More kanji at once from level 14 and up?

I’ve just reached level 15. Up until level 13, half the kanji would be unlocked in the first set and half in the second set. But in levels 14&15 the vast majority of the kanji are unlocked at once. Is this the way all the future levels work? I have been leveling up once every 7-8 days so far, but it is more difficult for me to remember 30+ kanji at once than it was to 16 or so at once. Do most people still just do half and half, or what? Thanks!

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That is going to be the new normal, yes.

After 14, there are only 5-8 radicals per level holding back the kanji instead of the previous ~15 per level. You will have 25-30 new kanji unlocked immediately after leveling up.

I used to split it 10+10+rest per day for the kanji and then do 20 vocab lessons a day to “catch up” . These days I just do 15 new items each day.


A lot of the higher levels (about 15 of them starting with 43) are often referred to as “the fast levels” because there are so few (if any) radicals and you can guru enough kanji to level-up without guruing any of the radicals, thus completing the level in half the normal time (at least at its fastest).

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Most people don’t do all unlocked items at once. They spread the workload over several days. If you have trouble remembering all kanji at once you should consider spreading the load.


Yes, it’s always like that, but there’s no need to do them all at once. Do it whenever you can handle learning new kanji. They are available to learn, but you’re not forced to learn it

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Thanks, everyone! Because I always did all the kanji and radicals as soon as they unlocked, I felt like I “should” do them all to stay at pace. But now I realize, I can still do half and half as before and still finish in the same time, it’s just up to me to decide how much to take on. Actually, as it turns out, I already know more of the level 15 kanji than I did level 14, so I will be okay this week. I’m wondering in the future if it will be better for me to take on more in the first half of the week and fail some (but have the extra practice) or wait. I guess I will figure out what works best for me through trial and error. Thank you!

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