Yomichan and Wanikani/JLPT tags?

Yes, {frequencies} works for me.

By the way, I made a little website that fixes the formatting of these frequencies and adds frequencies for all your existing cards, so that you can search words by frequency in Anki:

You would just need to either rename your field from Frequency to FrequencyInnocent, or update this field name on my website via browser console, see the thread.

I love the WK tags! Just curious, would wanikani updates cause inconsistencies in the tags? For instance if they move items from one level to another?

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Yes. I have not updated it since I made it, and since then WK has added almost 200 items I think, and moved a bunch as well, so it’s not entirely accurate anymore. However, I am considering updating it


Gotcha, thought that might be the case…I’m no programmer though, so wasn’t sure. It’s not a big deal, but its good to know a few items I’ve learned won’t be tagged.

That said if you ever update it I’ll happily download the new dictionary :slight_smile:

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I have created new dictionaries. The WK dictionary should now update itself every week (not your installed version, the file that you can download will update). However, to make it easier to maintain I have switched the type of tags to these seen below. One benefit is that you don’t need to install a whole new dictionary, just the tags.

Download JLPT Tags
Download WK Tags


Wonderful! Thank you, Kumi! :durtle_love:

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Awesome! Thank you!


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