しろくまカフェ ~ Shirokuma Café Anime Club 📺

Ooooh I don’t know we could do that, thanks! :durtle_noice:


Oh, cool! I’d be happy to join if that’s alright. I’ve never actively taken part in one of these before-- is it okay to go ahead and watch the episode(s) and make vocab notes? Not sure if there’s etiquette I’m unaware of (even though I’ve read the note on the vocab sheet about contributions-- sorry, I’m probably overthinking this!)


You can absolutely start early if you want to and start adding to the vocab sheet. Basically, discussions start on the 11th and continues for a week, when the next batch of episodes are up.

So, go right ahead. I’m sure it will help others when they get started! :durtle_noice:


Awesome! I’ll try and get on that, probably mostly with words I needed to look up personally. I assume that’s how this kind of thing tends to work!


Yeah, just add what you manage and want to. Especially when watching an anime, you don’t take note of all words anyway. Others can fill in the gaps. :+1:


Wow! Just did the first episode, and I’m at 72 items already. Hope that’s alright! Since I don’t have subtitles, I’m not sure if the subtitle track displays certain words in kanji or kana, but I entered kanji where it exists. I suppose since this is an anime instead of a manga, the usual book club rules wouldn’t be able to transfer one to one. This show is a lot of fun so far!


Yeh as far as i can see, you can’t get Japanese subs anywhere.

I found the set on ebay for like $40 bucks which seems good to me.

Japanese audio, English subs.

I may get it…

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Alright, so i bought it! (I am a bit of an impulse buyer).

Problem is it may come very late. I’ll try to catch up, or at least follow this thread.

BTW for anyone interested in a beginner level anime with japanese subs on Netflix - Teasing
Master Takagi San is very good imo. Only has the second season on Netflix though (12 eps).


I wouldn’t worry about the form (kanji vs kana) too much. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the vocab additions :smiley:

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This anime is a great pick for the anime club because it is surpisingly a bit more difficult than other beginner anime that people recommend, like Takagi-san. I dropped this anime a while back so I think if I join the discussions I’d be able to continue it! Looking forward to watching together with y’all :slight_smile:


That’s not what i wanted to hear! I was starting to understand things in Takagi San, I was thinking this might be easier! lol

That’s more helpful anyway. Extra info is never wrong! :+1: Great work! :high_touch:

I do think it’s a great shelf-worthy show, so good on you! :durtle_noice:

Eeeeeh! It’s not using very complicated grammar or vocab as far as I can tell. In any case, there is no shame in using subs if you just want to watch along and have fun. :slight_smile:

Having no subs is always going to be a struggle early on - just getting used to parsing the language and listening. It’s a bit intense. But, you just have to keep at it, imo. There is no getting over that the first listening/no subs experiences are going to be a bit rough. But it gets easier the longer you do it - like watching a show - and just get more exposure and experience. That’s the only way to improve. And listening especially, is just about getting those hours of listening under your belt! :sweat_smile:

Edit: Improving listening comprehension is very much about mileage :blue_car:

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I’m on the contrary, I find Takagi-san a little bit more difficult than Shirokuma, though not with a wide margin. I guess it’s because in Shirokuma all the character speak quite slowly, whereas in Takagi-san they speak with speed almost as the same as natural Japanese conversation.

Anyway I probably will lurking around here, already watch until episode 15 before this club is created, definitely a great pick for a beginner, it’s funny and perfect to practice listening skill :grinning:

I also want to add that cure dolly already make a video explaining the first portion of the first episode. There are some explanation on some grammar points and onomatopoeia in case someone get lost.


Oh, incidentally, I stumbled upon this piece of news by chance. Apparently the serialization of the manga stopped due to the magazine not asking for permission from the manga author for designs and script approvals for the anime adaptation.

Manga ‘Shirokuma Cafe’ Gets Suspended Due to Dispute over Its TV Anime


She switched magazines to Coco Hana where she got a new serialization titled Polar Bear Café Today’s Special. They also published the older work under the name Polar Bear Café bis. I read through both series this year, that’s why I noted the difference above (it’s under the spoiler description).

The anime might be a little easier to follow than the manga, but the benefit of the manga is that each chapter is quite short. So those new to reading or watching native content can probably enjoy and learn from both of them.


Completely random but I just remembered making this post in the Aquatic Life Appreciation Thread 🐳 🐠 🐙 with my thoughts clearly being about Shirokuma-kun (from December last year)! :blush:

Real images/GIFs of Polar bears and cubs in the wild! :white_heart: :white_heart: :white_heart:

The Mods have had a look at this, so please don’t bring it up. It claims differently, but you really need to have a license to host anime content. You can’t just claim it’s “educational”. That’s not how “fair use” works.

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Episode 1 thoughts:

This show is so cute and adorable. And the animals are all fun and goofy! XD

Just remember:

Don’t mess with Panda-mama! :joy:

Panda-kun calling various job-ads is hilarious. He totes has no intention of working at all. XD

BTW: Not sure if you people noticed this, but Panda-mama

is voiced by seiyuu Toshiyuki Morikawa :rofl: He’s fantastic as Panda-mama! :joy: <3

(You might now hm better as Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Enel, Hacchan (One Piece), Namikaze Minato (Naruto) and many more Asia Pacific Arts: School Days Like No Other: Interview with Morikawa Toshiyuki

Episode 2 thoughts:

The Hanami scene is lovely. Penguin-san getting tipsy and spilling his secrets adds to the fun. :penguin: I love Penguin-san as a character. Hiroshi Kamiya is perfect for the role! XD

It’s basically impossible to connect Penguin-san and Levi from Attack on Titan O_O It’s just hard to believe that’s the same person! :joy:

Episode 3 thoughts:

Panda-kun insists Shirokuma-kun and Penguin-san visit him at the Zoo! I love the boke-tsukomi comedy in this series. Shirokuma-wanting to watch the polar bears diving. XD and so trying to get in un-noticed. Same with the seal-exhibit. There’s something about how he blatantly talks about wanting to eat the seals. Everything is so cute in this series - but that’s pretty brutal in its realism. Seals are the main food for polar bears, so I guess :yum: