What's your worst leech?


They say talking about your leeches helps you avoid them in the future, so here’s a question for you: What’s your worst leech, in terms of the sheer number of times you’ve gotten it wrong? What happened

For me, it’s 人数, and it’s all about the reading. にんずう. About half the time it comes up, I’ve put in じんずう, and the other half I seem to put in にんすう.


I get your example wrong quite a lot of times aswell. For some reason I always seem to forget “一つ” after a while. Here is a list of my current leeches btw.


就業 has been hanging around for a long time with me now. I mistake it with 就職 a lot for some reason.


shuutsu is my worst nightmare.
i like nichi more !!!


I do the exact same thing with 人数. 人性 and 人性 are probably my biggest recurring mix-up. Half the time I’ll switch the readings for 人. As for meaning, it’s a free for all between “character” “personality” “human instinct” “humanity” and an endless variation of other things that aren’t the answer. At this point I don’t try to think about the right answer anymore, I just put anything in and get on with it. I also get 転ぶ and 転がる wrong a lot.

A few have readings that only come up in one or two vocab words. I tend to get these right a lot in Guru, but after they’ve been in Master/Enlightened I forget when they come back. Includes things like 人形, 名字 and 計画.

I assume a lot of this stuff will start getting falling into place once I begin encountering them “in the wild” so I don’t worry too much about it, I’m still just starting out.

EDIT: Oh god and all the “one’s wish” “heart’s desire” “wish” “hope” “request” I’ve given up on as well.



Also 大きさ. I don’t know how it’s not burned yet honestly


Because size matters :eyes:



I don’t know, can’t remember.


丸ごと - still un-burned from level 4 - 219 attempts. I seem to botch the meaning always in spite of nearly perfectly getting the reading correct. It is coming up to burn again in 5 days - this time I get it right in its entirety.

Behind that I have 本来, with 148 bad attempts and 生える from the same level - both recently screwed up AGAIN. I cannot seem to grow my knowledge on these - but not part of my vocabulary originally.

What’s terrible about all these are that they are all involving easy kanji.


So… none? At least in terms of WK vocab.
In real life, I have troubles with the kun’yomi of (ふち, edge) (I had to look it up this time again).
Without context, I also often confuse it with (みどり, green)

Other stuff that I have been working on (and that I have somehow under control):
佇む (reading + meaning)
促す (reading)
償う (reading)
承る (reading)
抗う (reading)


A good topic related to this




Reading that made me go look it up once and for all (?) again :frowning:

就職 Settle in employment
就業 Settle in business

you gotta go get “finding a job” to settle in to employment.
you gotta be “employed” to settle into a business.

Those explainations suck but maybe writing them will at least help me remember


I just remembered 信用...

I always get the reading right, but I never for the life of me remember if it means belief or trust…


含む - to include

I have gotten the reading wrong 15 times
Keep thinking it’s かがむ


Just in case anyone wants to reply to this thread but doesn’t know how to check: https://wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com/

…whelp, it appears that 績 (せき, exploits) in 功績 is my biggest leech. The other similarly looking sekis have been slowly taking care of themselves since I made a point of differentiating between them, but I have a really hard time remembering “exploits” as an answer. It doesn’t have much to do with the example vocabulary either, so I’ve been stuck on it. Guess how many times it’s been wrong? 108. -_- But at least it’s only Level 32.

My oldest leech is 活用, because conjugation. And then there are leeches pretty regularly from level 16 onwards.



I could become fluent in Japanese and still get the reading wrong consistently. I’ve never had a streak greater than one and at this rate I never will. I just got it wrong again tonight.


用意 - the meaning (Preparation) just doesn’t seem to stick. In general I seem to have some trouble with vocab using 用 for some reason.


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