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Week 3 29th of July 2023
Start Page 33
End Page 44
Chapters 1 (Chapter 3)
Pages 12
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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Name Reading Notes
山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 12.54.55


Watching the relationship develop like


いやいや! 俺は鈍くないよ!? :joy:


I really struggled with the handwritten bubbles on page 34 during my first read, so I transcribed them here.

Page 34 handwritten bubbles


As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s something you’d need help with!

Full chapter spoilers

Such dramatic panels in this chapter!

Such a big panel – 田山 is obviously worried herself, despite trying to play it cool on the next page by saying 「あたしは伝えただけ〜」. 佐々木 noticed both this and the hair not being tied up like usual, so maybe he is not so にぶい after all?

Sounds play a big role here in describing motion.

I had to look up なまいき from a J-J dictionary to get a better feel for what it means.


This seemed a little short and to the point, so I looked up another definition:

コトバンク / 大辞典:「 その柄ではないのに意気がった言動をすること。また、それにふさわしい身分や年齢ではないのに出すぎた言動をすること。知ったかぶりをしたり、きざな態度をとること。また、そのさまや人。

Also, when rereading this I happened to notice that 田山 doesn’t have one of her piercings yet! Now I’m wondering which chapter it will appear in.


Read this week’s assignment. I enjoy it but it’s tough! Not sure I understood everything but also not sure how to ask. I think I’ll just keep reading and probably do a second read at the end, hopefully it will be clearer by then.
I mean after I read chapter 1 for the first time, I thought 山田さん and 田山さん were the same person, then last chapter I thought the old lady cashier was 佐々木さん picturing himself old still going to see 山田さん who got old too, so who knows what else I misunderstood at this point :joy:
I think it gets easier when I have read more chapters, then I have a clearler picture of who the characters are, what the timeline is like… At the beginning it is very confusing, since I don’t really know what to expect.


Please reread the early chapters and ask your questions before starting the upcoming chapters. As we progress further you might get more confused.
At first, I was timid and that is how I handled the situation: I followed the discussions while reading the chapters. Usually, the questions I wanted to ask had already been answered. However, there were still some parts that I couldn’t fully understand so I asked my questions and kind people here explained them. I ask my questions without hesitation now because I know someone else might have the same questions.


They are the same person, so you got that one right at least! 佐々木さん thinks they are different people though.

Yeah, the old lady cashier actually exists - she’s even serving him on page 20. The only thing he imagines is 山田さん and 田山さん being all 仲良し with each other on page 30.

If you feel a bit confused, but don’t know what to ask, maybe it’ll help if you make a post describing what you think happened - and then others can tell you if you got anything wrong.


Ah, damn. Maybe put spoiler tags on that, I think I would have rather found out by myself at the same time as 佐々木さん :disappointed_relieved:


Ah, sorry! It was mentioned a lot in the first thread already, so I thought by now it wasn’t spoiler-y anymore.

(And also sorry for spoiling you - I guess I misunderstood your post, thinking you wanted clarification for the things confusing you.)

edit: Also to be clear, those are not future chapter spoilers - I’m not reading ahead, and I have no idea if 佐々木さん ever finds out at all.


Yeah, I hadn’t clicked on any of the spoilers in the first thread yet, I knew there was something I was getting yet but was fine with waiting. Oh well, everything is much clearer now at least. My bad for not figuring it out by myself :upside_down_face:


Agreed. I guess it’s the whole point of the manga, but I was slightly disappointed too to have stuff spoiled so soon in the first week’s thread even… I feel that knowing for sure so soon takes away some of the suspense… I guess it’s the risk of reading books with a book club…


This week… well the first page really scared me with a lot of lookups required, only for the rest of the chapter to only have 3 lookups after that, which put this week’s chapter on half as many as last week’s. It doesn’t feel half as difficult as that would suggest though, feels pretty comparable to last week!


Without spoiling anything more, I can only say “don’t fret about it”. It’s a seventeen chapter first volume, there’s two more volumes out… we are in very early stages still. :blush:

Definitive spoilers about this topic, but only recounting the events of chapters 1-3

On re-reading these chapters, I noticed how the clues and hints are there beginning literally from the first panel of chapter 1 – I’ll get back to that.

佐々木 hadn’t seen 魅力的な田山さん before, wondering which corner she worked in. 佐々木 is wondering: 「全部見られてる‼」.

Then… How did 田山 know 佐々木’s name? This had the special emphasis dots in the speech bubble. Indeed, it was a big surprise for 佐々木 that 山田 knew his name – from the point card.

Another big clue is 山田’s ear being covered by piercing tape on the last page of chapter 1, immediately followed up by 「ぷぷ」, a smile I could only describe as mischievous and the line about welcoming 佐々木 back to the smoking area. There’s ambiguity here but I definitely took it so that it’s 山田 saying or thinking that.

1本目後日談 has 大野おおの (the older cashier) and 山田 talking about 佐々木 in the staff room, with 山田 telling 大野 that she would シバク him if he ended up being an あぶない人. This reveals that 山田 is privately much more assertive than the cheerful customer-facing ニッコリ-personality lets on.

In the closing stages of chapter 2, 山田 comments on おいしいおかき, which she supposedly received from 田山 – playing back into and amplifying the 仲良し narrative.

In chapter 3, I guess many may have missed 大野’s line about 交代 just as 佐々木 is leaving – giving our heroine a chance to dart back, change clothes and appear at the smoking corner. However, she is in such a hurry that she forgets to tie her hair like usual, which 佐々木 does pick up on! (I worried a little about pointing that out in this chapter’s discussion. :shushing_face:)

「わざわざ伝えてに来てくれたんじゃないの?」 - 100% what happened, hence her expression here. This also explains her sassy retaliation – she was afraid he had or would have connected the dots.

Then there’s the mole. Did you notice it already? It appears in the very first panel, although partially occluded. Here are better shots:

I was actually surprised to see that it’s so clearly visible on 田山 as well! It’s usually at least half-covered by her choker, but even then 地主じぬし is definitely drawing it in when it isn’t. I’m guessing not many people caught this on their first read-through, but these are all examples of how rewarding it is to re-read this series!

Lastly, the names 山田 and 田山 somehow do resemble each other… :sweat_smile:

About names

I had never heard 田山(たやま) as a name before, so from the start I assumed it was a fake name for 山田(やまだ). According to Kanshudo though, it just barely makes the top 1500 most common surnames in Japan.

I’ve also seen characters change the order of the kanji in their name to make a fake name in several doujin, so I had assumed it was a sort of trope in Japanese media.

More about names

Happened to take a peek at List of common Japanese surnames - Wikipedia, and lo and behold – places 12 & 13!

(The rest of the upcoming cast can also all be found here, hopefully makes it easier for new readers to recognize the names when they do come up.)


Short chapter this week. I got the gist well enough but will probably need to drill down on a few expressions.


What does Sasaki say here regarding hair? I think it’s 髪の毛 but with a different 結 kanji. Seems like a pun?

Answer, maybe

A snapshot of which panel you have in mind would help, but I think you are talking about when he says:


He is literally just saying. “Also, your hair isn’t tied up…”

And then going further into teasing her about rushing out to see him with the もしかして急いで来てくれたのかな~~なんて (roughly: “I wondered if perhaps you rushed out to see me~~Just kidding.”)

If it is the panel I’m thinking of, I believe this would be Pg. 42, but it’s difficult to judge with the digital versions.


Just because I am a pedant … the inaugural post of this thread refers to week 2. The title of the thread itself is correct though


Wtf, jisho doesn’t surface 結ぶ if you only type/kanji enter 結. Thanks jisho


I think it’s result #8?