needs practice to be one =P
Which is accidentally quite correct, when a kitten gets separated too early there are bad at “being cats”, as they had lots left to learn (though jumping isn’t usually one of them, =P )


Sometimes you eat bird, sometimes bird eats you :cold_face:
So close, yet so much left to learn =P (and I guess they wouldn’t show it anyway :wink: )


He is such a good step dad (potentially real dad, since he is from the same area =P )

Next week is the end of this volume.


You changed your avatar!!! :scream_cat:


Right, she doesn’t have her diploma yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think she will talk properly at the end once she becomes a proper cat? :smiley_cat:


Let say he is, how do you think he will react when learning about it? x) (She won’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:)


Half the poll thread changed their avatars, it’s a crazy mess :rofl:


Maybe. She has been speaking slightly better, hasn’t she? Even used a kanji! :rofl:


If he is, he probably knows and just plays cool about it =P
Probably have kids around every corner :wink:
Heck! ALL the kittens could be his!


You mean コッチ too? Because I’m pretty sure that チー’s siblings were born at the same time as her so should have the same father (or can cats give birth to kittens from different fathers at the same time? :thinking:)

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Yes, I meant コッチ, they could be half siblings! <3
Also yes, cats can definitely have multiple fathers, so can dogs.
Heck there are even reported cases of human twins with separate fathers O_o

First time I had a cat in heat I watched her (like a perv XD ) and saw what toms she had. I could identiufy three different toms in her kittens! By color and furlenght. One had a special rex coat, one kitten got this. Momma was short fured, but this was even shorter! Also looked like him in color and shape. Two got short fur, one looking just like one of the other toms, other looking just like moma. Last two had super long fur, and looked just like the cat next door :wink:

I still have that baby, now 14 year old Eevee <3

The litter: (Fathers: 2 3 3 2 1 )

I’m not completely sure about daddy 2 (genes could be from mom), but definitely daddy 1 and 3

Also, mom:

No longer speaking about Chi

I had a vague memory, should have checked.

I guess that if it’s possible for other mammals, it’s not that surprising.

The second photo looks like it could be on a postcard ^^
Too bad it was so long ago, I kind of want to adopt the second from the right :stuck_out_tongue: (well, you are too far away anyway and there are plenty of kittens to adopt in France if I do want one)


No longer spoilers since it isn’t =P

The second to the right passed, fell out of a high window :sob:
One in middle also died young, hit by a car =(
The two on the edges I have no contact with, last i heard was the one on left side becoming a momma at age 1.
And second from left is my baby, very happy and healthy at 14 <3

It’s weird, with so many animals I have now, more likely than not I still only see my trio of cats in Dreams…
Momma cat Ronja, “kitten” Eevee whom I still have and a feral cat I saved when Eevee was 2, Murre
I lost Murre to a sudden illness spring of 16, age 8. Ronja was already sick with lung cancer and passed a few months later, age 11. It’s been 4 years, and have SO many new cats! Yet if I dream about cats I see those three (sometimes cameo from my childhood cat who lived 7 years)
I wonder how long it will take for them to be part of my “dream world” =P
I have seen my dogs, but they never look “quite right”.

My trio:
Eevee, Murre, Ronja


Volume 10 done!


What do you all think about picking up pace for volumes 11 and 12? I think we could go for 6 chapters per week, since the end goal is so near already.


Chi is by far the easiest reading group I’m in, but I’m in so many. I already have trouble keeping up.
I like the speed we have, and I’m in no rush to finish =)


I agree!
I remember how I struggled to read 3 chapters per week for volume 2-4 x) (granted, breaking down almost every single sentence took a loooooong time) But now it seems so slow ^^

Ow :frowning:
Since we’re already down to three people, I don’t want to loose one more because the speed is too high :-/ (sorry @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz but @Toyger comments more so… :stuck_out_tongue:)

Also, @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz I don’t remember you answering about reading 今日のこねこのチー; will you abandon us? :crying_cat_face:

Anyway, this week chapters:


Poor plant :frowning:
Poor コッチ :joy_cat:
Haha, she deserved that :stuck_out_tongue:
And now she knows not to take the claws out to play =)
Daddy (allegedly) is watching over the kids (or maybe simply sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:)


That “Wait? Wut?” face from the black one x)


She went home \o/ Her humansservants must be happy
Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would do :-/ Sure, it’s sad for チー and her family to be apart and the humans looking after the mother and other kittens must be worried but it has been months since she entered their life and is now part of the family :x I guess a “we took her in and would like to keep her” would be nice but you never know how the others will react :-/


That’s fine, no problemeow with keeping our current speed.

I haven’t looked into getting my paws on these yet, but I’ll be reading them too :slight_smile:


Again with the touch of reality, I love it! Both our main kittens got separated young, and one of the things they learn from playing with siblings is to play without using claws! <3
And yes, daddy proudly watches over his little ones, either they are his by blood or choice <3


They are just so cute together! <3
I notice Chi still has more baby language than them =P


Seeing how they even moved house for her, I would definitely have kept her. I would basically have contacted just to let them know she has a home. She was so young when they found her, and so young kittens shouldn’t even be let outside. She had no chip, and they have taken her in. Legally, she is now theirs. In all honesty, I see kittens picked up all the time (in local lost and found groups), and if they HAD a home I actually feel it serves them right for losing the kitten, and hoping the next home will be better. They actually recommend waiting till the cat is nearly 12 months old before roaming free. So most of the time, when a kitten is found, it is assumed to be dumped, taken in, one photo in the group, and if no one claims it they find a home for it.


I got my second vol11 x) (and decorated glass)
A little bit more damaged than the first one :-/

Who wants it? :stuck_out_tongue: (Don’t know what I can do with it otherwise…)


The new thread is here!

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