スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり 🚬 - Week 9 (Beginner Book Club - Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You)

Welcome to Week 9 of - スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You :smoking: Book Club!

Week 9 9th of September 2023
Start Page 175
End Page 200
Chapters 14 and 15
Pages 26
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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Really chill chapters this week. I have a few questions as always but think I got most of it in one go!

/PS forget the age gap thing the REAL problematic thing about this manga is how cool it makes smoking look


You know what time it is - question time!

Chapter 14


I’m not fully certain but this seems to be about some kind of … air ioniser in the shop’s AC or something that made Sasaki feel refreshed. I think.


I had to check here because it isn’t obvious at first glance, but the word bubble on the right in the first panel is from 田山

Got a bit lost here with the nested clauses, but is it… "I [definitely] wasn’t [only] thinking ‘Thank you Yamada-san for bringing the feeling of the season to everyone in the store through an early change to short-sleeved shirts’ "?

Not really sure why he brings up 販売職のみんなさん tbh


あたし中薄着だし 佐々木さんには負ける
Not sure on the 負ける here – obviously I know it’s ‘lose’, but is it more like ‘succumb [to the heat]’ here (because of his workwear)?


Tummy. Shamiko approved.


You can hear the panel with the echoing お腹冷えちゃわない?お腹冷えちゃわない? お腹冷えちゃわない?

Chapter 15


You worked how many days in a row?!?!?
I will have to come back to the handwritten text (or wait for one of you suckers good pals to do it)

Is the の穴埋め his 後輩 mentioned in an earlier chapter? Or am I misinterpreting?


I kind of got the first part about how it feels like to doodle while feeling drowsy during a meeting, but not sure what this bit means.


I think “negative ions” are supposed to be a kinda pseudosciency thing that are supposed to relax you. Sort of a feel good thing, and here I think it’s probably getting used non-literally to mean the shop is full of good vibes rather than that the shop literally has a device making negative ions, as a way of writing off his behavior rather than explain it in an exasperated manner, which he then goes on to do

Like an “oh the shop must’ve just been full of negative ions today or something… [just being in there was enough to cool me down/make me feel better, i didn’t need to buy anything]”


Blärgh, late again but the vocabulary sheet has now been updated with chapters 14 & 15.

(Really feeling chapter 15 ending right now.)

p. 189

Definitely what I thought too.

p. 193

I interpreted it as “can it really be called drawing though”

spoilers for chapter 15


For some reason I love it when this sort of thing is done in manga or anime, just gives the panels that much more life

Page 180

Yeah, you’re right that it’s 田山 who theorizes that 山田’s 半袖 was blowing off all the excess heat from 佐々木. This is a 図星, as usual, but 佐々木 is trying to deflect and redirect to all of retail industry workers here.

A very stilted and overly literal translation could be something like:
“(Seasonal clothing change happening earlier than I expected keeps me informed about the passing of seasons), [and for that] I am grateful to all retail industry workers and 山田さん… or that’s what I was thinking”

Page 181

This is more of a figurative thing, she is just telling him that she is more lightly dressed underneath than 佐々木 and thus “loses” to him. (And then proceeds to show exactly…)

Page 193

I translated this as to 佐々木 doubting whether he can “say it with a drawing”. In the next panel it’s revealed that yes, he can convey the features of 店長 quite well.

Chapter 14 discussion

LOL @ the excessive amount of キラキラ here.

ずい is a mimetic effect for something being very direct and sudden. She is really inquisitive today.

照れる is a useful word you learn on WaniKani level 30.

んははは #12.

Once again 田山 moments before disaster. Love the 佐々木 of her imagination.

You can hear the echoes traveling around the world. 本当このおじはんは……

Chapter 15 discussion

This certaily counts as んっはっはっはっ #13.

田山 had the perfect response to 佐々木 wondering why it was so easy to draw her.

This panel combined with the previous page damn near destroyed me. :cry: When you’re overworked to the bone, it’s all too easy to forget to enjoy the smaller things in life.「忙しくて最近そんなことも忘れてて」 hits home. At least 佐々木 was able to relax for a bit here.

chapter 15 reaction

I love teruteru bozu!! That’s such a cute idea for the store too.

Also!! Sasaki in his pjs is too cute!!
I still want to date both of them


Finally actually got to read these today!

chapter 15


Oh my GOD this is the cutest thing aswefiawjse;flasi

Page 179

Yes something like that. Seems to be a thing that japanese manfacturers of appliances/devices that blow air as part of their function have latched on as a marketing gimmick. This “fact” has engraved itself in my mind because マイナスイオン is the first 和製英語 I ever encountered when trying to read my first native material which of course was よつばと!where in Chapter 3 Ena touts マイナスイオン as one of the good things of modern AC appliances when Yotsuba freaks out about them causing global warming :joy:


I totally missed that in that chapter when I read it last year!

I’m re-reading that volume here in a couple days though, so I’ll keep an eye out for it :laughing:


Much later than usual in the week, but caught up. Just as well next week is the last, as my holidays are coming up, so this club’s finish is timed pretty well.


So one day late lol, but I just came across 袖 (sleeve) in wanikani

Chapter comments

I really enjoyed this week’s chapters. Sasaki’s reaction to Yamada in chap. 14 was pretty amusing lol. The atmosphere in chap. 15 was great, I really love rainy days myself too. Give me rain and some hot cocoa any day.

Also, for chapter 15 in particular I read through nearly the whole thing without needing to look up any vocab (exceptions were Sasaki’s speech on the first page and 「油性」) So I’m pretty proud of myself for that :smiley:
Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself for the next chapter though XD


Week 10 is here, time to finish volume 1!