Young lady, young woman, young girl, girl

In Kaniwani, am I the only one to struggle with this kind of things. i know all of the variation for girl, young girl etc…, 女児、女の子、少女… etc.
But I find that in Kaniwani I have to learn the whole group of synonyms used everytime to be able to assign one of the translation. In Wanikani, there’s a main one and it’s different for each Kanji, so it’s easier to remember that Maiden is 少女, but in Kaniwani all the synonyms are listed, it gets confusing. I’m using that as an example, but it’s true for a lot of them. Would be great to stick with the main meaning as in Wanikani.
ps: I love Kaniwani by the way, I think it’s a great addition to Wanikani.
My two cents.

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Oh man, I was so close to posting the list of all the threads which complain about these words…

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relating to Kaniwani or in general

Relating to WK, but I soon realised your problem was with KW, not WK.

This is the list if you're curious

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Anyway, feedback on KW is best given through their Slack server, I believe

Alternatively the stone-age contact form on KW

Or the Kaniwani thread
Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!


I just override until I get it right, it’s no big deal.


Yes I do that to, but it’s frustrating as it feels that I’m losing the connections I made with WK.

My workaround is to add a synonym in WK (which syncs into KW) that gives you more context. E.g. I was super tilted when I answered 科目 to subject, but it meant 主語. So i added “Subject (Linguistics)” as a synonym in WK.

Or for 用意 and 支度 (both mean preparation) I added the synonyms “slightly less formal” and “slightly more formal” so I could differentiate.

Maybe you could do the same with all the girl synonyms?


Just so you guys know, I am currently in the process of swapping over to V2 of the API, which will then allow me to build out a lenient mode, much like how Kamesame does its matching. V2 of the API is wayyyyyyyy nicer to work with


That’s nice to hear! I really prefer the way Kamesame handles this issue. No need to manually set up synonyms. More importantly, it forces you to learn every single word (as opposed to just accepting a synonym as the correct answer).

@Tadgh11 Are you still working on this? Any updates? I guess it turned out to be more work than expected …

Sorry, I’ve recently switched jobs, so this has kinda fallen by the wayside as I work on other projects. It is not abandoned though! I do intend to roll it over to V2 soon as I get some time, its just been… hard to find that time.

Sorry for the delay!

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I was just bitten by the group of 女の子s and 女子s :wink: were you able to make any problem with it? ^__^"