The Bane of my existence Kanji. What are yours?

I returned to WaniKani after like, a 4 month hiatus. I forced my self to buy lifetime subscription over Christmas. I’m currently at level 22 and have not leveled since last year, before my hiatus. I got over a 100 lessons sitting there, but am getting into a comfortable level of reviews before I tackle it head on. Here’s a handful of the kanji that are absolutely kicking my お尻.

想定 - meaning (hypothesis) I keep writing ‘expectation’
解説 - meaning (Explanation) I keep circulating with the other solve/untie kanji ‘comprehension’ or ‘solution’
正確 - meaning (accurate)
比率 - meaning (percentage) I keep writing ‘probability’ or ‘proportion’
審判 - reading (しんぱん) rendaku can get stuffed!
無事 - reading (ぶじ)
断る - reading (ことわる)
治安 - reading (ちあん)
経済 - reading (けいざい)
意識 - meaning (conciousness) I keep writing ‘discussion’
早速 - meaning (at once, right now) Sometimes I get this, but when it comes back beyond Guru I keep writing ‘as soon as’

And then there’s those god damn transitive and intransitive. What are some of your nightmare kanji?


Hey! I haven’t gotten that far in levels yet, but there’s a thread that talks about words that people can’t seem to get no matter how long they’ve been at it! You should check it out! People often share their tips as well!


審判 - reading (しんぱん) rendaku can get stuffed!

I imagine a chimpanzee as a judge wearing black robes … never had a problem with ぱ :slight_smile:

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I agree with this…

and this. :pensive:


I agree also with those two (actually I just made the same mistake for the first one a few minutes ago).

The other are at a higher level than mine.

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