えほんのチャレンジ:1歳 "Picture Book Challenge: Age 1"

Hello (again)!

Do you know about the EhonNavi website and their HUGE, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL library of Japanese children’s books that one can read IN FULL, FOR FREE?! Apologies for the caps, but I am hella excited about this resource. The only catch being that you can only read each book once. The website organizes the books by age group (0 - 12 and adult) based on, from what I can tell, self-reporting of who has read the book. For more info about using EhonNavi, check out this guide.


Starting with the 0歳 books, I created the えほんのチャレンジ. Basically, we read all the books at each age level. So far, we’ve done 0歳 (see thread here), and this thread is for 1歳.

For the month of April I’m going to read all 1歳 books (there are 47!). The idea isn’t to understand every word, but rather to just inundate my brain with all the language and see what I can pick up along the way.

Wanna join me?!

Having company on this journey would be great! To help us, I’ve made this simple little app (linked below!) which lists and links to all the books for 1歳. Also, it lets you check off the books that you’ve finished, so you can keep track.

The app uses your browser’s local database (IndexedDB) to persist your progress across page refreshes and browser closing / opening. The only caveat there being that if you go to a different browser, you won’t see your progress. (I set it up this way for simplicity and to not have to deal with a user database, etc!)

This thread’s purpose

I figured that this thread could be used to help us stay accountable along our journey! Also people could ask questions as they read, if they encounter anything that they can’t figure out. Or share their favorite books, things they find that are cute, any frustrations they’re experiencing (like: is what I’m reading an actual Japanese word, or just some random onomatopoeia??), etc. The second post will be a wiki where people can post their progress.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post! And if you’re inspired to join me, hurrah!


The below table can be used to keep track of community-wide progress! It’s a wiki, and to edit it you need the “Basic” badge. Go to your user profile here on the forums to see what badges you have.

To add yourself to the table, just create a new line using the following format:

| username | Last read book | # / 47 | [link](url-to-reading-log) |

Then just update your row as you progress :D!


Username Last Read Overall Progress Reading Log (optional)
1. nbeck0212 たどってごらん 30 / 47 -
2. _Shiori None yet! 0 / 47 -
3. AmandaB サンタのおまじない 7 / 47 Notes
4. Hsinz かみさまのおつくりなったせかい 7 / 47 -
5. plantron NUMBERS かずのえほん 47 / 47 8
6. MidnightOverlord none yet 0/47 -

Thanks for that! We’ll use that post for the wiki then :heart:


Hello! Thanks for the challenge, looks very useful! I am kind of lost in the website. I made a membership but I couldn’t find where to read the books, it seems you have to pay for it. I’m too much of a beginner that I couldn’ navigate the site (ノ_<、). Where should I click to read the books again?

Hello! Did you happen to follow this guide? Specifically the section called “How to Read”.

If you’re still having trouble after reading through that guide, let me know and I can create instructions!

Would love to join but I haven’t aged up yet :frowning: haha

Someone bake me some cake with candles on top! (or I’ll just tell myself to stop being lazy and get back to finishing the 0歳 books xD)


You could always come back to the Age 0 books :D! Since there are less Age 1 books, maybe they’ll be easier to get through. I haven’t yet read them though, so will have to see this month how it goes!

