Ok I Think I Get It

Here’s how I think this works:

  • No vocab gets unlocked until I’ve proven I know the all of the kanji that make up the vocab.
  • No kanji gets unlocked until I’ve proven I know all of the radicals that make up the kanji.
  • To level up I have to prove I know 90% of the kanji for the current level.
  • Leveling up is based solely on kanji knowledge.



Yup, you got it 100% right. :+1:

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Nope, not correct.
They also need to guru 100% of the radicals.
That’s usually the case by the time one gets to 90% guru’d kanji, but in some cases (e.g. fast level) one has to pay extra attention to it.

Are you sure about that?

Well, that’s what the rules and the dashboard say. I won’t try to fail radicals on purpose.
Well, I guess I could make a new account and try with that :thinking:

You only need to Guru radicals to the extent that they are needed to unlock kanji. Strictly speaking, they are not required and you can level up without Guruing all of them.

Well, that’s what the rules and the dashboard say.


I’m pretty sure kanji are the only thing that matters since that’s all that’s mentioned in the guide and the only metric I see on the dashboard. However, I don’t remember any situation where I leveled up without getting 100% of the radicals as well so I’m not entirely certain.


I had a quick look at the guide, but can’t find it, though. Now I’m curious.

But notice that there is no “Goal: 90%” in the radicals progress bar. It’s not required.

For example, level 51 has 1 radical and 35 kanji. The one radical (if guru’ed) will unlock one kanji. So if you fail to guru that radical, you only get 34 kanji. Guru’ing 32 out of those 35 kanji will get you to level 52.


Well, I assumed that it was implied, since (I thought) it was 100%.
But I guess it makes sense :thinking:

That makes their UI very confusing though.

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