スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり 🚬 - Week 8 (Beginner Book Club - Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You)

Welcome to Week 8 of - スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You :smoking: Book Club!

Week 8 2nd of September 2023
Start Page 149
End Page 174
Chapters 12 and 13
Pages 26
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 20.44.48


Whoops, I’m late with Chapter 13 vocab. I’ll try to get it up today…

Edit: it’s there

Page 154

“That’s what I’m only thinking absentmindedly on the way home”?

Page 154

I was a bit perplexed by this as well. I think the だけ here actually ties back into the previous two or three bubbles. He is saying that he enjoys just listening to all the stuff that 田山 wants to talk about, and then pondering those topics later on his way home. This is attempting to explain why he hasn’t asked all that many questions from 田山. (It’s definitely not because he isn’t interested.)

Chapter 12 best panels & commentary

That’s most definitely 好き there below 田山’s panel, right? :innocent: A big ぴし moment.


ぽそ is another way to write ボソリ, the sound effect for whisper.

This panel cements that yeah, there is a rather large age-gap between the two… I mean, it has been obvious, but… I guess 24 might just barely be considered an adult. :thinking: (This bar keeps rising each year.)

I’ve heard that some people have dropped this series because of the age gap. While I can kind of see why, I think the personalities and dynamics between the characters are such that I don’t really see this as problematic. (But I’ll admit I’m happy they aren’t any younger.)

The hair diagram

Here it finally is, the answer to a question first presented in the very first chapter :joy:

Chapter 13 best panels & commentary

んははは #11 and ぴし all in one!

Just love 佐々木’s face here. True remorse.

Love how the bubble pierces 佐々木 with an audible ざくっ.

田山 absolutely horrified, thinking that 佐々木 might have finally realized :rofl:



Finally, hair explained!!!

Second chapter of this lot was a tough one again but I think I got it.


Question time!

Chapter 12


Is 店長 just mangling ぼく for some reason?

Chapter 13

General spoilers

So is this another fortune telling thing? The brand of smokes you like = personality test?


What’s the first bit? “Compared to people who look down on others…”?


こういうのって 大体オチにシモイのもって来たがちだよね
"This sort of thing has a tendency to … " but I couldn’t figure out what オチにしもい is. オチ could be punch line, but not sure about シモイ or the combination of the two. I’m guessing contextually it’s like “This sort of thing generally has this kind of crappy punchline” or something like that.

I got most of that (“Even worse, it might have the creator’s strong biases in it” but not sure what the めっつー is here.


Can anybody explain that hair diagram to me? I feel like I’d need to see the front side too to get it - I have no idea what’s going on there.

Various answers

I couldn’t find this either … my best guess it’s some kind of dialect thing.

I believe so, yes.

A + 割に + B is a construct that means “in the degree that Verb happens, B also happens”、where B is a contradiction of A. It’s usually translated as “although”, “despite” or “comparatively”.


So in this case, it means that despite the person looking down on others, their sexual disposition is that of a masochist.

Not sure myself, but I believe シモい basically means rustic, unpolished or in general just vulgar. So here Tayama is explaining that this kind of fortune telling jokes tend to be on the vulgar side on their punch lines (that’s why they all are related to the sexual fetish stuff).

強め => 強め refers to a degree in which something is strong (something like in english saying ‘strongish’). め can be used as a suffix like that with all kinds of adjectives - 高め means relative tall, 弱め is somewhat / relatively weak, and so on. So 強め would mean here that the author’s bias is somewhat strongly affecting the jokes.

っつーか is a slang for ていうか, which basically means “you could say…” or “perhaps I should say …”


Thanks, super helpful!

I admit I had to deepl one of sasaki’s longer lines, I understood every word but completely got lost as to the subject/object stuff. The one calling Tanaka a little mean lol.


As I understand it she has a bun of hair underneath a larger ponytail, and then she undoes the second ponytail to let it cover the first bun and it just looks like she has not as long hair


@snowwater previous weeks link says “week 6” instead of 7


Fixed, thanks!


I only have the same question as Jintor, can’t find something that makes sense here

page 155

What is ぼか?

Page 155

I think @Jintor is close. But I guess it is actually「僕は」as suggested by this weblio.jp entry.

Could also be some dialect thing, since on page 100 店長 uses「しちゃる」which suggests a 九州【きゅうしゅう】dialect according to my searches, but I couldn’t turn up anything specific in this direction.


I just had the same questions as others so far. I’m just busy crushing on 田山さん, especially after these two chapters :sob:

Page 166

I think the シモ is just the 下 from 下ネタ and the 〜い suffix I’ve seen/heard being used to create an adjective from a noun in colloquial speech to express the “(noun)-ish-ness” of something.


:thinking: But how does that even work? Wouldn’t the top layer of her hair have to be shorter than the lower layer?

If I deciphered the squiggles for the last step correctly it says:


Which I take to mean that she does not undo the outer ponytail but rather fixes it to the interior one.

But to me it doesn’t look like that in the finished result, since we can see the ends of her (now shorter) hair, so there might still be some magic at work :sweat_smile:.


Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one who still doesn’t get it :laughing:

Also… to the people who understand the diagram, does this also explain the front part of her hair? How it somehow gets shorter? I can see how Yamada could get rid of her long front hair (which is usually bundled to the right from our perspective) by combing it over to the back, but… where does the Tamaya shorter hair in the front that we see then come from? It cannot have been there before because she couldn’t have been bundling it to the right because it’s too short, right?


I’ve been bald since my early 20s… so take this with a grain of salt. I have no idea if this would actually work at all. But. If we assume the absolute hair length is even between the top of the head and the back of the head, doesn’t the diagram make quite a bit of sense?

  1. First, the hair that grows from the top of 山田’s head (edit: googled that this is called the crown) is bundled up into a knot. (This only reaches to shoulder height.)
  2. Second, the hair that grows from the back of 山田’s head is bundled up in a tighter knot. If we assume that these hair would be even in length to the top ones, they’d reach a bit lower, namely to 田山 lengths. (We are now at the end of the first picture.)
  3. The first bundle covers the second knot (second picture), and is then released (third picture). Thus we arrive at the illusion of 山田’s shorter hair.

(And yeah, regarding the front bangs, I still think the front clip that only 山田 uses is supposed to explain that. The longest bits from right are pulled to left.)

Might still be manga magic at work but I managed to convince myself… Maybe someone who actually has long hair could chime in on if a multilayer haircut like this would work at all. :laughing: