えほんのチャレンジ:0歳 "Picture Book Challenge: Age 0"

Hello there!

Semi-recently I became aware of the EhonNavi website and their HUGE, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL library of Japanese children’s books that one can read IN FULL, FOR FREE. Apologies for the caps, but I was hella excited to find this resource. The only catch being that you can only read each book once. If you want to read the book again, you have to either create a new account, or… be sneaky :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

Anyway, the website organizes the books by age group (0 - 12 and adult) based on, from what I can tell, self-reporting of who has read the book. For more info about using EhonNavi, check out this guide.


Starting with the 0歳 books, I’m going to read all the books in each grade level. I’m calling it my えほんのチャレンジ! I made a list of all the books that one can read in full that belong to the “zerosai” category (there are 74!), and so for the month of March I’m going to read them all. The idea isn’t to understand every word, but rather to just inundate my brain with all the language and see what I can pick up along the way.

Wanna join me?!

Having company on this journey would be great! To help us, I’ve made this simple little app (linked below!) which lists and links to all the books for 0歳. Also, it lets you check off the books that you’ve finished, so you can keep track.

The app uses your browser’s local database (IndexedDB) to persist your progress across page refreshes and browser closing / opening. The only caveat there being that if you go to a different browser, you won’t see your progress. (I set it up this way for simplicity and to not have to deal with a user database, etc!)

This thread’s purpose

I figured that this thread could be used to help us stay accountable along our journey! Also people could ask questions as they read, if they encounter anything that they can’t figure out. Or share their favorite books, things they find that are cute, any frustrations they’re experiencing (like: is what I’m reading an actual Japanese word, or just some random onomatopoeia??), etc. I’ll also probably make the second post a wiki, where people could post their progress if they want to.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post! And if you’re inspired to join me, hurrah!


The below table can be used to keep track of community-wide progress! It’s a wiki, and to edit it you need the “Basic” badge. Go to your user profile here on the forums to see what badges you have.


To add yourself to the table, just create a new line using the following format:

| username | Last read book | # / 74 | [link](url-to-reading-log) |

Then just update your row as you progress :D!

For more detailed instructions on how to edit this wiki, see this post.


Username Last Read Overall Progress Reading Log (optional)
1. nbeck0212 赤ちゃんのことばあそび 愛蔵版 だっだぁー 74 / 74 Log
2. ShaunOfTheLive よるのこどものあかるいゆめ 20 / 74
3. VictorLino ぱぱのぼり 5 / 74
4. rawrdinosaur いちご 11 / 74 Log
5. Belerith パパのぼり 19 / 74 Log
6. gojarappe よるのこどものあかるいゆめ 20 / 74 よ!
7. plantron はじめてのABC 75 / 74 39
8. Pep95 None yet! 0 / 74
9. Nathalire たべものへんしーん 13 / 74
10. greasyButter None yet! 0 / 74
11. ddleighc パパおふろ 4 / 74
12. AmandaB おててたっち 23 / 74 Notes
13. gqad おやすみ 3 / 74
14. dunlewy None yet 0 / 74
15. Saruko パパおふろ 16 / 74
16. morpheme かばくんいまなんじ? 2/ 74
17. _Shiori 赤ちゃんだっだぁー 74 / 74 Reading Log
18. Toyger かばくん いま なんじ? 2 / 74 Log
19. Boooyaaaaah モイモイとキーリー 10 / 74
20. Gery1328 たまごがあよ 7 / 74
21. MidnightOverlord おやすみ 45/ 74 ログポース
22. Cryptomilk たべもの へんしーん 12 / 76
23. _Kristan かばくんいまなんじ? 2 / 74
24. minesotha ママ、あのね 13 / 78
24. BlueberryPear いただきまーす! 61 / 78 Vocab & Stuff
25. livandi かおかおばあ 4 / 98 Log

This looks like it would be really fun to do + a great way to learn onomatopoeia and practice speed reading hiragana.

log 11/74
No. Title Date read
1 はじめての A・B・C 2019-03-01
2 かばくん いま なんじ 2019-03-01
3 どうぶつのおやこ 2019-03-01
4 GREETINGS あいさつの えほん 2019-03-03
5 ANIMALS どうぶつ ままねっこえほん 2019-03-03
6 しんかんせん だいしゅうご 2019-03-03
7 おつきさまの かぞえうた 2019-03-03
8 COLORS 2019-03-04
9 赤ちゃんのための色のえほん 2019-03-04
10 ひよこ 2019-03-07
11 いちご 2019-03-07

vocab i learned and other notes here


Always looking for something to read. I’ll try the website when I get home and see if I’m up to the challenge.

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Yay! I’m glad you think this’ll be fun :D!

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Awesome! Yeah each children’s book seems real short, so I think reading through them won’t be too taxing, especially if one doesn’t stop to look up everything as they go.


Might I recommend this format instead?

|Username|Last Read|Overall Progress|
|My Name|When I Read|My Progress|
Username Last Read Overall Progress
My Name When I Read My Progress

Also, I believe you can only convert it to a wiki yourself if you’re a regular. Otherwise you need a moderator/admin to do it.


You can also make the table much easier like this:

Username Last Read Overall Progress
nbeck0212 None yet! 0/76
| **Username** | **Last Read** | **Overall Progress** |
| nbeck0212 | None yet! | 0/76 |

Gah, @seanblue, you were faster:DD


You know, the first line is for the header. Why would you leave that blank and then manually bold the first row to make it seem like a header? Notice the thicker line below the header row on mine to make it clear it’s the header row.


!! Free content, graded by age group? I’m in! :smiley: and even just 0 is 76 stories? Wonder how many there will be in total!

Thanks so much for sharing!

(But first, sleep.)

No. Title Date read Contents
1 かばくん いま なんじ 2019-02-27 Numbers, daily activities, giseigo
2 なに なに なあに? 2019-03-01 animals, shapes, onomatopoeia
3 いっこ さんこ 2019-03-01 counters… only those 2
4 おつきさまのかぞえうた 2019-03-01 counting 1-10, various animals,onomatopoeia
5 おやすみペンギン 2019-03-01 various animals,onomatopoeia
6 うるしい
7 もいもい
8 モイモイとキーリー
9 たべもの へんしーん
10 ぱかっ 19-03-17
11 どうぶつ まねっこえほん 19-03-17
17 19-03-18
18 パパおふろ 19-03-20
19 ぱぱのぼり 19-03-20
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Thanks @seanblue and @FlamySerpent for the table codes~. Much simpler to use Markdown tables :+1:

Also thanks @Saruko for making that wiki post. If a moderator isn’t able to change that second post into a wiki by the time March hits (in two days!), I’ll use your wiki post :).


Yeah, the number of books is kind of staggering across all the levels. Age 1 has over 100, and Age 3 definitely has over 300 (I’m still compiling that list). It’s gonna get intense! :scream: But also exciting :D!


@CyrusS - any chance you could turn post #2 into a wiki for the OP? ^^

Thanks for sharing, @nbeck0212 ! I’m already committed to other reading things now, but this is on my list to check out.


Ahhh, okay, thank you! I didn’t really know how to make them, I randomly tried typing the table a short while ago on the POLL thread, so I mistakenly remembered that. Thanks again, it makes much more sense!




I’m in. Sounds like fun. Which table are we using?

Thanks Cyrus! :smiley:

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Yay! Great!

The second post is a wiki, and there I’ve put the table, and you’ll be able to see the formatting (Markdown format). Feel free to add yourself there!

[quote=“nbeck0212, post:2, topic:35380”]
|dunlewy, none 0/76

Like this? I am not that computer literate.

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I made a GIF that might help! But in case it doesn’t work for some reason, I’ve also included a step-by-step below that.

Click to see GIF

STEP 1: Click the edit wiki button on the second post

STEP 2: Click the next edit wiki button!

STEP 3: Copy the pre-formatted text


STEP 4: Update with your info and then save