ZERO change in progress bar after weeks?

I’ve been at level 24 for weeks now and there is NO change in the progress bars for either radicals or kanji. Both appear to be stuck at zero. I haven’t seen this happen before for any of the other levels. Usually, I see at least a few percent progress after getting through so many lessons and reviews. Can your advancement get stuck?

Are you sure you’ve done radicals and kanji from level 24 and not stragglers from earlier levels? If you can show that you have a guru’d item from level 24 then it would be a bug.

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Yes, I considered that before posting this. I just checked the list of new radicals, and I had 100% for several of them. I wonder how to ask someone to check this?

You could to to to check it out, or install the dashboard progress plus script to check the items of your current level.


Having 100% for them doesn’t necessarily mean they’re guru, just… can you screencap a level 24 item that shows it’s guru’d or something?


I’m going to watch the next few reviews specifically for a few of the new radicals to see how they behave if I get them right.

You can just use the “levels” tab, click level 24 and click the item you want to check to see which srs level it is at. You don’t actually have to wait for your reviews if you just want to check which level the items currently are at

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Yeah, I was talking about just looking at the item pages for level 24 items.

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On right below each of the progress bars, there is are buttons labelled ‘SHOW APPRENTICE RADICALS LEFT’ and ‘SHOW APPRENTICE KANJI LEFT’

Click them to see the list of each type of item which make up the incomplete portion of each progress bar.

According to you still have learnt the number of radicals expected for someone on level 24, but still have 12 of them at “Apprentice” level so you’ll need to level those up to guru.

You’ve learnt 803/812 kanji available up to level 24 - some of the remaining ones are presumably blocked by those apprentice radicals.

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Aye, just to check one thing: You know the progress bar only shows how many you’ve gotten to Guru, right?

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It seems I was being impatient. I was expecting a longer time to see progress after relearning the new radical definitions, but this time period seemed much, much longer than usual. I think I was offered a lot more reviews overall this time, so the reviews for new characters were less frequent. In any case, the progress bar finally showed some motion, and your replies pointed me to other ways to look at my progress for specific kanji and radicals.
Thanks again, everyone!

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