スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり 🚬 - Week 6 (Beginner Book Club - Behind the Supermarket, Smoking with You)

Welcome to Week 6 of - スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり・Behind the Supermarket, Smoking With You :smoking: Book Club!

Week 6 19th of August 2023
Start Page 97
End Page 122
Chapters 8 and 9
Pages 26
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スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり Volume 1 Vocabulary List (courtesy of @eagleflo)

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Proper Nouns

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Name Reading Notes
山田 やまだ Main character
田山 たやま Main character
佐々木 ささき Main character


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Just finished this week’s content. I think chapter 8 is the hardest I’ve had in a while, since chapter 3 at least. Chapter 9 was more in line with chapters 5-7, though maybe I was just warmed up from chapter 8.


I chuckled at the new character’s romance detecting meter

A handful of questions I had this week, will jot them down when I’m at a pc


Okay, some questions and notes, I’ll divide them up a bit. As usual, my pages might be a little out, but hopefully this helps locate them.:



遊ばれとるわ この人
I couldn’t find a direct dictionary listing for 遊ばれとる, but my best guess is that she’s thinking Yamada is ‘playing with’ Sasaki. Not sure if it would be 取る or so…

p110, Omake 2

Is 店長’s name 後藤ごとう
I’ll have to decipher what Yamada says later, the handwriting is really crude lmao


Not quite sure what Tayama is saying. My interepretation is maybe something like,
‘Sasaki-san / at the place where you bought this / this one jumped out at you so you selected it?’ … but not sure how I would phrase it elegantly.


Not sure which つった this is. Maybe 攣る, to cramp? (Presumably from the arm stretching)


Again not sure about むせた。噎せる maybe? (To be stifled by)? Sasaki just downplaying his stretch?



エチケット = etiquette. 和製英語くそ!!!


No questions but Tayama literally dragging Sasaki to the smoking area is cute!

p. 106

Can someone help me break down and translate this sentence?

p. 108

Can someone see what is written under the 店長メーター?

Chapter thoughts

Damn, ごとうさん understood the 山田ー田山 situation in one page, she is good!
Hilarious, when she asks him if he’s her sugar daddy :joy:


Not how I understood it. 浮かんできて is more “I was able to picture it”, 浮かぶ is used a lot for something coming to mind. So she tells him she can just picture him in the shop, choosing the gift.


I’m just jisho-ing this, but 大概にする means ‘don’t get carried away’ or ‘don’t take it too far’. So I think she’s saying “You shouldn’t take your teasing of this nice-seeming old guy too far”.


The first is ロマンスの予感 [Sense for Romance].
The second is 倫理観 [Morals/sense of duty/sense of ethics]


Thanks, got to drill the ‘come to mind’ meaning of 浮かぶ into my head. My mind defaults to ‘float’ lol.

Pg. 102

I translated this as “this person is getting played”, in the “fooled / mocked / toyed with” sense. At this stage 店長 hasn’t had the 成程なるほど moment yet (page 107 & 108) and thinks 山田 is being cruel to this 人のよさそうなおじん.

Pg. 110

Yup! Kinda evil that we first encounter the proper name in handwritten form, but it’s confirmed later with proper typesetting. It’s a relatively common name though, as far as I can tell.

Pg. 115

I think @Akashelia is spot on here, she is laughing at the thought of 佐々木 choosing this cute gift in the shopping area. (佐々木 is a bit miffed afterwards as he thinks she is just laughing at him rather than with him; he wasn’t picking this gift only as a joke.)

(Read 9本目後日談 from page 135 if you dare to browse a little forward, it expands on this.)

Pg. 121 & Pg 122

You got it both times. He overstretched his arm and it’s still smarting. As an おっさん in training I can confirm that doing weird contortions like this are definitely risky…

Pg. 106



So in essence she is giving her a mouthful about how she shouldn’t be toying with the kindhearted-looking old fogey. She interrupts herself when she realizes 山田 is off to la-la-land and not listening anymore.

Whoops, looks like @Jintor already got this… oh well, I’ll just add a second voice to the choir.



んははは #8 & #9!

Best panels & commentary

Stone-cold liar.


Love the surprised expression when 後藤 / 店長 knew 佐々木 by name.

That tight clench. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Laughed way too much at this when I first read the chapter. According to 佐々木’s imagination 田山 has had a habit of dragging おじん behind the supermarket? :joy:

This must have been the first time I came across い゙っ. I previously had no idea vowels could get 濁点だくてん!

This is my mental image for the WaniKani vocab 反省. That 「あちゃちゃ」 in the end really seals the deal. :innocent:


It will probably become my ちょっぴり mental image I think, since I already have a 反省 one (though obviously, as with all words, it will add to it).

Last page for this set

That reminds me, what is the ウケながら in this case? 受け?

Last page

I think it’s ウケる, which is slang for finding something funny or humorous, combined with ながら – so while she was amused by it, she was also just a wee bit remorseful.

Page 101

Here, when the clerk said this: 実家の犬に似てたから覚えてたが・・・田山?

My best guess is that she’s thinking something like “I remember him because he acted like the family dog…but why is he saying Tayama?” Is that about right?

Pg. 101

To be a bit more exact I think she is saying that he resembles or brings the family dog to mind rather than acting like it. But yeah, she is puzzling about the name.

Page 103

She uses the causative-passive form of 貢ぐ, so she actually asks if 山田 makes him give her money/gifts, fitting with the 不良ぽい image she seems to have of (true) 山田, which makes this even funnier in my opinion :laughing:


I’m curious, what is the closest JLPT level to this book? i.e., if you can comfortably read this book without much trouble, which JLPT level should you be able to pass? Well, if it’s possible to answer that question I suppose, since I know there’s never a 1:1 correspondance.


I think BBC books/manga tend to mostly require you to be comfortable with at least N5 and N4 grammar to start reading them fairly quickly. You’ll still need to look up a lot of vocabulary, but the language tends to be conversational (rather than narrative or descriptive), so knowing how grammar gets abbreviated or used in more casual speech is a plus. But the most challenging language bits are almost always joke or wordplay related, which you aren’t going to find on the jlpt at all. :laughing:

For this book in particular, it’s rated at level 24 on natively which puts it in the middle of the “study material for roughly n3 zone” and yeah that’s probably about right


There was a really succinct panel from komi that I saved because I thought it was an excellent example of using 濁点 for emphasis like this. I’ve seen it come up a few times for crying, or super exasperated speech, or I think I saw it used for having a cold/stuffy nose one time. It’s a nice thing to know about :laughing:


(slowly catching back up to club don’t mind me replying to old posts :laughing: )


p112 (on bookwalker)

Screenshot 2023-08-24 113542

I am once again struggling with handwriting :sweat_smile:
Has anyone managed to decipher this omake?




I believe


Thankyou! Confuses me so much when it looks messy like that :sweat_smile: