How do levels work?

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, but I do have a question about levels and if anyone is using these custom scripts to manipulate the status quo.

As you progress, do you ever learn anything from the next level early? Like do radicals from level 3 start to appear when you are still level 2?

If so is there a way to prevent this?

Also, do any of you lock yourself at “x” level until you have all of your turtle at say guru or master? Or will this ruin the SRS effectiveness?

What custom things have implemented that change your experience and why?

Just curious.


No. When you guru all the kanji from one level, you level up. When you level up, you unlock the radicals from the next level, plus the kanji that use radicals you already learned previously.

You won’t level up untill you get 90% of the current level’s kanji to guru status.

The ignore script to avoid getting items wrong due to typos (don’t abuse it by marking as correct items you really got wrong. The reorder script, to I can do kanji and radical lessons before vocab. Ultimate timeline, so I know when reviews will be coming.


Awesome! Thank you for the information!

As rodrigowaick said, no, but when you do level up to 3, you will probably still have lots of lvl 2 vocab to get through before you can access the lvl 3 radicals (depending on your settings?). I use a reorder script and force the first batch of items in my daily lessons to be rads/kanji from the new level, then do the second batch of vocab from the old level, that way the new level stuff can be working its way to guru while I finish off the old level - it seems to result in a consistant supply of new items for lessons.

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