What's Your LEAST Favourite Kanji

All kinds of positive threads about people’s favourite Kanjis, but this thread is dedicated to those annoying buggers that you just don’t like…

I’ll start off with 疑. In general things with four radicals are annoying, but this one is especially annoying because it always ends up looking hideous when I write it out :frowning: Also the mnemonic is super annoying… how do you even hang arrows and a spoon on a coat rack. Ugh I dislike this one so much. But I guess thanks to that I remember it very clearly…


亀, because turtles should burn in hell


Looks absolutely absurd.


It’s just so damn boring.


I was just looking through the list of kanji I have learned/encountered so far:
I don’t think I have any kanji I really dislike. Well, I guess I don’t know that many yet and it might change in the future.
I rather dislike certain readings of a kanji, e.g. anything with むし. but even that turned now into a weird sort of endearment (because at least it helps me remember the kanji better that have that particular reading)
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:o when did you change your name?!

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maybe half an hour ago, but I kept my profile pic so that people can still recognise me ^^

Yeah, I was about to tell you you have the same Profile pic as someone else but I realized it wouldnt let me tag your old name.

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Ah, sorry for the confusion :blush:

導 because the waterslide radical is supposed to be inviolable


What was your username before? I remember people mainly by their avatar

any kanji like these: 石/右, 万/方, 牛/午.


Oh sorry, is it actually bad for people to know?

Thanks for that :slight_smile:
Well, probably not but who knows…guess it’s better this way


These both feel very silly to me.

Also, the stroke orders offend me.


Boy, where do I start
I hate kanji that adapt the radical. Recent bad time I had: 球 (it uses the radicals 亠, 王 and 水)
Well, I don’t mind the slightly crooked 王 at all, but what about that 丶 over the 亠? Why isn’t it accounted? Forgive me you, but that’s not remotely connected to the 水 smh
I really don’t like this one 級 either. There is nothing wrong with it, but… I’ve made a memorable but uncomfortable mnemonic for it. Aligning threads and escalators to rank just feels wrong

Looks like tetris


I honestly don’t like that one too, only because when ever I write the escalator radical it looks awful.

I’m currently not a big fan of 輪、only because I keep messing up it’s reading in vocab (but that’s clearly on me haha)

When learning french words, I loved cognates, because I was excited not to have to learn another peice of vocab. While English loan words in Japanese are written in Katakana and not kanji so I’m not sure they belong in this thread, I hate them for some reason. English loan words feel so off to me in Japanese.


質 - every time I try to write it by hand it turns out ugly as hell. It always becomes tall, thin and awkward…