When do we get XP?

Hi there,

I just had a small question, when do we actually get XP (experience before leveling up)?

I thought it was by getting the reviews right and depending on the percentage I will get a certain amount of XP. Or is it when we get elements (Radical/Kanji/Vocabulary) to guru? I read the official and unofficial FAQ and even the guide…maybe I missed something :confused:

Honestly I don’t really care about things like when we get reviews and stuff, I just do them when I can without worrying when I get them but this got me curious.

Thanks beforehand!

Your bar will progress when you guru an item. This happens after you answer it correctly four times in a row.

You need 90% of the kanji of the current level on guru to level up. Because some kanji are locked behind radicals you need to get most radicals to guru first as well in order to have access to enough kanji. But the only real requirement to level up are the 90% kanji.

Especially vocab doesn’t count at all, so you don’t have to worry that is might block your level progress. If you get a kanji wrong after reaching guru it doesn’t matter as well, nothing gets “re-locked” once you activated it.

Thanks a lot for the explanation, exactly what I needed!

@Kumirei Yeah I know the levels but I wanted to make sure that it’s indeed guru that makes the difference. Thank you!

It just felt weird going through reviews and then not seeing the XP bar being filled up haha

If you want more information on your current progress I recommend to install the following script, you can see exactly what is still locked, which SRS level the items are on, etc. The default behavior only shows how many items have reached guru, so for most of the time nothing happens at all.


Okay thanks a lot!

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