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No. Title Date read Contents
1 ありさんぼつぼつ 2019-03-22 Walking around a public park
2 サンタのおまじない 2019-03-23 Santa’s magical presents
3 プララのとんねるぶっぶー 2019-03-24 Drive through a sand tunnel
4 2さいのパンダちゃん 2019-03-25 Pop-up book about car, camera, etc.
5 ほっぺにちゅー 2019-03-26 Body parts in children’s language
6 エリーファントのティーパーティー 2019-03-27 Picnic and tea party
7 さがしてごらん 2019-03-28 I spy
8 ころころぽーん 2019-03-29 Movement giseigo
9 おふろだいすき 2019-03-30 Taking a bath
10 ノンタンがんばるもん 2019-03-31 At the doctor’s office
11 のぞいてごらん 2019-04-01 Animal names
12 ノンタンいもうといいな 2019-04-02 Playing with little sister
13 アリのおでかけ 2019-04-03 Animal names
14 ルルロロおしっこできたね 2019-04-04 Potty training
15 はたらくじどうしゃ 2019-04-05 Various types of car/vehicle
16 おもちゃのかくれんぼ 2019-04-06 Toy names
17 あめがふってきたよ! 2019-04-07 Turtles
18 ねんねのうた 2019-04-08 Lullaby
19 めくってごらん 2019-04-09 Find hidden words
20 あきをあつめたよ! 2019-04-10 Celebrating autumn
21 スプーンたんたんたん 2019-04-11 Eating giseigo
22 ねんねしよ 2019-04-12 Going-to-bed ritual
23 はみがきはーみー 2019-04-13 Brushing your teeth
No. Title Date read Contents
24 いやいやウィッツィー 2019-04-14 Playing with friends
25 ともだちくろくま 2019-04-15 Colours
26 くらべてごらん 2019-04-16 Homophones
27 とーんだとんだ 2019-04-17 Spring breeze
28 ひよよとおとしもの 2019-04-18 Returning lost property
29 ウィッツィーのおはなばたけ 2019-04-19 Planting flowers
30 かみさまのおつくりになったせかい 2019-04-20 Genesis 1
31 たどってごらん 2019-04-21 Train giseigo
32 ぐるぐるどぼーん 2019-04-22 Movement giseigo
33 おたんじょうびくろくま 2019-04-23 Surprise birthday party
34 ルルロロはみがきしゃかしょこ 2019-04-24 Brushing your teeth
35 まねっこにゃーにゃー 2019-04-25 Imitating objects
36 はみがきだいすき 2019-04-26 Brushing your teeth
37 ひよよとおばけちゃん 2019-04-27 Friendly ghost
38 トイレでちっち 2019-04-27 Potty training
39 おねしょちゃんとなおったね 2019-04-28 Bedwetting
40 わらってるのはだあれ? 2019-04-28 Hide-and-seek
41 メリーメリークリスマス! 2019-04-29 Christmas eve
42 おやすみウィッツィー 2019-04-29 Insomnia
43 あかまるどれかな? 2019-04-30 Shapes, colours, numbers
44 はみがきれっしゃ 2019-04-30 Brushing your teeth
45 ひよよとふうせん 2019-04-30 Helium balloons
46 かずのえほん 2019-04-30 Numbers

Sounds like a great plan! I’ll probably do the same, though this weekend I’m pretty free so I might try to read as much as I caan.


Let’s do this! :muscle:

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I didn’t finish the 0 age books in time, but still going to join in for this new challenge and just read as many as I can, if that’s okay. :durtle_the_explorer:


Of course it’s okay!! Glad to have you on board :D!

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Let the reading begin!!

Happy April 1st all. Don’t forget to add yourself to the wiki above if you’ll be participating in the challenge. And feel free to use this thread to ask questions, share your favorite books, etc etc. I look forward to reading with you all over this month! :heart:


Just read my first book.
Loved the font for ひだりみぎ ! Its such a clever way to remember Left from Right
Maybe this is the Japanese equivalent of teaching your kids this trick…?


あっちに -everywhere or which way(?)
落し物 (おとしもの)lost item


おばけちゃん -ghost
こんなかな - like this

まねっこ にゃー にゃー

Its snack time!


いち にい サンタ! - Lol, this had me confused for a second!


Oh, I like that. The mnemonic I’ve been using is “hida-right is wrong”, but that one is nicer.

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Oh that’s a good one too!


That is an awesome way to remember! Love it!

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I gotta pay more attention I didn’t see this part :anguished: Thanks a lot

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Able to start this challenge today! Absolute scenes as the first book turns out to be about kids (and animals) watching each other use the toilet. Felt a BIT weird reading that one at work, let me tell you.


Haha yeah that one was… interesting :joy:

Glad you’re able to join!

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