スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり 🚬 - Week 2 (Beginner Book Club - Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You)

Welcome to Week 2 of - スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You :smoking: Book Club!

Week 2 22th of July 2023
Start Page 19
End Page 32
Chapters 1 (Chapter 2)
Pages 14
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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Proper Nouns

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Name Reading Notes
山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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Another cute chapter! I like their dynamic.
Also, Sasaki, totally not being a tsundere: “I have business with you… here’s a present.”


I loved that very second to last bit of dialogue lol


Weirdly the first page was the hardest part of this week.

Pg ...27?

ありがとう佐々木さん そんなトコいないでこっちで吸いなよ
Can’t quite get what Tayama is saying here. “don’t come smoke here without giving me some of these”? " “I gotta have some of these here when I smoke”?

Page 24 (not 27)

Yeah, I also needed a bit of help from DeepL-sensei here - this one was a bit confusing. I think it’s something like:
“Don’t stay ‘in such a place over there’, (come and) smoke here.”

な indicates a command after the stem form.

Pg 24

Ah - going to have to remember that, 吸えない for ‘Don’t smoke’, 吸いな「さい」 for ‘Pls smoke’. Lol. V~eない / V~iなさい I guess.

Feel like that one of those ones where hearing someone say it would really have helped


I reread chapter 1 before reading this week’s assignment. Went much better, I feel like now I understood what’s going on.
This week’s reading went fine. Very curious to see how the story develops!


Remember to also read the two extra pages for these two chapters (後日談ごじつだん)!

Full chapter spoilers

I think this second chapter sets things up from 田山’s side.

田山 teasing 佐々木. There’s of course the implication of 間接かんせつキス here, but 佐々木 won’t fall for it, stubbing the cig out.


She explains further:


It’s now established this is her way of healing.

んははは-counter is now at 2! (笑)

空想くうそう」 is quite a word! This is referring to a Japanese superstition that if you sneeze someone is thinking or talking about you.


田山 having fun imagining 「レジ担当たんとうの佐々木さん」


The レ looks so much like a し lmao… handwriting… (cries)


I had to admit defeat. I’m just too hopeless at handwritten stuff :sob: :sob: :sob:.

Page 24

Also 吸うな for “Don’t smoke” :laughing:
な (JLPT N5) | Bunpro – Japanese Grammar Explained

な is kind of annoying that way, and I’m glad to have Yomichan with the Kireicake dictionary to remind me:


…but as @MrGeneric once remarked, most of the time it’s just clear from the context whether it’s a command or a prohibition, i.e. whether the speaker wants the recipient to do something or not do something.

Also that’s probably clear to you, but just for others reading this: 吸えない is “can’t smoke” (potential + negative), so yeah, when somebody says it to you it can have the meaning of “don’t smoke”.

And afterwards we have the ジ that looks like a ご with a long extra line on the bottom :laughing:

If not for @eagleflo’s vocab sheet, I’d have had to admit defeat too here. Thanks, @eagleflo!


I think many of us can agree we though the レ was a し… I was asking myself what the hell a しジ was :sweat_smile:


Handwriting can definitely be a pain. It definitely takes practice. I’ve taken to actually starting to learn how to handwrite (very slowly and in no particular order; primarily words that I’ve looked up fifty times and decided to add an extra bit of memory reinforcement to, but still doing it nonetheless), and I’ve found that getting familiar with common stroke orders has really helped in identifying handwritten things, even if it’s a kanji I’ve yet to write. It just kinda unlocked a skill of identifying likely stroke order and that means that I can then sort of start to picture (for lack of a better word, since I don’t really see images in my head) what it would look like in my handwriting or on a screen, and I usually know the kanji from there.

Of course, that doesn’t help with particularly messy handwriting sometimes when it comes to kana, but context usually does the extra legwork there. (In this case, she’s picturing him as a コンビニ worker, so レジ makes sense, plus mixing katakana and hiragana in a single word isn’t terribly common, as an example of how I would think about it when looking at this panel, though it’s pretty well a subconscious process by now)

I’ve said this a couple of times to @TobiasW, but if nothing else, starting 五等分の花嫁 so early in my journey (probably when it was still a bit above my punching weight) really helped me get used to identifying things in weird fonts because the author really loved to use a variety of fonts throughout the manga. I really credit it with making me comfortable with non-standard fonts/handwriting and recommend it for that reason alone. Let alone the fact that the story is just fun anyway. :grin:


I still haven’t read it yet, but what sold me on 五等分の花嫁 being good for learning is when you mentioned that it has has a variety of fonts with furigana. (Before that, it just sounded like some kind of special hell to me.)


Interesting, I will look it up!
And I feel the same with Yotsuba, there are at least 2 different fonts + handwritten text, super good practice.

This one in Volume 7 looked particularly funny:

ka in katakana and in hiragana having exactly the same shape


can confirm, lots of weird fonts in that one :melting_face: For the kind of story you might expect it to be going into it, it sure has a lot of stuff to keep you on your toes in terms of difficulty (An old study friend used to send me screenshots of fonts, and also complaining about it having a lot of literary allusions and stuff) Although, at natively level 24 it’s probably about on par with this overall. At least the scan quality looked pretty high and you could read furigana, unlike with ouran, which also has a love of fancy fonts but in about 144p :sob:

There also is/used to be a font-randomizer extension for wanikani if you wanted even more fun practice, and you could add more handwriting-y fonts if you really wanted to challenge yourself (not sure if it’s still around/maintained, that was on such an old set-up). Thinking about it gives me horrible flashbacks, but I’m sure it helped out in the long run :sweat_smile:



But anyway, it still took me a few seconds to parse that was レジ as well, so seems like we’re all in good company :laughing:


I posted a couple of screenshots a year and a half-ish back that shows some of the fonts you would run into while reading it (nothing super spoilery)

And if you scroll up from that post, you’ll see me talking about similar things I noticed that @javerend is pointing out regarding some literary language and the like. :joy:


Shouldn’t have looked it up on Bookwalker, 20% discount on the whole series right now, not sure I can resist :see_no_evil:
Have you read the whole thing?


Yep! I have! I finished it in May of last year, so about 3 months after I wrote that post. It was actually the first manga series I read to completion (though admittedly most things I am reading are ongoing series, so it’s not as though it had stiff competition :joy:)

I’m still definitely a fan of the series though, so my comment that if a book club formed, I would come back and engage stands.


This made me ask myself, if I even finished a single manga series in Japanese, and no. Everything is either on hold, or it’s a long running series, and probably nowhere near the end.