Anyone else keep screwing up "shinzoko" or "shinsoko"?


No matter what trick I use, I’m screwing up this word. I am beginning to wonder if it’s a bug in the system? Thank you in advance…all you sympathetic people… arigatou gozaimasu.


Every time! Maybe think of it like this? From the bottom of my heart I feel I really need some new Socks. (しんそこ, shin(新) sokos) :stuck_out_tongue: It kind of helped me! 頑張ってください!


Every single time. This word is haunting me. ;___;


心底 しんそこ but 川底 かわぞこ
Again, please consider posting in


I moved this topic to the Japanese Language -> Kanji category, as it fits in there better.


Yup. I think I finally got it straight after like a year, but it was definitely a leech for a long time.


Thanks for the reply and very good tip!!:heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you for making me feel I am not alone…:+1:


Thanks for saying that!!:joy_cat: So when a word causes a headache it’s called a 'leech?"


Sorry about posting it in the wrong place. Thanks for the shinsoko and kawasoko connection… I think you got something there…:thinking:


In real life, a leech sucks your blood. In Wanikani, a leech sucks your study time because you are struggling to get it right.


So True…:persevere:


It’s KawaZoko, with a Rendaku.


I hate this word from my shinsoko…


Excellent !:laughing:


And its evil twin 川底.

Get wrong every time.


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