Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


So I was checking my profile, and I noticed something odd…

Is Wanikani trying to tell me something? Even though I’ve reached level 60, it’s telling me that I’m ‘Lazy’ and a ‘Crushing Failure’? XD.

Edit: Feel free to leave your wall of shame in this thread, and try and decipher it’s meaning!

What's your worst leech?
The 0/0 Streak Challenge

LOL! I could see this being a fun kind of game where people post the two items of shame and try to decipher the meaning.

Mine looks like some chinese propaganda lmao

@WaniMekani how about this


lol. that’s pretty funny.

yeah, we should make this thread about deciphering people’s wall of shame.


umm… NO. :triumph:


So this is actually my first comment here in the forums, since this is SO GREAT!
both your original post and the “Come to a communist party” made me laugh real hard!
Mine was like future-telling, I’ll have to see if it was right in the next few hours… too personal to share right now (wow, Crabigator, your powers are astonishing) but I will share once something funnier will come up.

Cool thread, can’t wait to see more examples :rofl:


I guess mine shows how devoid of meaning my life is

Or something about being patient, but :man_shrugging:


Seems accurate


Hmm, I think it has an inspirational side to it. 第 gives the context of things being in order, so its saying to be patient, as there is an order to things.

Blink twice if you need help…


I dun like this game \T^T/


Apparently WK is shaming knowledge! Sorry almighty crabigator, can’t stop, won’t stop!

unnamed (47)


I think it’s more mocking you for your “All Knowledge” /><\ hehehe


Did I forget something? (also, my first Reply in WaniKani Community – hi everyone! :sparkles: )


Well then.

These are only so low because they are my newest vocab , I promise


Quite philosophical…


I should increase the number of my daily reviews :slight_smile:


I’m gonna be rich? Or popular for having to pay a huge bill that’s beyond me…


I reckon I should just skip 2018.


It actually changed right now:

But what number should I enter?


D:! Is the crabigator trying to pick a fight with me?! BECAUSE IF THAT’S THE CASE–I immediately concede pls dont take away my (kanji) knowledge i need it to breathe ;~; runs off to the koichi prayer and devotion thread


I keep messing up sageru/Sagaru and ageru/Agaru:(