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ディオとの青春・Youth with Dio

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Chapter content warning: gore

Comprehension questions for Chapter 12 一組の指輪・ディオとの青春その 1 (Participation is totally optional! Included as comprehension and discussion points)
  • What is Scotland Yard according to the kanji?
  • And platinum?
  • What does 組 mean in this chapter?
  • Do you recognize the Les Mis reference? If not, I’m putting in the musical lol.
  • What does George ask JoJo to do?
  • Does giving an unrelated person a wedding ring count as a proposal?


Chapter 12 question responses

The metropolitan police department (of London)?

If the Les Mis reference is on purpose, then I guess the kanji 白金 was used because it can also mean silver? Since in Les Mis, Jean Valjean steals silver.

A pair (of matching rings). I had not seen this meaning of the kanji used before!

I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a Les Mis reference, but I did find the scene with George and Dario reminiscent of the scene in the linked video! But while Jean Valjean is changed by the gesture and tries to become a better person afterwards, unfortunately it didn’t seem like Dario changed much as a person after the exchange.

He asks JoJo to bury Dio next to Dario. (I’m sure he thinks this is a kind gesture, but Dio would’ve hated to have that actually happen!)

I didn’t think of George as an especially kind person way back near the start of the series (based on how he treated JoJo as a kid), but I guess he has a very kind side too.

I also have a question. Is Dio’s exclamation of “UREEYYY” (second last page) supposed to mean anything in particular, or is it just supposed to be a kinda weird scream?


I didn’t think there is a meaning, but Origin of wryyyy?

Chapter 12

Later platinum comes up in JoJo and I thought it was written like that in kanji. I didn’t realize it can also mean silver. Good catch! The Les Mis reference is definitely on purpose. Araki pulls this kind of thing at least once per Part I want to say. It’s very intentional that Araki references works from the late 1800s specifically.

Absolutely it’s a pair, but this isn’t an official meaning for it to mean a pair of rings. It’s kind of like the Scotland Yard example. It’s intended to provide more meaning/significance.

Yeah not a bit lol.

Yeah how to become haunted by Dio’s ghost lmao

I think in the historical context of how Victorians pretty much ignored their kids, he’s probably kinder than most. Idk how well Araki knew Victorian culture then though.

I’ve heard a rumor that it’s supposed to be the stabbing music/sound effect in Psycho, but I haven’t seen that substantiated. I don’t have time to check now, but I can try to double check JoJo’s bizarre words later. I’m a bit sick today and have to go out soon.

JoJo’s Bizarre Words

So inhuman yowling but idk how canon to consider this book because it also calls JoJo and Dio rivals, which I wouldn’t classify them as? Like they don’t have the same goal, they are often in direct opposition to each other yes, so antagonistic but not rivals imo.


Wow, interesting! I feel like I’ve heard “wryyy” before but had no idea what it was or where it was from. So I guess it’s one of those recurring sounds that’s unique to Jojo’s


Not enough words in this chapter to make a lot of questions lol.

  • What does JoJo vow at the end of the chapter?

Also, any trouble deciphering the actions? I think I can link to compilation clips of the scene in the anime if they’re difficult to interpret.

Chapter 13

Quite a gruesome chapter! :fearful:

He vows to find a weakness to the stone mask’s power that Dio awakened and defeat Dio, which he feels is his responsibility as the one who was studying the mask.

I think I mostly understood what happened action-wise, except a small question here:

(5th page from the end)
Is it because this dead man is thrown with a lot of force that everyone on the next page gets torn apart (from the collision)? I couldn’t figure out why else they’d be blown apart :fearful:


It looks like death bowling with an almost (?) strike :bowling:


That’s the perfect description lmao

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Chapter content warning: I hope you like gore and body horror

Chapter 14: 生ける死者の襲撃・ディオとの青春その 3 Questions
  • Speedwagon thinks that Dio’s gained magical powers. What about his past experiences lends credence to this claim?

  • How does Speedwagon feel about JoJo’s chances of winning? What does he think will happen?

