Question about level progress

So I’m at “29 of 30” kanji to level 8, but I just noticed there are 33 kanji in my list. What’s up with that?


The progress bar represents what you need to reach the next level. You need to guru 30 out of the 33 kanji to get to the next level, so the progress bar shows your progress out of 30.

You don’t need to guru 33 kanji, so there’s no need to have a progress bar that goes all the way to 33. It would never get there.


Ohh that’s weird. I thought you had to guru every kanji you were taught for that level.

Yeah, just 90% is enough.

I do agree that it doesn’t tell the full picture, but yeah.


It should give more info if you hover over the various parts of the page, though. But who even randomly hovers over stuff :woman_shrugging:


Just a follow-up question… since I’ve been stuck on this last kanji for days now for whatever reason, my progress is still being counted for the level 8 stuff it’s been teaching me, right? :wink: In other words, when I finally get to level 8, some of those little green bars should already be filled in for its kanji?

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If you’re not level 8 yet, you won’t have unlocked any level 8 content.


Oh damnit, so I’m stuck on a level because of one kanji and not progressing. Bah. Hopefully after today I’ll be on level 8. I just did all the reviews I’d accumulated overnight, and then the new ones at the hour, and I’m still stuck at 29/30 lol.

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I find it a very good idea to give learners some room for failure. I wouldn’t be able to keep my pace withouth this feature for sure.

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W00t, I’m finally level 8! Now I have 66 new lessons… today’s gonna be long.


I wouldn’t do all lessons, you’re going to burn out. Do 15 or 20 a day. It’s a marathon, not a race.

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It doesn’t bother me to do them all in a day; that’s what I usually do. I take this time to go through them slowly and build up my own mnemonics and see if they work for me. If they don’t, I’ll adjust them as I’m doing reviews. Thanks for the advice though!

if you couldn’t level up yet, you actually had 4 (on some level even 5) kanji which weren’t at guru yet. but you only needed to guru one of them to have 90% of the kanji guru’d ^^

I got my first Enlightened today, a batch of radicals I learned in the very beginning. I could almost cry lol.

Doesn’t bother you for now… When you start getting burn reviews on top of enlightened reviews, and everything looks the same, it’s a different ball game.

But hey, we all have to learn what works for us in different ways.

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