スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり 🚬 - Week 1 (Beginner Book Club - Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You)

Welcome to Week 1 of - スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You :smoking: Book Club!

Week 1 15th of July 2023
Start Page 3
End Page 18
Chapters 1
Pages 16
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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Proper Nouns

Feel free to add to this as new characters / places get introduced throughout the book.

Name Reading Notes
山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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I had thought of especially tagging you on the post in the main thread advertising week 1, but you immediately saw and liked it as soon as it was created. As expected from a true 山田 enjoyer!


A veritable 山田のファン reporting in! :star_struck: 癒しの中毒者. But I also really like 田山… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When reading this manga, pay close attention to backgrounds – there is often very meaningful handwritten text in there, which a quick reader could easily skip. I certainly accidentally skipped some on my first read, and it’s been a joy to take it slower and really let each panel sink in. I’ll follow up with an example in the first spoiler section.

佐々木 seeing 田山 for the first time

That’s 「なんっ― 魅力的な」 in the background.

The very first んははは

んははは-counter: 1!

I really like how versatile 心 is in Japanese. Gets the meaning across perfectly. First time I’ve seen it rendaku’d though?

田山 talking about 山田

Not gonna lie, I was a bit afraid when I first read this panel… like, what kind of manga is this actually going to be. :sweat_smile: (I also hadn’t figured out the thing yet.)

田山's last line

Sooo, wait a minute, how does she know his name?

The extra emphasis circles above 佐々木さん are 傍点ぼうてん. In my head I read it as the character clearly separating each syllable. This was used to really drive the point home that there’s something unusual here. :sweat_smile:

佐々木's last ponderance

So 佐々木 did pick up on it, but not quite connecting the dots… :sweat:


I think the page numbers in the vocab sheet are all be off by 2, right? The first page of the first chapter is page 3, but it’s page 5 in the vocab sheet.

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Argh, right you are. BookWalker seems to include cover as one of the “pages”. I’ll fix them.

Edit: should be done.


Well, if I’m getting a certain thing correctly, this was a much more promising start than I thought it would be. Nice. I was a bit on the fence before, but now I’m fully on board!

I do wonder how the hair in front of her face works though…

I struggled a bit on page 12 and 13, but apart from that it wasn’t too hard.

Thanks for the vocab sheet, @eagleflo - it was very helpful for a few words where I couldn’t quite get by with a dictionary!

(And I just realized I’m reading two books about store employees now.)


Also: Great, now I gotta keep myself from reading the next chapter until next week.

I know I suggested this whole “start slow with 3 chapters total in the first 3 weeks” schedule, but could we maybe switch to “read a chapter a day” instead? :pleading_face:


Well, that was a very 魅力的な chapter…

Chapter 1 spoilers

Yeah, this is what had me most confused - it didn’t seem plausible to have those bangs without actually cutting her hair. Unless she’s using a wig … ?


This is the first book club I have ever joined, so my pace is probably going to be a bit slow and I’m going to have a lot of questions. I hope everyone will be patient with me! Having said that I have two questions already.

Page 4


My best attempt at translating this is: Should I give some provisions (gifts?) to Ms. Yamada?
However, what does the でも mean in there? Does it mean ‘or something’?

Page 5


I think I understand the gist of this, but I feel like I may be missing something important because I’m unsure aboutと at the end. Is it acting as ‘and’ before 殺ーー?

Also thanks so much to eagleflo! Both your website and the vocabulary sheet have been a huge help!

Page 4

Yep, you got it - でも is “or something”.

Apart from that your translation is pretty close!

  • Based on the dictionary entry “refreshments” might work? (Although the whole dictionary entry for 差し入れ seems weird here. What’s the task she’s carrying out? Working?)
  • Your translation is missing the してみる: “try to do x”.
  • And it’s missing the “might as well” (I think that’s what the いっそ means here) - although @eagleflo seems to disagree judging by the vocab list entry.

