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Previously I’ve been able to find the subs for this series online via kitsunekko, although I’m unsure on the legal situation, I have seen others on the WK forums discussing and linking to them.

A few months ago I grabbed the subs for the first few episodes and tidied them up a little in a Google doc, which I printed out and went through the first ~20 minutes of the first episode writing down on the printout the readings used for all/most the Kanji, but I haven’t typed that up yet (it is sitting in front of me now, so wouldn’t be a lot of work to do so at some point).

@ekg Please LMK if you want me to modify / remove this comment, or if you’re happy for me to link / share.

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Well, to shed some light on the issue of subs - from what I know - essentially the official subs of a show are also copyrighted content though separate from the show usually. Fansubs are not (well, they are the copyright of the fansub group). So, basically fansubs are legal to download and add to video content you own legally. But, disseminating the official subs is also a kind of copyright infrigement, as far as I know.

Though, it’s really not up to me to decide on these things. The Mods are looking at this thread, and taking action when needed, so we’ll just have to comply with the forum quidelines as with all threads on this forum. :slight_smile: especially the last bit " * Before you post, make sure that everything is legal. We don’t want anything illegal to be shared on the forum, like illegal manga, shows, learning resources, etc. Any illegal activities will not be tolerated."

I hope this answers your questions. I can’t say I know kitsunekko.

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FWIW it looks like Tofugu link to Kitsunekko from their blog

Well, good citizen, this time we’re adding in Japanese subtitles. Sometimes you’ll be able to turn on Japanese subtitles. Other times you’ll have to download them. There are various sites out there (Google it), but this is one of them.

EDIT: to clarify, I only found this link from Tofugu after first post.

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I guess, then it’s fine. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, in that case the Japanese subtitles for Shirokuma cafe can be found on kitsunekko. I think my files are based on the Kamigami versions (further down page).

These subs are meant for machine consumption, at some point in the past I threw together a script to
process these into a slightly nicer format (stripping out all the timing info and guff) and put them into Google docs.

Shirokuma episode 1 subs (tidied)
Shirokuma episode 2 subs (tidied)

If people find these useful I still have the script to make more of them, although the script just outputs one line per line, the left/right justify is done by hand. No guarantees on accuracy of course.


Ep 1

I love Panda-kun’s honesty during the interviews. Also, where can I get a job like that" :sunglasses:


Panda-kun picking up work ad magazines at the コンビニ: which of these show jobs doesn’t require any work? :rofl:

About Panda Mama's 声優

Is also Yoshikage Kira!

Panda Mama just wants a quiet life~

[imagine I had the time to edit Panda Mama’s head on a dramatic pic of Kira]


He’s extremely versatile! :grin:

Also, best not forget that Panda-kun is voiced by Jun Fukuyama and Shirokuma-kun by Takahiro Sakurai - both big name actors as well. :grin: This show has got an amazing cast really!


Currently up to episode 4, and enjoying it so far! Not sure who my favourite is yet though toomanycuteanimals

Noticed that Panda-kun’s house says “大熊猫” on it, and thought surely (giant) panda, in Japanese, isn’t giant bear-cat… right?

Turns out they are, but you’ll pretty much never see だいくまねこ outside of scientific stuff, so best to only use パンダ.

This made me curious about the others so here's a list of the animals and the obscure kanji names because I find this sort of thing pretty cool.
~ 動 物 ~
English Common JP Kanji Furigana
Alpaca アルパカ 羊駱駝 ひつじらくだ
Anteater アリクイ 蟻食い / 蟻喰 ありくい
Badger アナグマ 穴熊 あなぐま
Capybara カピバラ 鬼天竺鼠 おにてんじくねずみ
Coelacanth シーラカンス 腔棘魚 こうとげぎょ
Donkey ロバ 驢馬 ろば
Fox キツネ きつね
Giant Panda パンダ 大熊猫 だいくまねこ
Giant Tortoise ゾウガメ 象亀 ぞうがめ
Giraffe キリン 麒麟 きりん
Grizzly Bear グリズリー 灰色熊 はいいろぐま
Koala コアラ 袋熊 ふくろぐま
Lesser Panda レッサーパンダ 小熊貓 こぐまねこ
Lion ライオン 獅子 しし
Llama ラマ 駱馬 / 羊駝 らくうま / ひつじだ
Mandrill マンドリル 山魈 やますだま
Otter (Sea) ラッコ 海獺 らっこ
Penguin ペンギン 人鳥 / 企鵝 じんちょう / きが
Polar Bear シロクマ 白熊 しろくま
Porcupine ヤマアラシ 山荒 / 豪猪 やまあらし
Red Squirrel キタリス 北栗鼠 きたりす
Seal (Earless / True Seal) アザラシ 海豹 あざらし
Sloth ナマケモノ 樹懶 なまけもの
Tapir バク ばく
Tiger トラ とら
Tree Kangaroo キノボリカンガルー 背筋木登長尾驢 せすじきどちょうびうさぎうま
Walrus セイウチ 海象 せいうち
Wolf オオカミ おおかみ
Zebra シマウマ 縞馬 / 斑馬 しまうま

I’ll keep adding as they appear but I may miss some.

