Why is the amount of kanji released on level up so uneven

I just made it to level 15 and noticed I unlocked 33 kanji immediately. Which leaves only like 5 more to be unlocked in the second half of the level. It doesn’t really bother me per say, but I’m curious why its not just 50/50.

who knows? but there seems to generally only be one (or sometimes two) kanji using the radicals from the current level. so the number of kanji unlocked after guruing the radicals generally gets smaller as you progress in level (because there are generally fewer radicals in higher levels).


Basically they ran out of new radicals around level 15 and the number of kanji unlocked on level up is directly (inversely) related to the number of radicals in that level.


I’d say that it’s to keep things so you get to unlock the wast majority of kanji upon level up, but still h ave a few left for the next stage, 'keeping you paced for the long marathon.

there are lots of people who have experienced burn out from going too fast. Likely, WK don’t want to encourage people going so fast they cant manage both their IRL activities, relationships etc and doing WK as a hobby. It’s intentionally like this.

Only in the latter 20 levels, you get all kanji unlocked, and not all of them at that. Again, since there were plenty of people burning out, before they could get to the finish line, which just defeats the purpose of doing WK, better force people to slow down to digest the knowledge they learn more. And, hopefully, make more people cross the finish line. It’s supposed to benefit you, not run you into the ground. managing mental aspects is really important in a long-term engagement like this.

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It’s still possible to burn out, because there is no cap on lessons and reviews :frowning: .

Design-wise it does make sense to split levels so the kanji progression is gradual

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