Wrong answers are skipped

For example, in reviews, I am prompted with the meaning of 開く and I type “to open something” when the correct answer is “to be open”. The answer box then shakes a bit and goes to the next word before I can check what its actual meaning is. A similar thing happened with the vocab 波, I typed は and it jiggled then skipped to the next word (I later found out it also marked me wrong) when normally it would say “that’s the on’yomi reading we’re asking for the kun’yomi” and give me a second shot at answering the question. I have posted about a bug before and realized it was actually my scripts at fault so below is a list of the scripts I am using. ConfusionGuesser, Hide Review Accuracy, Wanikani Double-Check, WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer (this one is disabled), Wanikani Heatmap and Wanikani Open Framework.

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apparently double check had a bug of sorts, try updating it, and see if that solves the issue

I’m using tamper monkey, how do you do that? Sorry for the silly question.

Click on tampermonkey > Utilities and there is a button to check for updates

I don’t see a button checking for updates but it says under settings that it auto updates every day and that the double-check script was updated 19 hours ago.

That’s the problem, yeah, what do you see when clicking the extension icon?

Actually I have now found the update button but it says no update found. I also noticed that this bug marks the question correct if you press the enter button despite not having written anything in the answer box.

Might be worth checking the official thread then, there are already a few people asking there as I’ve seen

Can you link the official thread please?

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