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番外編: 日曜日よロッキングチェア

Start Date: 13th June
Last Week: Chapter 6
Next Week: [Volume 2 - coming 11th July]

Laid-Back Camp

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This is a bonus discussion thread for the 番外編, which is only nine pages long, and a place to discuss our thoughts on the book as a whole now that we’ve reached the end.

Congratulations to everybody who’s made it to the end! :triumph:

And for those still reading, がんばって :muscle:

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Which was your favourite chapter?

  • Chapter 1 - ふじさんとカップラーメン
  • Chapter 2 - 野クルへようこそ
  • Chapter 3 - ふもとのソロキャンガール
  • Chapter 4 - 富士山と鍋キャンプ
  • Chapter 5 - 道具を揃える所からがキャンプです
  • Chapter 6 - 冬キャンと山カフェ

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So how did this book club go for everyone, given the lack of furigana?


I’d be really interested to know how much the vocab sheet helped to ameliorate any issues from that too. LucidBoi (if I remember rightly) did a lot of work filling in words ahead of time for the later chapters, and I put quite a lot of time into going through and adding more words on the Fridays before putting the threads up - including the same word multiple times per chapter sometimes if it seemed like that would be helpful. It would be useful to know if that was actually worth the investment :sweat_smile:

I won’t be offended if not; it would genuinely be useful to get feedback on what worked and what didn’t for any future books which are similar.


I guess I’m probably not exactly the target audience of your question, but…

Full disclosure: I would probably have abandoned the manga midway without the vocab sheet :joy_cat:
Not only did I not know a bunch of the kanji (and of course some vocab, but that’s not such a big deal), I also found the kanji hard to recognize at times with the fonts they used. Plus, I’m still not a big fan of reading manga anyways, and so I was not extremely motivated to put in tons of energy and time, therefore I was very happy that I could just sit down with the vocab sheet open, and that’s all I needed :upside_down_face:

So thank you very much to everybody who contributed to the vocab sheet for all your effort! I really appreciated it :+1:


Oh yes, absolutely! I’m so grateful for the vocab sheet. They make all the difference for me. Having one place to look up everything makes the actual reading so much easier and so much more fun! Thank you for everything you do!


The lack of furigana was painful for me, being only in the Death levels on WK. The vocab sheet is what made reading this manga even possible for me – there were lots of words I didn’t know, so without the vocab sheet, looking up words would have been so slow that I probably would have abandoned it for later.
It did get easier for me over the course of the book, because some vocab is reused and we get to know the characters and story-telling style. But it was the book club and vocab sheet that pulled me upwards, so thank you everyone :blue_heart:

I really enjoyed this manga, but I don’t think I’ll be joining the volume 2 club just yet – maybe later on in the year when I’m a bit further in my kanji learning. :blush:


Just chiming in to say this, exactly. It was a challenging read for me with the vocab sheet. Thanks so much to all contributors for allowing me to read this manga that is, really, a bit above my paygrade :sweat_smile:

EDIT: :woman_facepalming:t2: I was about to ask questions about the bonus pages, saying I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. Turns out, I was reading them in the wrong order :sweat_smile: Could still do with some discussion though, not gonna lie…


Well, I, for one, have a question. And I just googled the answer, so I’ll just report on that.

P. 171 […]予約したった

→ してやった (can also be してあげた or してあった based on context)

Otherwise, I mentioned it before, but I’ve really enjoyed this manga… and thinking about it, I don’t really have anything new to say. I loved the sense of space, everything felt really calming, it has been the highlight of my Saturday mornings those past weeks. I’m glad the book (and the book club) was turned out this way! Thanks @Radish8 for organizing everything :slight_smile:


I think I might order the first two volumes and see if I can’t catch up


Nothing new on the real world locations front this week. Rin re-visits the Koan Campground, which we saw way back in chapter one. Nadeshiko stays at home, which could be anywhere.

I was amused by everything vanishing once she’d gotten it perfectly stacked on the bike.

Also, my ground chair cost about 13,000 yen. Though I paid for it in Australian dollars…


Especially her face when she imagines it :rofl: 10000 points!


Lack of furigana was painful for where I’m at, making the vocab sheet an indispensable tool. I’m not sure I would have continued on without it.

Thanks to @Radish8 and everyone else who contributed to the vocab sheet!


I watched the anime a while back, mostly because it kept appearing on Top 10 lists. One day I watched it out of sheer desperation for something to watch and was hooked from the first episode, and from there on in, constantly kicking myself for daring to question the validity of an anime about camping being entertaining.

The manga did not disappoint either. If you’re even considering catching up, I’d say go for it.


I already watched the anime when it aired, so I know it’s chill ukKr5


I appreciated seeing the same word multiple times. It saved having to go back and try and locate where it was used the first time. Having the same word appear multiple times in the spreadsheet had the advantage of providing another context sentence for the same word.


The vocab sheet was tons helpful! And just seconding others here that I would’ve not gotten through the manga without it. A big thanks to you, LucidBoi, and everyone else who made inputs!! As much as I enjoyed the first volume, I wouldn’t continue with the second if we didn’t have a book club + vocab sheet for it (good thing we do!) due to the lack of furigana and I haven’t reached far with my Japanese studies yet :sweat_smile: I will be joining the offshoot club as long as no life stuff comes up :v:

Ngl, reading this series made me go sit outside more and also made me buy a folding outdoor chair lmao I was going for a ground chair but that’s too expensive still, and I’m not exactly camping out, so probably not the best investment for me lol. I’d like to say I’ve been going on プチキャンプ though, as Nadeshiko calls it, too, since my neighborhood has lots of greenery (and not to mention, an unused rice field)

I’ve also watched the anime until where we stopped (only ep 4?! :joy:). I do want to continue because ~chill and relaxation~ but I kinda want to read the manga first too. I just want to say, the OST is A+++


You know, I’ve never considered watching anime after reading the manga… but I’m thinking of trying this time. Now, I just have to figure where to stop to not be spoiled the next volume.
(Randomly replying to you since you somehow made me tip over the edge between “not watching” and “watching”)
I guess it’s not random then :thinking:


Volume 1 covers until the end of ep 4 ^^


It’s ゆる.

Aye, exactly to the end of episode four. Turns out each of our readings corresponds to half an episode of anime - the exception is that chapter 4, with the addition of the library scene from chapter 5, comprises the entirety of episode 3.