Why are these kanji still locked?

I have all of my radicals for level 3 at 4/5 or above, and feel like i have a strong understanding of the radicals.
Why are most of my kanji still locked? Not to be negative, but I’m starting to feel like this is unnecessary and a way to limit the speed of your progression. I understand learning the radicals can be important, but have been ready to start learning the rest of the kanji for 2 days now.



Hello, and welcome to WaniKani and the forums!

In order to unlock a kanji, you first have to get all the radicals that it is composed of to guru, or 5, as you call it. And yes, WaniKani is limiting your speed (to one week for normal levels and 3 and a half days for the fast levels), but there’s a good reason for that: Starting at level 4, every level has about 180 items, so you definitely don’t wanna rush through all of them :wink:


To reiterate what’s already been said. WaniKani is technically limiting your speed, but you’ll be very grateful for this in about a month when all of these kanji come up for review again in addition to the new ones you are learning. The workload will increase quite regularly over the first few months, and it’s easy to accidentally get carried away and give yourself way more work than you can keep up with five months from now.


Thanks all!! That makes a lot of sense. I guess the earlier levels are likely the worst about feeling like a snails pace, but I understand why it’s like this. Appreciate the responses


Yep, the OP has only completed the first half of the typical new user initiation ritual :grinning:

The first half is (usually at level 2 or 3) is “Why is it so slow? How do I make it go faster”.

They come back in a 3 - 6 months to partake in the second half, asking “How do I slow things down? How can I handle this many reviews and lessons? OMG, make it stop”.

Then they find and settle into a routine that works for them and lead a happily every after WK life.

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