Kanji Progression says 15% but I've not guru'ed anything yet

Hi - I’m stumped on my level 3 progress bar.

I’m on level 3. I just guru’ed a bunch of radicals so my level progression bars updated. The radical bar is reading correctly, but the kanji bar looks wrong. It says I’m 15% complete and that I have 28 of the 33 Level 3 kanji to guru. Except if I go to my level 3 list it shows that all my Level 3 kanji are apprentice level. And that’s correct, I haven’t guru’ed anything because I JUST guru’ed the radicals.

What’s going on here?

I’m starting to solve this a bit on my own. So the above picture isn’t colored by guru or apprentice, it’s just pink regardless. Here’s a more accurate picture of my kanji status. The kanji for cow is guru’ed but it’s level 3. How did that happen? Did it become available at the start of level 3?

Kanji become available immediately as you level up if you already know all of the radicals for them.

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Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

They do become available, but that’s not the same as the progression bar. The progression bar is supposed to show the percentage that has been guru’d for that level.

Unless something has changed…

@eainge, are you sure that you don’t have ANY level 3 kanji that are guru’d?
Edit : Sorry, just read your other reply and saw that you do have some guru’d. Woops.

Yea, I didn’t realize that you can get level 3 kanji immediately. I was thinking “Gotta get radicals, then kanji, then vocab” but I can see where I was mistaken. This was helpful to figure out though!

This will happen every time you level up :slight_smile: In higher levels, you’ll actually get all the Kanji necessary to level up (90%+) right after you level up. This happens because in higher levels, people already know most radicals.

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