  • What does JoJo believe can be done? What’s his reasoning?

  • What does Dio plan to do?

  • In what way does Dio think JoJo is messing around?


Like Speedwagon, I also felt like JoJo was in an impossible situation (even though I knew the two of them weren’t going to be killed), and I was pretty surprised at the end when they turned it around on Dio!

Chapter 14 Questions

He’s travelled all over the world and seen lots of different and strange things, but he’s never seen something like what Dio has become before!

He thinks JoJo has absolutely no chance of winning and that he’ll just be killed.

JoJo thinks he can defeat Dio by going for his head. The reasoning being that the stone mask activated hidden power from the brain.

He wants to keep toying with his opponents for a while. He himself doesn’t know the extent of his new powers yet so he wants to explore that more.

He thinks JoJo is hiding somewhere with Speedwagon being scared, and that they’re just delaying their inevitable defeat.

The end of my bunko volume had an atogaki talking about when the manga was organized into the bunko versions, which was interesting! It seems that the subtitles of the parts (“Phantom Blood” and so on) weren’t added until after Part 6 when they were collected into bunko (even though Araki wanted to add them earlier), which I didn’t know before!


Oh wow! I didn’t know that either. That’s really interesting. I heard in the magazine that it was subtitled as “Tales of horror and suspense” or something but I’d never stopped to consider where Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency/Stardust Crusaders and the rest came from.

Chapter 15: ディオとの青春に決着・ディオとの青春その 4

Clearly inspired by this chapter

  • What does Speedwagon infer while Dio is crispy on fire?

  • Why does Speedwagon warn JoJo about going in the direction he heads to?

  • How does Dio plan to heal his bacon skin?

  • What kind of thing is Speedwagon according to Dio?

  • いたむ usually means to hurt/feel pain, but they kanji’s different when JoJo talks about his father. What’s the nuance here?

  • What does Speedwagon suspect JoJo plans to do?

Dio Walking Up Wall GIF - Dio Walking Up Wall - Discover & Share GIFs

Chapter 15

The name of this arc finally makes sense now after this chapter! Also, it’s kinda surprising that Speedwagon got so attached to JoJo so quickly that he’s sticking around in such a dangerous situation.

That Dio is able to regenerate tissue to heal extremely quickly!

Speedwagon warns that JoJo is going to get trapped if he goes upstairs because the fire is spreading through the entire mansion.

He plans to suck up Jojo’s lifeforce and use that to heal.

Worthless dregs. I guess Dio probably doesn’t consider him really worth fighting seriously.

JoJo is grieving for his dad. Hadn’t seen いたむ with this kanji before!

Speedwagon thinks JoJo is planning to take Dio down with himself by keeping him in the mansion until the fire is so strong that his healing can’t keep up anymore. I could see that happening…except that this part still has many more chapters after this.

Pretty funny to imagine that :laughing:


Very exciting chapter!

Chapter 16 慈愛の女神像 ・ディオとの青春その 5 Questions
  • How far are JoJo and Dio falling?

  • What’s the one thing JoJo feels he has has left?

  • What’s the statue depicting?


Maybe off topic but I really realise how I’m bad at reading when I read your questions :joy: like I just read the chapter saturday but I have no idea how far they fell and already forgot what was the thing Jojo had left


I think you’re probably not bad at reading. I try to make questions that require comprehension of the Japanese or story, but a lot of them end up being close reading questions, so then I wonder if I should be providing page numbers but then I’m also like… there are too many versions of this manga for me to accurately guess which page it is.

Although if you want a hint, the first few pages have both answers and for the latter, what’s not on fire

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@snowwater I usually forget and don’t notice a lot of stuff myself too, and have to go back and check! :sweat_smile:

Chapter 16 questions

They fall all the way from the top floor to the ground floor, which is a distance of several tens of metres! Kinda funny thinking about how the whole chapter almost entirely happened in the air

The only thing he has left is his own life, since he’s lost his father and the Joestar mansion.

The Joestar family’s guardian deity, which is a goddess of parental(?) love.