How do you differentiate which Woman/Girl WaniKani and KaniWani want?

Im constantly getting the flagged for giving them the wrong Woman or Girl that there expecting. How do you differentiate between which reading there expecting?

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This may help ^^


Actually, it may not. XD That thread is more about usage, I guess. Though I suppose you can add some of the distinctions mentioned in that thread as user synonyms. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think if this is about KaniWani, then the answer is going to be some implementation of synonyms, either on KW itself to tie the words together there, or on WK, so that when you are prompted on KW you’ll see more details than the default.

i don’t mean the usage, not quite there yet… What is this about synonyms? i can ad different acceptable reading to the words? or i can change the description? Do i put Girl 1 Girl 2, Woman 1 Woman 2 etc…? How did you guys deal with it?

Well, as a last resort you can add “not [other word]” as a synonym, but I think preferably you would just use other true synonyms to make the differentiation clearer first.

You can add your own meanings. You can do something like “girl”, “young woman”, etc. as a way to more easily differentiate the terms when you are prompted by KaniWani for the word’s readings. You would just have to remember which user synonym you’ve used for each word.


During reviews, when you view the item info, you find this on the left-hand side of the meaning part:


And when you navigate to the dedicated page of a vocab / kanji, there is this:


I haven’t used KaniWani in quite some time, so I don’t quite remember how it is set up, but poke around and I suspect you’ll find something similar.


Does anyone know if WaniKani synonyms sync with KaniWani?

Yes they do, it can take anywhere up to ~12 hours to sync so if it doesn’t right away, just give it some time c:


Adding synonyms to WK is usually more preferable than adding synonyms on KW.

Synonyms on KW itself mean that if you answer either word it counts for both. So you might never end up having to answer one of the words ever again.


For KaniWani, you have to read into the description a bit more. This may help:

おんな - Woman (Female)

女の子おんなのこ - Girl (Young Girl, Young Lady, Young Woman)

女の人おんなのひと - Woman

女子じょし - Girl (Woman)

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I haven’t tried KaniWani but I think you get the answer wrong if you don’t give them the “girl” they’re looking for. If that’s the case, then maybe you could give KameSame a shot. When you don’t type the “girl” they’re asking for, the item doesn’t get marked as wrong, they just tell you that’s not the “girl” they’re looking for and then you just have to put what they ask for.
I know it’s not exactly what you asked, but since this is going to happen to you with a lot of words…
( ・ิϖ・ิ)

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