Are there kanji/vocab that just won't enter your head?

Do the rest of you have kanji and/or vocab that just won’t seem to stay in your brain? Where you have reached “enlightened” with other words you learned at the same time but these ones keep staying at or dropping back down to “apprentice”? What do you do to remember those ones?

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The standard term for those kinds of words, here on the WaniKani forums, is “leech.” If you search for that you’ll find lots of discussion about it.

Of course, having more here is fine too.


Thanks! Didn’t know what “leech” meant.

more than I’d like to admit. Getting the correct meaning of these two right is doing my head in.

For a long time these two just wouldn’t stick, until I saw a post (here I believe) that cleared it up for me.

Tons. I still have a bunch of things from the first few levels sub-guru.
Also started KaniWani a couple months ago and boy did I forget a ton. A majority I’d say. It’s shameful.

Just googled KaniWani. Sounds like something I should do too. On the other hand, I barely feel like I have time for regular WaniKani sessions.


I signed up for KaniWani but I don’t do it. There are lots of times where the vocab has several different Japanese words that mean that same thing so you don’t know which to use.

Quite true. You can hit backspace though to ignore your answer though. I try to think of all the possible Japanese answers when a vocab comes up, and if the one it wanted is one of the ones I was thinking of, but not what I entered, I hit backspace so I can try again without taking the fail.

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