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Stone Mask 石仮面

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Special note: Chapter 8 is the last one of the tanko editions. If you have bunko or another edition, this whole arc is contained in the volume you’ve been reading (1).


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Content warning: animal death

Chapter 8 石仮面その1 Questions

Ah ah ah aaaaah!

  • The older guys use some less common pronouns. What are they and what do they imply?

  • Who uses a different politeness register? Can you explain why?

  • Where is Jonathan going and why?

  • How do you feel about Dio’s plan?

  • Why won’t the driver go the whole way?

  • Can you break down the meaning of 知っててきた p 179 of Tanko and the featured pic/meme?

  • What connection does Ogre Street have to the medicine and why does Jonathan think he might find some answers there?


Paging @prettysorchastic to join the book club lol


Can’t believe it’s a new arc already!

Chapter 8

Just posting my answers to some of the questions this time.

The two I could find were あっし from the carriage driver, and おいら from the attacker who’s called 刺青. I’ve definitely never seen/heard あっし before! I thought it was like a slurred version of わし at first, but turns out it’s different; my dictionary says it’s a pronoun mainly used by working men. おいら I’ve heard has a sorta country bumpkin vibe? Can’t verify this with my dictionary though.

Not sure if this is what this question is getting at, but the carriage driver does a weird register-mixing thing where he says stuff like “行けねえ” and “ぜ” but then he also adds “です”. I’m guessing this is because he’s so used to speaking roughly that he just does it naturally, but then he adds “です” because he works for the Joestar family and knows he has to speak politely to JoJo.

That’s true that it might easily be labelled a research-related accident if Dio killed JoJo with the mask, and I think they didn’t have fingerprint technology at this point in time. It definitely seems like Dio is fascinated by the mask to some degree too since he remembered when blood made it move even from seven years ago.

It’s 知っている in て-form + 来た. I think the meaning is like “I’ve come to know that”? Like he knows about the place called Ogre Street, but he didn’t before, but he looked into it so that now he knows about it.

Chapter 8

Nice find! I was thinking back at the manor, but you have a great point.

If you consider the manor, that should give a good hint. I think your analysis works really well for the carriage driver though!

JoJo and historical accuracy don’t always go together, but you are correct.

I agree! I think that event is seared into his brain due to his feelings of anger and failure.

Chapter 8

It seems that the man who says JoJo has grown into a reliable young man starts off using a polite register and then speaks more casually. Based on what he’s saying, it seems like maybe he’s a family friend rather than an employed servant?

And some less common pronouns at the manor would be わたしども which is apparently humble language, and わし which is usually used by elderly men.

Chapter 8

I don’t have volume 1 on me to double check the visitor, but what kind of register does George use and why might he speak differently from everyone else in the room?

Chapter 8

Oh yeah for some reason I totally forgot about George. :sweat_smile: He’s the only one speaking really casually because he’s all the other men’s employer (or client in the case of the doctors).

This is the visitor(?) on the right:

chapter 8

Yep, and not just their employer, but also nobility (presumably the others aren’t).

Nice catch with the visitor! I totally missed that

Chapter 9 仮面の人体実験・石仮面その 2 Questions
  • What does JoJo say he’s searching for?

  • What does Speedwagon realize during JoJo’s counterattack?

  • What do the sound effects indicate about Speedwagon’s 2 friends after Speedwagon asks JoJo a question?

  • How would you parse 聞かせてくれ (page 19 of tanko vol 2)?

  • What does Speedwagon offer to do for JoJo?

  • What are some reasons Dio is upset?

  • What does the guy on the street say Dio did when he bumped into him?

Spoiler joke - that guy at the end, magical girl transformation time?


What a cliffhanger again!

Chapter 9

He’s looking for the person who sells Eastern poisons.

He realizes that JoJo is mentally strong enough to conquer fear and pain in his pursuit of his goal.

They’re tottering to their feet; so they’re injured but not gravely. (Because JoJo didn’t intend to kill when he hit them)

聞かせる in te-form + imperative form of くれる. So like “Let me hear your name (for me)”

He’ll guide JoJo to the poison-seller’s store

He’s extremely anxious because he doesn’t know if JoJo died at Ogre Street, or if he was able to obtain evidence about the poison. He’s even more upset because this has caused him to be unable to stop drinking alcohol, which is just what his hated father was like.

Had a really hard time figuring this out because I didn’t know what ツミ was referring to, but as I’m writing this I’m realizing that it’s シミ :upside_down_face:. So it seems that he’s accusing Dio of getting a pee stain on his overcoat when he bumped into him.

I’d never heard any music by REO Speedwagon before! The lead singer’s hairstyle is kinda reminiscent of this Speedwagon’s hair. :open_mouth:


I’m glad my question helped you figure it out! I’m sure the resemblance isn’t coincidental lol. Characters don’t usually look like their namesakes, but sometimes they resemble other celebrities (usually English speaking singers).

Chapter 9 血の渇き・ 石仮面その3
  • Why does Dio move towards the river?

  • How do vampires in JoJo feed? For first time readers, were you expecting vampires?

  • What change does Dio see in the man?

  • How does Dio feel before and after seeing the sun?



Apologies! I wrote the wrong dates for this week and next week. I fixed them, but sorry if you’re using anything like the book club tracker userscript


Wow that was a terrifying chapter!

Chapter 9

He’s realized that the vampire is too powerful to defeat, and the only way to survive is to escape by possibly jumping down into the river.

Seems that they slip their fingers under people’s skin and absorb the blood through the blood vessels there. I’ve seen the anime (quite a while ago), but it still felt surprising to me! I guess it’s also surprising to see a random person suddenly appear who’s so overwhelmingly terrifying that even Dio thinks he’s going to die!

The man seems to become much younger after sucking blood!

Right before the sun comes up, he feels devastated because he thinks he’s about to die, and he doesn’t want the sun to be the last thing he sees. But then afterwards, he’s relieved because the sun appearing saved him by causing the vampire to dissolve.

I had no idea that Dio was a band name too!


Sorry sorry I was on my holidays and then forgot to reply! But yes I’m now motivated to start!! It just might be a while before I catch up…


Teehee, everyone except Jonathan and George are band references. Even the Chinese guy. I’ll share him once he’s explicitly named.


No rush and no worries! We’re going at a chapter per week, so I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up in no time.

Although, if you binge read Part 1, you can have an easier time of understanding the livestream of the play if you want to watch it again lol


Well funny story… remember the cancelled shows. Everyone with cancelled tickets got an email about watching the livestream. So that will be my goal to work towards I guess. :joy:


Noice! Do you get a free livestream ticket?? They’re only charging slightly less than the B seats were

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