Adding Kanji Synonyms for Kaniwani

Hello all,
I know how to add English synonyms but is there a way to add Kanji synonyms? Kaniwani is literally destroying me with 少女、女の子、女子, 女のひと、女…etc. There’s only so many combinations of girl, young lady, etc. that I can remember. Also, vocabulary-wise, are they all pretty much interchangeable?

Just click “add synonym” when you get something wrong…?

As for the ones you listed… no they’re not all interchangeable.

Thanks realized that as I did more of them, d’oh.

I actually asked my Japanese coworker about 少女、女の子、女子 so I got the lowdown about that. As for 女、女の人 is their a small difference, like category versus the specific noun? I know josei though I haven’t seen the kanji for it yet.

There are a few that are somewhat interchangeable, but, a big difference between say: 女の人 and 女の子

女性 comes at lvl 14 I think, but that’s different again. More refers to gender I believe.

I’d be careful with synonyms, as you could add something that is technically incorrect, which is the main reason I avoid it. If I get something where it’s close enough and right, for instance, 少女 女の子 女子 I will just use “I” to ignore and come to it again in my review.

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