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こんにちは みんなさん,

I would love to be part of the absolute beginners book club, but sadly I can’t get the book. I don’t have a credit card nor do I have an amazone account. And I was thinking maybe other people have that problem. So maybe an open-source reading club might be nice.
I feel that I have to say here that I am not in a position to start this myself as I am currently in not such a great spot health wise. I would love to take part but I really don’t have the assets to start/organize this.
Thank you. I am truly sorry.
Have a wonderful day.


This website, which I nominated for the club a while back, is completely free. Just to give one suggestion.

Perhaps an NHK News Easy reading club might also be on the cards.


Check out

it’s not 100% book club format, but there’s a link to a ton of free graded readers (starting at level 0) and you can use the thread to ask questions/discuss.


Sorry to necro a little, but I wanted to point out also the Picture Book Challenge thread, which links to a whole library of free picture books you could read :slight_smile: you don’t have to attempt the challenge particularly, it’s just a great resource and a good place to be able to ask questions perhaps.

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Thank you. I didn’t see that. Have good day.

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