スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり 🚬 - Week 5 (Beginner Book Club - Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You)

Welcome to Week 5 of - スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You :smoking: Book Club!

Week 5 12th of August 2023
Start Page 71
End Page 96
Chapters 6 and 7
Pages 26
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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Curious to hear from beginners how’s the pace so far. Hopefully you’re being able to keep up with the change to 2 chapters a week :slight_smile:

my favourite panel from this week (end of chapter 7)


Alright, this time I actually got some questions!

Page 76

Am I understanding this page correctly?

There has been a complaint about her, which hasn’t happened in a while. The complaint was that “despite usually serving the customers cheerfully, she smelled of tobacco”. Her manager told her not to worry about this unreasonable complaint, but she still feels down whenever something like that happens.

Page 77

I get that this doesn’t just mean “lonely” (which doesn’t seem to fit the situation well), but how would you describe the feeling he tries to convey in English?

“The moment you get to know a new side (of a person)…”
“You think they are lovely, this person becomes unbelievable/implausible.” + のは (?)
“Even though both are the same person.”

I have a faint idea of what he’s trying to say here, but all in all I’m a bit lost, both in meaning and translation. And I have no idea how this is supposed to make her feel better.

Page 76

I’m not very confident, but my interpretations is the following:

I believe some parts are missing, though not sure if you just abbreviated them. The complaint is slightly different - the customer says they are disappointed (がっかり) that despite being someone that is always serving customers cheerfully, she smelled of tabacco.

Tayama’s reaction is slightly ambiguous I feel, but in this case そーいうの来ちゃうと means “when this (kind of compliant) came”, rather than “every time this happens.” With アホらしくなっちゃって I feel she actually means that she turns “dumb” in the sense that she starts smoking endlessly and worrying about it despite it being a silly thing.

Page 77

Not very confident in this one either, but my understanding is:

違う面を知った途端素敵だと思ってるその人 => the moment (someone) discovers another side of that person they thought was lovely.
人を => (that person) from previous sentence become the direct object of the next part
信じられなくなる => 信じる means “to believe in” or “to trust”. 信じられる would be the potential (able to believe in, trust in), and then 信じられない (unable to believe in, trust in)
のは turns the previous sentence into a noun, and that noun becomes the topic. => “The fact that (someone) is unable to trust in a person who they thought was lovely the moment they discover another side of (that person)”
どっちもその人なのに => even though both (sides) are the same person…

So the 寂しい is describing that kind of loneliness - maybe a similar example would be something like losing a friend because they find out you like anime.

Page 77

Thanks! This makes more sense now, although it still boggles my mind a bit when I try thinking about the Japanese sentences. Especially considering the ordering.

For me that’s definitely the hardest page so far.


Same. I wouldn’t have figured this out in a billion years if you guys hadn’t already been talking about it.

Chapter 7 be like

Everyone: Blah, blah, everyone thinks I stink…blah blah…favorite ways to get rid of cigarette stink.
Me, the 嫌煙家: :yawning_face:
Tayama: Wanna sniff my armpit?
Me: That escalated fast :astonished:!



I think Tayama meant her decolletage, not her armpit. :joy:

Oops replied the wrong message.


And caught up for this week.

So last week was definitely surprisingly easy despite the move to two chapters. This week is harder, I feel. Lots of new vocab, even if I did get the a bunch of smoking related vocab on my current Wanikani level. Page 76 felt like the hardest this week.

Page 77

While I agree with the rest of your interpretation I think the さびしいね here should not be taken to mean loneliness, but rather be interpreted along the lines of “sad” or “disappointing”, at least I have heard it being used like that, for example to describe a sad excuse for a birthday cake :sweat_smile:.

So I think what 佐々木 is saying could be translated as something like:

It’s so sad when people lose faith/trust in someone they previously thought highly of, the moment they see another side of them, …

They are still the same person after all.


I also activated some of that smoking-related WK kanji … perfect timing!


This wasn’t posted in the main smoking thread so I missed it! … Or I would have, if I didn’t know it goes live on my Saturdays, but I was too busy reading a different manga … I’ll catch up tomorrow, I swear


I indeed forgot to post the link for week 5 there, thanks for pointing out - I’ll do it in a bit, as others might have also missed it

Page 71 question

Is 「朝まで」commonly used like “all-nighter” in English?

Chapter 6 spoilers & best panels

田山 apparently goes full chainsmoking when under pressure, look at that pile of stubs. (んはは #4.)

I tend to agree that this isn’t best translated as “lonely” – I get a soft air of bitterness and regret from this word. Kind of a “why does it have to be this way” type of reflection, a bit of a pause.

Look at 佐々木’s mouth shape in the shadow! 田山 lending the jacket was clearly quite a surprise. But that’s not all, this scene continues…

… with possibly the biggest つい so far in the series, and then…

… a 100% earnest こちらこそ in response to 佐々木’s ありがとう. A stunning panel, really.

Double んははは

田山’s imagination didn’t prepare her for the amount of 鈍い reality delivered:

(んっはっはっ absolutely counts, so we are at #6.)

Chapter 7 spoilers & best panels

I think I’ve heard this term used in other anime & manga as well, seems popular in Japan while I almost never hear it in English. (#7.)

Had a good laugh at the imagination again.

山田 moments before disaster.

山田 played the famous ear-reddening move on herself here. She couldn’t have imagined him just saying that part aloud to her, completely oblivious to the heavy innuendo.


Great little chapters, just tore through them (not sure if just because was reading a slightly more difficult manga/using the OCR look up tool on my phone so much faster than thinking through the 電子辞書). Will go through with a comb when I get off this train

/Edit I see from the discussion I didn’t quite get the nuance of sasaki’s reassurance, so will definitely need to study that! Thanks, book club! This is the sort of thing when you read alone you just end up skipping over lol

My favourite panel this week


Absolutely savage :laughing:

Page 95 question

What’s the handwritten part next to his head here?




Is this the normal opening poll? I’ve recalled them as having a choice for catching up but this poll implies that there’s no choice for people who are a little behind but plan to catch up. There’s just catch up after the book is finished, rather than the chapter or section.


I think “I’m reading this book after the club has finished” is actually meant to be “The club has already finished, and I’m reading it now” (so for people discovering the threads some time in the future), not “I’m planning to read this book after the club has finished”.

So there’s no “I’m planning to catch up” option at all currently. Gotta continue reading I guess!