The kanji names are hardly used, butttttt, who knows you may end up in a kanji only zoo and can only escape if you can correctly identify what a 獏 is. I don’t know :man_shrugging:


I’m still a novice at interpreting Wikipedia in Japanese, but there seems to be some kanji associated with Llamas, though they get no hits on Jisho.

In any case, as you say, with a lot of animals you use kana and often katakana rather than kanji. I guess, they’re mostly seen in a science, biology context. :thinking:

Thanks for making this list! :high_touch: <3<3<3

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btw: Shirokuma-kun lost me when he started to give his “problems” to Penguin-san (episode 3? I think) Well, the first one was pretty straightforward (about T-intersections), the second on though: what was that about? :sweat_smile: :sweat_drops:

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You found it! :llama:

Thanks, I’ll add it in! :+1:

羊駝 seems to be used for Alpacas too, and 駱馬 looks like it could be more specifically Llama. But I’m not super sure. It’s kinda difficult finding these out as the kanji names are usually also the Chinese names so googling just comes up with Chinese results.

I can’t even remember what he was talking about after the T-junction part (that bit lost me for awhile) so I have no clue :rofl:

His constant puns are kinda hard to keep up with.

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They are! it’s good listening practice though! And you always pick up on a couple of new words from them. ^^ (this is the third time I had to look up Gecko やもり - hopefully I’ll learn it this time?)


I’m picturing the reverse now and that one creepy Kira pic (the black and white hair), and it edited to be Panda Mama…


I started in on episode 4 today, a bit ahead of the schedule I know, but I needed my dosage of cute and funny animals. :grin:

Ep 4 Thoughts.


The first bit is about smartphones. :iphone: It’s hard to remember the time before they got popular, but yeah, the conversations about why you should get one went something like this so there’s some fun nostalgia about this for sure. :grin:

And it’s pretty hilarious how the animals use the phones. :joy: Penguin-san not being able to do pinch control with this wings and Llama-san controlling the phone with his tongue! :tongue: :rofl: And of course Panda-kun, who clearly has little need of a phone but wants one anyway.

The second part of the episode is about Penguin-san who’s trying to get this driver’s license. :blue_car:

He plans on inviting Penko-san to a romantic drive, but gotta get that license first. ^^ <3

Shirokuma-kun is ready to help teach Penguin-san the basics so they meet up the next day with Panda-kun for a drive!

I was wondering about one of the puns for oyatsu → kotatsu → katatsu showing shirokuma-kun on a ladder ready to cut off a branch on an orange tree. I wonder if this is from 片つけ as in tidying up, finishing up something…because pruning = 剪定 せんてい and thinning out, pruning = 間引き まびき. Anyone else got another suggestion for what Katatsu means? I’m stumped on this one.

Anyway, there’s some hilarious scenes as Shirokuma-kun “teach” driving to Peguin-san. Especially the drive-through scene. :rofl:

Then they get to paralell parking. Panda-kun misremebers what it’s called so says わらしべ長者 I think "straw millionaire ???

From Jisho https://jisho.org/word/518693dad5dda7b2c602f735:

The legend of the Straw Millionaire is a Japanese folk tale about a poor man who becomes wealthy through a series of successive trades, starting with a single piece of straw. The story was likely written during the Heian period and was later collected into Konjaku Monogatarishū and Uji Shūi Monogatari. The legend has become a common anecdote in Japanese popular culture.

I could be wrong though. In any case parallel parking in Japanese is 縦列駐車 じゅうれつちゅうしゃ I guess a pretty good word to know. ^^;


Only by watching with subs did I find out this guy’s name is Handa and not also Panda…

It’s interesting to see what I did and didn’t catch my first watch. I feel pretty proud of myself


Yeah, they intentionally made him sound like Panda! :joy: And to be honest, he also has a bit of a “look” of a panda. XD :panda_face:

Edit: Then there’s Sasako (笹 ささ = bamboo grass) so bamboo grass girl. XD


I tried to relisten…

seihou= 製法= せいほう = manufacturing method; recipe; formula​

Something about there being several manufacturing methods for wheat flour?? Is my guess for the first part. Then Shirokuma-starts sprouting acronyms and I’m lost! :rofl:

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When I saw this bit I thought he meant 「か ー 断つ」 so cutting off “something” with か referring to that “something” I didn’t understand - the tree or orange or such. I’m not sure what か might represent here, the closest I could find is 果, which can mean fruit and has a reading of か but I’m not sure if it can be used on it’s own like that? Every instance of it that I know has 果 with another kanji… I guess all this just makes it more confusing :sweat_smile:

I’m guessing you’re closest with 片つけ.

If you want to read the story you can find it >HERE<
Is this just me promoting hukumusume at every chance I get because I stumbled upon it in my daily reading challenge? Yes.
It’s a kid’s website but it’s seriously good, it’s like a goldmine of links to all sorts of useful information about Japanese folklore and tales.

I’ve been trying to work out if her name was a play on anything - thank you!!

Honestly this part is just way too fast for me to keep up, I can usually get his first pun, but by the time I’ve worked it out he’s already on the 5th :laughing: