Why are 90% of kanji not unlocked at the beginning of the level?

This must be a FAQ but I can’t find the answer:

At the very start of a level, why are less than 90% of kanji unlocked? It seems like with some levels, it’s like 85% of kanji start out unlocked, which means I’m just waiting a few extra days for 2 or 3 other ones to become unlocked? So it makes the level take a week to complete when if they gave me all of them in the beginning I could complete the level in 4-5 days. An extra handful of kanji would not be a big deal to add to the initial pile.

Is there some set number (not percentage) of maximum kanji that WK will show at the beginning of a level, no matter how many total kanji are in a level? Are there any levels that DO show 90%+ kanji at the very start?

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The last 20 levels are mostly so called “fast levels” due to this.


Kanji are unlocked when you have guru’d all their radicals. You immediately unlock the kanji for which you already guru’d the radicals from previous levels. You don’t unlock the others. I’m impressed you made it to level 20 without realizing that’s how it worked.


I think (others may correct me) that the purpose of not giving all the kanji at once, is to keep the speed at week per level (at the fastest speed). Considering that there is quite a lot of vocab as well, doing 2 levels a week would be highly stressful and cause burnouts with many users.

I have the bad habit of doing all kanji lessons as soon as possible and thus doing 75% of kanji in one wave is starting to cause some stress, especially during 4h and 8h mark. It would be better for me if I could only unlock 60%. Unfortunately I cannot really control myself with this bad habit😅 I think I am not the only one…


To be honest, some radicals seem to be entirely unnecessary and are added there just to hinder unlocking all kanji at once.

Is there really a need for radical 音 if you have learned the kanji earlier and so on…


Maybe you could control yourself better with a script to pick how many kanji lessons you do at once (while balancing it out with vocab lessons).

I agree. I think it would be better to just let kanji “count” as radicals instead of wasting time re-teaching them as radicals.

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I want to keep my leveling speed at 7days for now, so I’ll just allocate more vocab to the same time I do second wave. I might consider a script once I start to get more than 5 new kanji per wave.
… I finally realized I cannot do 100 lessons of vocab at once, the typing takes time even if I know most beforehand​:sweat_smile::sweat_drops:

I dunno, I guess I was confused since it says only Kanji (not Radicals and Vocab) count towards 90% completing the level and moving on?

The script would let you continue leveling up in 7 days while managing your load better, but :man_shrugging:

Yeah, that’s accurate. It’s just that you can’t guru 90% of the kanji without first unlocking 90% of the kanji, which requires guruing their radicals.


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