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Date # Chapter Title (original・bunko)
2024.06.03 23 北風とバイキング・波紋疾走 その 1
2024.06.10 24 罠への招待・波紋疾走 その 2
2024.06.17 25 血も凍る仮面力・波紋疾走 その 3


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Questions for Chapter 23: 北風とバイキング・波紋疾走 その 1
  • What purpose did Windknights Lot serve in the Middle Ages?
  • What does Zeppeli tell JoJo to do?
  • What will happen if JoJo doesn’t succeed?
  • What’s the meaning of 「北風が勇者バイキングをつくった」?
  • How does Zeppeli’s retelling of Jaws shark story relate to the larger story?
Questions for Chapter 24: 罠への招待・波紋疾走 その 2
  • What does Speedwagon request of Zeppeli? How would you characterize his request?
  • Why does Zeppeli decline? Why did he do it for JoJo instead? Why is JoJo special?
  • What does Speedwagon note as a difference between himself and Dio?
  • What happens with Zeppeli and Speedwagon? How do they feel afterwards?
  • What does the kid do? Why is Speedwagon upset about it? What does Zeppeli suggest as a remedy?
  • Did you also laugh when Speedwagon tries to follow Zeppeli and JoJo?
  • How does JoJo get the boy down? What does Zeppeli tell him to do?
  • What do Zeppeli and JoJo realize at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 23 questions

Knights who served the king trained there.

He tells JoJo to defeat Jack the Ripper while holding the wine glass and not spilling a single drop!

Zeppeli will abandon him.

North winds created hero Vikings. Figuratively, it seems to mean that adverse situations shape people into being able to do heroic things.

Speedwagon is upset about what Zeppeli told JoJo to do, so Zeppeli tells the story to explain how a difficult situation could be turned around into a chance for victory. And later, it seems that JoJo holding the wine glass does turn into an advantage in the fight!


Hell yeah! Nice! How did you feel about the shark btw lol?


Well, I think sharks don’t actually tend to attack people on purpose, so I just took Zeppeli’s story as kind of a tall tale. Also, I know it’s not the point of his story, but I think it would’ve been nice if the fisherman and the shark could’ve figured out a way to coexist lol


Content warning: minor gore

Chapter 25: 血も凍る仮面力・波紋疾走 その 3 Questions
  • What has Speedwagon been up to and why?
  • What does Zeppeli feel must be done about Dio?
  • What does JoJo instruct the boy to do?
  • What does Zeppeli want to do to Dio? What does Dio want to do to Zeppeli (and Jonathan)?
  • Why does Dio bring up bread? Why is Zeppeli angered by this?
  • What does Dio do to Zeppeli’s arm? Why is this a problem?
  • What analogy does Dio after he’s completed his action on Zeppeli’s arm?

Super iconic chapter

And for this week’s music choice, I present VOODOO KINGDOM, a song from the Phantom Blood movie, a visual beauty that for many reasons is now lost media


I totally get that. Sharks are so rarely interested in eating people.

I had totally forgotten about this story from when I first read this chapter so I was really thrown off to read it again lol

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Chapter 24 questions

He asks Zeppeli to teach him Hamon techniques too. To me, the way he asked seemed…like a whiny child who won’t take no for an answer?

Zeppeli thinks there’s no way Speedwagon would be able to learn. He taught JoJo because JoJo is shouldering huge responsibilities and so has a strong will, and is very suited to learning it.

Speedwagon steals items, but Dio steals lives.

Zeppeli suggests that he can give Speedwagon’s diaphragm a little stimulation so that he can do a little bit of Hamon, and Speedwagon enthusiastically accepts. Then, Zeppeli punches Speedwagon really hard then apologizes that his finger accidentally slipped. But I feel like Zeppeli almost definitely meant to do that from the start. :sweat_smile:

The kid uses a contraption to steal the group’s bag, and Speedwagon is upset because it contains all their travel funds. Zeppeli suggests following the kid so they can find their way to town.

Speedwagon has become a complete comedic relief character this chapter :laughing:

He uses “Overdrive” to send Hamon energy through the rock to get the boy to detach from it. Zeppeli thinks the best spot to hit is 2 metres further to the left, and is willing to make a bet with JoJo. :laughing:

The boy stealing their bag was a ploy by Dio to lure them there to be ambushed!

Chapter 24

100% agreed lmao. Like Speedweed, you’re a grown ass man in your late 20s…
I just double checked the wiki… He’s 25 here… I’m older than Speedweed… Something about that hurts me…

Yes, yes, and yes, but there’s a bit more to it, especially in the suitability department. Do you remember just how suited JoJo is compared to the average person?

I agree. Being rudely called an old man has to be grating after… 1 day of travel and however many days of being acquainted lol

Absolutely lol

What was strange about the boy?

Chapter 24

Wow, and he looks older than 25 to me lol. Speedweed is quite the nickname :laughing:

Yeah, I think Zeppeli said JoJo has a rare gift for it?

He suddenly becomes confused at the end, so Speedwagon surmises that he was hypnotized!

Chapter 24

Right? Characters looking older than their canon age is a common complaint with JoJo, but poor Speedweed’s years have not been kind to him

Thanks lol. I think I picked it up from the fandom

He says [ジョジョは」万人にひとりの適性 which since 万人 doesn’t have a number, would mean all people, not 10 thousand people.


Chapter 25 was great! I enjoyed the dramatic poses.

Pretty catchy!

Chapter 25

He’s been preparing himself mentally for this confrontation with Dio. He remembers how Dio betrayed JoJo’s dad and he feels that he can’t forgive that.

He feels that Dio must be destroyed at all costs.

He tells the boy to hold on to the bag straps on his back so he can carry the boy around while fighting.

Zeppeli wants Dio to come down from high up in the cliff to fight him. Dio says no, and says he wants to take Zeppeli’s life in order to heal his last wound from the fire.

Dio compares the people he’s killed to feed himself to the slices of bread that a human being would eat and not pause to think about. Zeppeli is angered by Dio’s utter disregard for the lives he’s taken.

He makes the moisture from it evaporate, and then also sucks up all its heat, causing it to “freeze”? It’s a problem because Hamon energy is transferred through blood flow, so if the blood vessels are frozen it can’t work.

He says he’s gonna smash in Zeppeli’s skull like a clay pot!


Nice, yep!

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Sorry for the delay, I thought I’d finish up the chapter this morning but that didn’t happen. Hopefully I can finish preparing it tonight.

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The next thread is here!

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