Long shot, any dual sub cartoons/shows?

One thing I have been thinking about is, when I am watching some anime or Japanese movie, I would love for it to have the Japanese subtitles and English subtitles at the same time. Is that something any of you have found so far?

If you have tried it, did it work for you?


There are (slightly sketchy) websites that provide this, namely animelon.com and daiweeb.org

I would recommend trying to switch to pure Japanese subtitles sooner rather than later. I feel like your eyes just cheat and jump to English if its there. Also, you want to try and and eventually go from words -> meaning, not words -> english translation -> meaning.

I would also recommend rewatching shows you have already seen to make it easier at first.

Many people mine vocab words with context and make anki cards from shows/manga/LNs/games, which can be a good method to study vocab.


If you have netflix, there is a extension called SUBADUB that can put dual subtitles on any show that has the two languages available.

Plus if you have the yomichan extension, you can select the subtitle and do a dictionary search without needing to leave the movie/show.:wink:


Language Learning with Netflix is a chrome extension that allows you to do this with Netflix content.

Try it withリラックマとカオルさん、which I find pretty easy to understand and is spoken at quite a reasonable pace.


Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:
I didnt know about those extensions and or websites :)!

I will give them a try!


Subadub and LLN are wonderful. I also wanna throw in a recommendation for either Rikaikun or Yomichan, which let you see word definitions just by hovering over them. If you like Yomichan, import this dictionary and it shows you the word’s JLPT and WK levels as well. Unlike regular Netflix subtitles, LLN and Subadub both show the subtitles in selectable text so Yomichan works with them.

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