よつばと! Vol 7 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Page 102

Thank you so much @Kazzeon!

And it seems you are perfectly spot on again!!

I just asked the resident expert about this sentence, ムチャ言うなよ (it’s Saturday and she’s free at the moment), and she said it’s always むちゃ, not むちゃくちゃ, and it’s a common response to being asked to do something! eg. if she asks me to clean the flat, I can respond with this sentence.

So I said “great, I’ll use it at work” and she said "NO!!, you’ll get into trouble!!” and I got a stern warning to use the polite form "むちゃ言わないでください”!

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Page 105


一時は - before / for a while
どう- how
なる - to become
こと - thing / nominaliser
か - embedded question particle
と - quotation particle? Quoting herself?

“For a while there I wondered what would become of this cake”

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Page 106

Made it to the final page of the chapter!

Dad: ケーキを作ってたのかあそれは楽しみだ

ケーキを - cake + を
作ってた - was making (?)
の - explanation particle (?)
か - embedded question particle (?)
あ - ???
それは - that + は
楽しみだ looking forward to

“So were you making a cake then? I’m looking forward to that”

Ena: 今さっきできたーって聞こえた

今さっき - just now
できた - made
ーって - informal quotation particle
聞こえた - heard

" heard that [they] have just finished making it"

Any help with my translations much appreciated.

And what a great chapter! I’m exhausted, it’s been a tough one for me this week, lots of difficult vocab and grammar, but fabulous fun! Thank you everyone!



Dad: ケーキを作ってたのかあそれは楽しみだ
作ってた - 作っていた (someone) was making
のか - endorsing and questioning the preceding statement (why the question marks, tho? :stuck_out_tongue: )
楽しみだ - (I’d go for) that sounds like fun

  • 楽しみに is usually to look forward to

The extra あ is probably just because :eyes: surely

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Thank you again Kazzeon! :+1::grinning::four_leaf_clover::grinning::+1:

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A little early this time! (at least for my time zone; weird how those things work, right?)
Another week closer to finishing the volume, and (I think) the last week before any other book club starts. :open_mouth:

Discussion of Chapter 46 starts here.

Remember you can always ask questions about previous chapters.
Last week’s cake (I mean, chapter) was great! :smile: Let’s see what this one’s about. :eyes:

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I did a quick check, and it seems we have some やんだ! That’s always fun. :smiley:

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No, it’s quite late. There’s only five hours left in the day for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chapter soundtrack time! Pretty sure this is what Yotsuba is singing at the bottom of page 120:


Oh, yeah! Australia and all that. :open_mouth:

Have you read all the chapters already? :eyes:

How do you find all this stuff anyway? :joy:

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I was in the middle of reading the chapter in preparation for your post when you actually posted the post. I’d just hit page 120 and went to research the song when I happened to glance back here and saw it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Next “Why is it so?” moment: bottom of page 121, どちらにしようかな is the Japanese version of “eeny meeny miny mo”. And here it is as a song.


I’ma also leave this here, with regards to page 114, first panel:

(After watching, I rather suspect this one is made by the mother rather than being an episode of the actual TV show. Trouble is, all the episodes of the actual show that I can find on YouTube are either potato quality or postage-stamp size…)

And also this:



Hm, interesting. The …にしようかな ‘construction’ was one of the first things I learned, via below fragment. It was so funny at the time, that I always remembered it. I never really made the connection to a specific song, although it gave me a childish impression. (maybe not as interesting, just felt like mentioning it)

As a former longtime supermarket employee, reminding me of this brings me physical pain. In reality it’s not the five-year-olds doing that :tired_face:


I LOVED this chapter, so fun! =D

Also, I used to have a Japanese Candy subscription box (very fun! But also expensive, so stopped for a while…)
I’ve had all the ones she bought! Very yummy =^_^=

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Hah, I think I’m gonna have to watch the whole episode of this.

I’m not sure that it’s typically sung as a song (probably more of a rhythmic chant like Eeny Meeny Miny Mo), though I confess I wouldn’t particularly call myself an expert in Japanese children’s rhymes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, sorry, I’m not too familiar with Eeny Meeny Miny Mo. In Dutch you have ‘iene miene mutte’, which should be its equivalent and is something between a rythmic chant and a song. As in, there is tonal progression, but I’m not sure if the actual notes are set.
But I won’t go offtopic any further.

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I don’t like that the translation is the English song, instead of what they’re actually saying.
(Which is simple enough, but even then.)

Oh, I didn’t even notice the English subtitles.

Very cute chapter ^^ Yotsuba is so adorable as a plane xD

Personally, I’m waiting for the day when I can use this as a reaction image


Hah, I had exactly the same thought about exactly the same panel.

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Page 109

I’m getting more and more busy these days and simply don’t have time to ask the questions I want to…. which is a pity as I have so many! Starting on page 109!

なんだ 来てたのか.

My grammar is not up to this, but Yotsuba’s dad is basically saying “what has come?” and must be referring to the box, but the joke is that he could just as well be referring to Yanda!

Then Yanda says:

ちゃんと お邪魔しますって 言いました

ちゃんと - properly
お邪魔します - greeting used when entering someone’s house
って 言いました - said

“I said the customary greeting properly”. If I were translating this I’d say “I did ask nicely if I could come in”.

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