The girl at KaniWani

Hello guys. I need some help.
The word “girl” at KaniWani is killing me… In WaniKani the different words for “girl” are pretty easy, because you can see the kanji and figure out which one to use, but in KaniWani, you only get “girl” and some synonyms. There are just too many… 少女, 女, 女の人, 女の子, 女子… At his point I just write something and hope that I got it right - I never do…

Do you have any advice on how to think to get this correct? I know all the words, I just don’t know which one to use where.


Hum, maybe read this thread and add synonyms to KW based on it? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I Leebo’d Leebo with his own content. I can already consider my day as a successful one.


For KaniWani, adding synonyms (either there at KW, or here at WK) is usually necessary due to the fact that WK meanings weren’t meant to be used for the purpose that KW uses them for.

Don’t you have to be trying to answer first to get Leebo’d? I started typing after your post was already visible.


Thanks! I totally forgot to search before asking the question… I usually always do that. I guess I just was so frustrated after another bad review session I totally forgot how to behave in forums. ごめんなさい!

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Haha, idk xD I always assumed that it’s about replying first :slight_smile: Not necessarily typing the answer faster.

Noo, your question was totally valid, don’t worry :slight_smile: You have no reason to feel bad about it.


Well, I never use it myself, so I guess it’s up to everyone else :slight_smile:

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I checked the dictionary, and that’s what it says. Learn your words right, @jprspereira.


Still waiting for someone to make an entry for it on Urban Dictionary :v:


From what I have read, KaniWani isn’t very forgiving when entering a translation that is not the exact one it wanted. But as I have never used KaniWani I can’t judge.

Before hearing of KaniWani I stumbled over KameSame (similar concept), which I have been using since I began the kanji journey anew. KameSame will give you a gentle reminder when you input a correct translation for the word in question when it isn’t the translation it actually wanted. It won’t count as wrong and just be asked again at a later time in the queue so you can input another translation and get it right.

Maybe you wanna try it, I think it’s great :durtle_noice:

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After you enter an answer in Kaniwani, an X appears in the answer field if you want to ignore your answer. Be ready to use it a lot. KaniWani will only group vocabulary words together if they have the same synonyms listed in the same order. For example, both 人格 and 性格 have the same meanings, but one is “personality, character” while the other is “character, personality”. Typing the other one will be marked incorrect.

As long as you’re confident you entered a correct answer, spam that ignore button. I personally prefer this over KameSame’s system that will tell you the answer outright if you enter a synonym. It’s somewhat annoying to fail a word because you entered four correct words and forgot the fifth one, but it’s great WK practice.

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Yeah, its when you’re both typing and the other person beats you to it. At least thats how it was originally used back when we would both be replying to a question as soon as it came up and you would beat me. Like a race sorta, but there’s no race if one person starts after the other is finished.

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I didn’t know there was an ignore button in KaniWani reviews, that’s a good thing then. That is, as long as you can withstand the temptation of misusing it. But you have that same problem with the Override userscript (or the ones that incorporate it) on WaniKani. :crabigator:

You’re right, the answer being told could be a potential drawback. I didn’t think about it too much, because it doesn’t really affect me. I always answer on paper first (good recall and writing exercise) and if there are multiple possibilities I write all down that come to mind.

I guess it’s also quite a hassle to start over with another system, so most of the people will probably stick with the one they chose first.

I’ll sometimes ignore correct answers if I realize an answer I ignored before was simply just plain wrong. I don’t verify my answers until I either get the word correct or give up, so it can happen.

I used them both until level 5 or 6, and predictably got flooded in a ton or reviews :sweat_smile: .
I liked how KS also asks for just the Kanji, but after a while I got bored of searching for the answer when it’s like the 116th choice listed in the IME.

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I love the title of your thread. It sounds like “The Girl from Ipanema”…

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I just type what I think it is, sometimes there are hints like “young lady” or something to get it right with. If I miss it I look at the Kanji that pops up, click the “x” to ignore answer and repeat the question. Done and done.

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