I’d translate it as “Might as well try to give it to Ms. Yamada as refreshments or something, hmmm…”

Page 5 (not quite sure about that one; corrections are extra welcome)

I’m not quite sure here. I don’t think と can act as an “and” between sentence fragments, but the best I got is that it’s “when”. So something like…

“When we have a meeting that is this long, and in the end nothing is decided…”

I’m equally unsure of how it continues. I can see two possibilities:

  • The “then” part of the sentence that would follow is completely omitted and up to anyone’s speculation. Afterwards, 殺ーー starts a new sentence. (“I’ll kill him… not!” - yeah, it works a bit better in Japanese.)
  • Or 殺 could be something like 殺したい, so “…then I want to kill (him).”

Btw, there’s no need to put anything into spoiler tags inside “Page X” detail tags.


Thanks a lot! I didn’t think and was right for that, but I couldn’t quite figure out what would make sense. When makes much more sense for the sentence.

Not having to use the spoiler tag for every single question also will make typing this out a little faster too :grinning:

Page 5 (a bit more grammar info)

Btw, I was a bit confused why there’s a した in the middle of 「こんな時間まで会議した挙句何も決まらないだと…」.

Turns out that “Verb[た]+ 挙句” is an N2 grammar point.


I have one last question before I wrap up my reading and head to bed.

Page 6


I think (hope) is something like: “Today was a day where nothing went well.”

Is the いかん the short form of いかない? Otherwise, I am kind of lost and would appreciate any clarification!

Page 6

There’s no past there, but apart from that I agree with your translation.

According to http://www.fredshack.com/docs/jcolloquialabs.html: ~nai > ~n. So yeah, I’d also guess that it’s いかない.

Page 4

I’m not quite certain how いっそ should be read here. I personally read this as something like “Wouldn’t it be better if I tried to give some 差し入れさしいれ to Ms. Yamada”.

Just to tie it into context, in the previous bubble he was thinking about how he was visiting the supermarket too often without real need and buying too much – so rather than hauling everything back home, maybe just give something to his favorite cashier?

With the definite undertone that he is talking himself into it, he wants to do it.

In this way I think our translations are very close.

I’m not 100% on how 差し入れ should be translated, but based on the three definitions we have in JMdict / jisho.org the “supply of refreshments” one is clearly the closest :sweat_smile: It’s like when you bring doughnuts or cake to the office, as a token of gratitude for all the hard work people around you are doing. (What’s that called in English?)

Page 5

I think と in this case is a conditional conjunctive – と4 for those who are reading A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, also featured in a blog post from Tofugu.

It’s summarized as “a subordinate conjunction which marks a condition that brings about an uncontrollable event or state”. So, in this case, due to the meeting dragging out so late and still nothing being decided, there is an uncontrollable and inevitable causal link to 殺ーー. :innocent:

Chapter 1 spoilers

I think it’s just the additional clip we see on 山田 that’s holding quite a bit of hair.

The back hair length difference is explained in 11本目後日談 on page 161, if you’re willing to take a peek and somehow open that page without looking at page 160.


This is my first book club and I instantly got so addicted that I had to buy ロジカとラッカセイ and start a retro read for the last book club to keep myself from binging through this one too fast.

Yeah, this is what had me most confused - it didn’t seem plausible to have those bangs without actually cutting her hair.

I tried this with my own hair and I suppose it might be possible if you got a narrow, oval face and a high forehead. The hairs on the far side of the bangs have to be long enough to be pulled all the way to the opposite side and fixed with a hair clasp to hide the ends under the longer strands of hair at the side.


Oh, nice to have you on board with ロジカとラッカセイ! People are still reading the old threads, so you’re welcome to comment your thoughts and ask your questions still :slight_smile:

Page 12

In the second panel of this page, I have a hard time parsing Sasaki’s explanation for why he always uses Yamada’s register (It’s not the boobs! Honestly! It’s just that…).
The gist of this seems to be that he’s impressed by the energetic way that Yamada does her work, I guess? But since the verb is 貰う, I was wondering who exactly is receiving what.