Weird Skips during review

Hey guys,
starting today I got a really weird bug where reviews are instantly skipped when I press enter on an empty field (I usually do this if I can’t discern the font that is always changing due to somthing I did month ago which I can’t remember anymore ( I actually thought it was a sript but I cant find it))
Anyway is anyone having the same problem? its not just skipping stuff but sometimes also accepting wrong answers with an instant skip which is like super annoying.
I am using the following scipts:
-wanikani double check
-wanikani heatmap
-wanikani open framework
-wanikani stroke order
-wanikani level duration

If someone knows anything about this please let me know!!!
Thanks for your attention and have a good one y’all.

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You probably need to update your double check script. The issue came up yesterday I think, there’s several threads about it. Thankfully it was fixed very fast indeed.

thanks for the fast reply:) I thought those scripts auto update oO. Will try to do it manually now, but never did so^^

As for the font changing thing, you probably have Jitai installed?

When you start a review, you can click the tampermonkey icon on your browser to see which scripts are active (and disable whichever you don’t want to be running)

Yes thought that was some dictonary thing, but you are right :smiley:
Unfortunately I can’t confirm if this fixed things as I have no reviews atm…
As for the script update just click the hompage button in your script manager and click update. Its like the easiest thing ever just wanted to mention it here if other people have the same problem;)

I think by default most script managers only automatically check for updates like once a week or something. So if you need updates faster, you have to do it manually. Also, it is a good idea to make sure that auto updates for the DoubleCheck script haven’t been accidentally disabled by going to settings for that script and making sure they are turned on.

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